Trainings in Australia

Perth will host 3 Facilitator co-learnings in 2009. Brendan McKeague has the details at

Sydney will host another Facilitator Co-learning program at The Aspire Hotel in Ultimo, April 27-28, 2009. Led by Brendan McKeague and Brian Bainbridge. Brendan McKeague is handling the admin side of this event. Registration pack also available from Brian Bainbridge at

Melbourne will host an Open Space Training at The Metropole Hotel in Fitzroy, May 5-6-7., led by Viv McWaters and Brian Bainbridge.

AND… Harrison Owen will visit all three cities for a number of events and conversations, from March 29th through April 8th or so. Details from Brian or see

Svenska Open Space Institutet

Svenska Open Space Institutet är en ideell förening som ”syftar till att utveckla och sprida kunskaper om Open Space metoden samt verka för ömsesidigt stöd och lärande mellan handledare/praktiker som arbetar med Open Space metoden i Sverige och världen”. (stadgar 2004) Contact OSI Sweden: Chairwoman Eva P Svensson or phone +46 (0)706-89 85 50

Local monthly mentoring circles in Göteborg focusing on Open Space/Genuine? Contact. Contact: Thomas Herrmann or phone +46 (0)709-98 97 81

Scandinavian emaillist/ Skandinavisk mötesplats för utbyte och lärande om möjligheterna av att arbeta med Open Space-metoden/The? Genuine Contact Program. Gå till:

Wave Rider — Leadership for High Performance in a Self-Organizing World

The achievement of superior performance for individuals and groups has become the holy grail for organizations and institutions of all sorts. All businesses, governments, NGO’s, and other social service organizations want to optimize their energy and resources in service to the people they support. Individuals have similar concerns, whether that be for reasons of profit, service, or simple survival in a sometimes not too friendly world. How we get there from here is a critical question.

To date, our efforts to reach our goal have largely revolved around planning and design in the belief that we may sufficiently understand our human systems and the environment in which they operate in order to create truly ef.*?cient and effective operations. We have learned a vast amount about the complexity and interrelatedness of our systems, but that knowledge has served only to increase the enormity of our task. But there is light at the end of the tunnel!

The modern sciences of chaos and complexity have introduced us to a world of bewildering nterconnections and detail. What may have seemed so simple on the surface turns out to be a monster of complexity, made all the more daunting by virtue of the fact that it is in constant and unpredictable transformation. With such a world, ordered, intelligible change seems little more than a phantasm, a wisp of smoke.

And yet, for something like 14 billion years the cosmos, and later our little planet, has been evolving into its present ordered state. Were you to ask how did all of this happen the traditional answer is that God did it. I have no problem with that answer, but it now appears that the Almighty (by whatever name or gender) performed this miracle through an elegantly simple means – the power of Self Organization.


The program lasts two and a half days. Each morning, Harrison Owen will offer a presentation with the balance of the day spent in Open Space. The several presentations are offered in the spirit of a multi-part fugue with Harrison’s presentation designed to initiate a conversation in which all participants are equal players drawing upon their own unique knowledge and experience. This is not an Open Space Technology training program. However, since the majority of time will be spent in Open Space the participants will have ample opportunity to experience and understand the approach.

Day I: The Meaning of High Performance and Why We Fail to Reach it.
Day II: The Gifts of Self Organization as the Way to High Performance.
Day III: The Way of the Wave Rider: Creating the conditions for High Performance for Individuals and Organizations.

Dates and Places

Istanbul, Turkey: October 30 – 31, 2008, contact Funda Oral
Milano, Italy: November 6 -8, 2008, contact Gerardo de Lunzenberger
Amsterdam, Netherlands: November 13 – 15, 2008, contact Gerard Muller
Berlin, Germany: November 20 – 22, 2008, contact Jo Toepfer
Tallin, Estonia: November 24 – 26, 2008, contact Mikk Sarv
Uppsala, Sweden: November 28, 2008, contact Anna Pia Hellstedt

.NET Open Space 2008 in Leipzig, Germany

Thanks to Alexander Groß for sharing this invitation to an Open Space conference about Software Development with Microsoft’s .NET Platform:

.NET Open Space 2008 is a free conference and takes place in Leipzig, Germany from October 17th to October 19th, 2008. The .NET Open Space 2008 will cover these four topics:

* Mobile Computing
* Soft Skills
* .NET on embedded systems and microcontroller devices

Which concrete topics will be discussed is up to you, because the event is an Open Space. The organizers provide a place where discussion and exchange
of experience can take place. You can read more about the event here.

Open Space *Online* on Open Space

You are invited to join the Worldwide OpenSpace-Online on Open Space Technology on September 20th, 2008

Together with a group of co-inviters Gabriela Ender and her team from Germany invite worldwide face-to-face Open Space practitioners to a next global OpenSpace-Online Real-time Conference on Open Space Technology.

The title: “Open Space Technology – What can we learn, teach, explore, share, discover with each other about our work?”

Let’s get together in real-time to exchange experiences, ideas, dreams and resources. This Internet conference also provides wonderful opportunities for greeting old Open Space friends and for meeting new Open Space colleagues from around the world.

Through a sponsor cooperation with NEULAND this event is free of charge.

Interested? You are warmly invited to visit the invitation website and to register online before September 12th, 2008.

Elegant Code in Open Space

Scott Schimanski announced an Elegant Code Open Spaces Session back in May, but looks like there will be more of these:

Elegant code is hosting an Open Spaces session. An Open Spaces session is a discussion where the attendees generate the topics. There will be no presentation, no lecture, no Powerpoint slides, etc. The main point of this is a discussion were all can grow and learn from each other. We plan on holding these once a quarter.

The topics for discussion will be created by the group. The discussion will be facilitated, but just to keep the conversation going, not to drive it in any direction.

The first one will be held on June 3rd, at the Casa Mexico Restaurant in the Hyde Park section of Boise. They offer beer and wine in addition to the great “South of the Border” food. Details

Maybe we can get a report on what happened — and when the next one will be.

Executive Retreat

Something new in September, in Western Australia, certain to be informed by Brendan McKeague’s deep experience in Open Space:

Senior leadership can be physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausting. Disillusionment, stress and difficulties in balancing the various aspects of life can be symptomatic of a deeper disconnection from the fundamental purpose of why we lead in the first place.

In September 2008 – September 16 to 19 – we are convening a 4 day retreat for CEOs at Margaret River. This will be an opportunity to step out of `business as usual’ into some high quality reflective space. The design of the retreat is still emerging in conversation with participants, but is likely to be a mixture of very lightly structured individual and group work and substantial periods of silence.

If you would like to know more about the Retreat for CEOs, or simply have a conversation with us about the crafting of opportunities for the next generation of senior leadership, we invite you to contact…

Michael Wood Ph. 0435 065326
Brendan McKeague Ph. O429 448090

The 7th Annual Scandanavian OSonOS, near Oslo, August 2008

If you can’t make the 16th Annual World Open Space on Open Space (see below), maybe you can join the 7th Annual Scandanavian OSonOS. It will take place in Ã…s kommune in Norway, not far from Oslo, on August 8-9. The full invitation is still being worked out by our Norweigian colleagues, but you might keep an eye on sidebar at for details.

The 16th Annual World OSonOS Conference, San Francisco, July 2008

The World Open Space on Open Space (WOSonOS) is a conference in and about Open Space — for facilitators, organizations and colleagues who use Open Space.

Join us July 21 through 28, 2008, in San Francisco, California, USA. “What Can We Learn / Share / Teach / Explore / Discover with Each Other about our work in Open Space around the world?” That is what we want to find out!

This year, a full week of events includes an Open Space Learning Workshop (July 21-22), an Author Evening with Harrison Owen and the launch of his Third Edition of Open Space Technology: A User’s Guide, and several days in and about Open Space with colleagues from around the world.

Online Registration

Initiatives of Change, Caux Switzerland

Part of the one of the annual series international conference of the global personal and organizational leadership movement Initiatives of Change, July 3-9, will use Open Space Technology. The event will take place in Caux, Switzerland.

Initiatives of Change (Caux) started in Europe over 60 years ago. As a lay movement, it seeks to bring people from all walks of life and from all societal sectors to foster the capacity for personal, daily leadership.

The program for the conference entitled, Global Servant-Leadership: Contributing to Human Security, is available here.

National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation

Mike Aaron of National Conference on Dialogue and Deliberation shares this about the upcoming conference:

Are you dedicated to solving tough problems through honest talk, quality thinking and collaborative action? Come join hundreds of others who believe that better communication is the key to solving many of the biggest problems facing our organizations, communities, and societies.

Join us October 3-5, 2008 in Austin, Texas for the fourth National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation: Creating Cultures of Collaboration. [Early registration through May 16th]

NCDD’s dynamic conferences bring together leaders and future leaders in public engagement, conflict resolution and related fields to share resources and strategies, build lasting relationships, increase the visibility and effectiveness of their work, tackle challenges we face, and initiate collaborative projects. Many people who have attended NCDD conferences say they’re the best conferences they’ve ever attended.

More details or

April Arts & Sustainability OS in Ithaca NY

Patricia Haines sez:

The 1st of a series of OS gatherings laying foundations for a local/global arts & sustainability initiative will meet in Ithaca, NY April 25 & 26.

An outgrowth of the US Partnership for the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development’s Open Space Convocation in Raleigh, NC in March ’06, “GREENING THE ARTS, a Symposium to Explore a Role for the Arts in Creating a Sustainable World” combines an informal panel review of who is doing, thinking and saying what about ‘green’ art around the world with an OS to generate action plans for local/regional and global next steps.


Open Space Learning Workshops in San Francisco USA

Lisa Heft (Vice President, Open Space Institute USA, past OSLIST Poet Laureate and Fellow, Columbia University Center for International Conflict Resolution and host, WOSonOS 2008) will be facilitating Open Space Learning Workshops in San Francisco on the following dates: May 28-30, July 21-22 and December 17-19, 2008. She will also facilitate this workshop in Atlanta, Georgia USA on April 9-10, 2008.

Co-create a theme, experience a several-session Open Space, taste how action planning works in Open Space, learn about all the pre-work (invitation, planning, design, theme, logistics, documentation), variations, ‘what ifs’, ‘when not to’s’ and more. You will also receive a copy of the “Open Space Idea Book”.

For more information, contact Lisa Heft.

Open Space Technology group on Facebook

from Jack Martin Leith in Bristol, UK:

Barry Owen has established an Open Space Technology group on Facebook, the social networking site. The group already has more than 80 members from a wide range of countries.

If you are unfamiliar with Facebook groups, they are a place where group members can post relevant links, photos and videos, participate in discussions on specific topics, and leave messages for other members. Also, the group administrator – Barry in this case – can message the whole group with news, stories and so on.

Barry set up the group primarily as a repository for Open Space related stories, but I got involved last week (my official role is “UK correspondent” – thanks Barry, I feel like a CNN reporter) and have been busy uploading photos and links. Any member can do that – no fancy title required!

How do you become a member?

If you’re already a Facebook user, click here, log in and click on Join this group, which you’ll see at the top of the right hand sidebar. That’s all you have to. You can start posting to the group immediately.

If you’re not yet a Facebook user, go to and enter your details into the boxes that appear below Sign up for Facebook.

If you only want to use Facebook to access the Open Space Technology group, you can provide the barest details on your profile and not bother with the Friends bit. But once you’re in you’ll probably get hooked. Many people find it a useful extra way of keeping in touch with their friends and acquaintances.

If you have ay questions or concerns, please contact either me or Barry and we’ll do our best to help you.

Hope to see you on Facebook!

Jack Martin Leith

French Executives Talk About Open Space

This is to let you know that 5 french executives will exchange on their OS practices in Paris on April 3rd. If you happen to be in Paris then you are invited and welcome. You will find hereunder the details of the event and how to confirm your participation. Contact Philippe SLIOUSSARENKO for complete details.

MHG Europe a le plaisir de vous inviter à la réunion sur le thème :


Une démarche de conduite de réunion en petit ou grand groupe ou une nouvelle façon de s’organiser et de penser ?

Avec la participation de dirigeants ayant pratiqué l’Open Space :

§ M. Sylvain AUGERE, Directeur de l’Animation des Réseaux de Formation, UIMM
§ M. Emmanuel CAUX, Directeur Général Région France Nord, STARWOOD HOTELS AND RESORTS
§ M. Hervé MARTIN, Directeur Général, SENSITIVE OBJECT
§ M. Emmanuel MASSY, Directeur Marché Gares, GROUPE ELIOR

Nous poursuivrons ensuite nos échanges autour d’un cocktail dînatoire. Dans l’attente de vous recevoir, je vous adresse mes plus sincères
salutations. — Philippe SLIOUSSARENKO

Worldwide OSonOS Conversation Notes

Larry Peterson says:

Read the notes from another great conversation, in February, among contacts from institutes and groups from 8 countries around the world. We focused on Worldwide OSonOS which will be held in San Francisco so check it out. We also explored the possibilities for upcoming events in Taipei, Taiwan and Berlin (or another European location).

There were also some great stories of development in various countries and groups.

Thomas Herrman facilitated and Larry Peterson took the notes.

See you in San Francisco!

Open Space in Switzerland

This just in from Switzerland, about a meeting for practitioners upcoming on March 19thcontact Catherine Corbaz to join this group:

There will be a meeting in the french speaking part of Switzerland to discuss about the way to promote OST in our area. We may talk about the creation of a website or how to use the existing possibilities. A possible Swiss open space institute might be a perspective (that would meant include the german OST facilitators) or to improve the connection with the blog the Canadian created. The meeting will be on the 19 of march.

Best regards from Switzerland (it’s snowing !!! at least)

The 16th Annual World OSonOS Conference, San Francisco, July 2008

The World Open Space on Open Space (WOSonOS) is a conference in and about Open Space — for facilitators, organizations and colleagues who use Open Space.

Join us July 21 through 28, 2008, in San Francisco, California, USA. “What Can We Learn / Share / Teach / Explore / Discover with Each Other about our work in Open Space around the world?” That is what we want to find out!

This year, a full week of events includes an Open Space Learning Workshop (July 21-22), an Author Evening with Harrison Owen and the launch of his Third Edition of Open Space Technology: A User’s Guide, and several days in and about Open Space with colleagues from around the world.

Online Registration

Be The Change

The author of the Change Management Toolbook, Holger Nauheimer is going to present his training course, Be The Change, in Boston, April 4-5, 2008 (with a half day free presentation on recent trends in Change Management on April 3, 2008). See the conference flyer and registration page.

Worldwide OS-Online 2007

Worldwide OpenSpace-Online® Real-Time Conference for OST Practitioners:

“Open Space Technology (OST) – What have we learned and where can it lead us next?”

OST facilitators from around the globe are warmly invited to join a 4-hour OpenSpace-Online Conference on Open Space Technology (OST) on June 30th / July 1st , 2007 (depending on the time zone).

What is OpenSpace-Online®?
The general purpose of the OpenSpace-Online Real-Time Meeting Methodology is to enable organizations to consciously act as “life long learning organizations”, to empower interest and work groups as well as change facilitators to independently co-create the future for the greater good of society, and the whole planet by overcoming the limitations of time and space. The self-contained online methodology is setting worldwide new innovation standards for global e-collaboration by enabling holistic and highly participative architectures to link multifaceted ways of face-to-face and on-line activities in business, community, education, health-care, social and governmental settings.

This Global Open Space Community Conference is addressed to OST facilitators, practitioners and sponsors who are interested in sharing thoughts, ideas and resources about Open Space Technology. The conference also provides opportunities for greeting old Open Space friends and for meeting new Open Space colleagues.

*How do we support communities and organizations to become enablers of ongoing Open Space?

*How do local and global crises influence us,our clients and our work today and tomorrow?

These are just two of the questions that could be raised as we consider present and future issues and opportunities for opening and holding space. We look very much forward to your participation and your own specific questions, issues and ideas!

Further information and free of charge registration till June 24th, 2007 (thank you to NEULAND, whose sponsorship enables a free of charge community event):
https ://

Warmest regards
Gabriela Ender and Co-Inviters

Le premier Forum ouvert mondial sur le Forum ouvert en francais

Michael posted this invitation to the first-ever World Open Space on Open Space in French yesterday, and here from Marquis Bureau is the invitation itself in French:

La voici en grande primeur : l’invitation au tout premier Forum ouvert mondial sur le Forum ouvert en français. L’événement se tiendra à Val-David près de Montréal, au Québec, Canada, les 14, 15 et 16 septembre, sous le thème Aller un peu plus haut, un peu plus loin, dans nos connaissances et pratiques du Forum ouvert.

Les couleurs automnales et la beauté particulière de l’endroit contribueront certainement à la richesse de l’expérience que nous vous invitons à vivre avec nous.

Nous vous serions reconnaissants de nous aider à diffuser notre invitation. Nous avons trouvé une auberge qui offre plusieurs options d’hébergement, à prix plus que raisonnable.

Nous avons hâte d’accueillir des participants de toute la Francophonie. La date limite d’inscription est le 13 août 2007.

Au plaisir de vous rencontrer à Val-David!

Le comité organisateur

Étienne Beaulieu, Louise Brissette, Marquis Bureau, Diane Gibeault, Roch Landry, Esther Matte

Pour de plus amples renseignements :
Louise Brissette: louisebrissette (a)
ou Roch Landry: roch (a)

Click here for registration form. (Word)
Click here for complete details. (PDF)

Or or

Forum Ouvert pour Forum Ouvert

I suppose this should really be in French, and maybe it will be reposted that way. But for now I have it in English…

Our invitation to the very first World Open Space on Open Space in French which will take place September 14, 15 and 16 in Val-David near Montreal, Québec, Canada is now available.

The theme is Aller un peu plus haut, un peu plus loin, dans nos connaissances et pratiques du Forum ouvert. (Reaching New Heights in our Knowledge and our Practices of Open Space).

Fall colours and the particular beauty of Val-David will no doubt contribute to a very rich event for all of us.

Please help us in disseminating our invitation. We found an inn proposing a variety of lodging options and prices.

Deadline for registration is August 13, 2007. We look forward to welcoming participants from the world Francophonie.


The Organizing Committee

Étienne Beaulieu, Louise Brissette, Marquis Bureau, Diane Gibeault, Roch Landry, and Esther Matte

For additional information, please contact:

Louise Brissette
or Roch Landry

Supernova 2007 Open Space

Kaliya Hamlin and friends are working in the world of network technology and making an important link between the Open Space and Unconferencing movements. Here’s a good invitation and example…

The Supernova Open Space Workshop is an open forum on the social, moral, technical, and strategic questions impacting the increasingly connected world in which we live. Discussions about topics like user control, neutrality, identity and open standards are setting the stage for future policies and economic decisions. Come to this event to learn more, participate in the community and shape the future of the New Network.

The workshop is being organized in conjunction with the Supernova 2007 conference (notably, sponsored by Wharton Business School), but is a distinct event, open to the entire community.

Go, Kaliya! Go!