is born!

This in recently from Egypt:

Hi All :

I wish you have a beautiful day.

I am happy to announce the launch of the site
Have a look and let me know what do you think?
We have a plan to add more Arabic translation to our website.

Greetings from Egypt “Tahrir Square :D”

Eslam Erman

Haitian Creole Resources

John Engle and friends have been busy, over the last few years, creating a number of online resources and gathering points for Open Space practice in Haitian Creole. The links on the main Haitian Creole page have been updated to reflect this. Metòd espas Ouvri: Ki sa li ye?

Ten Years Online

This month marks the tenth anniversary for Open Space Online, Gabriela Ender’s pioneering work in enabling Virtual Do-it-yourself Open Space Real-Time Collaboration:

Exactly 10 years after Gabriela’s deep flash of inspiration for a complete “Real-Time Change Empowerment System” and more than seven years after launching the first version of the OpenSpace-Online® Real-Time Collaboration Technology, they can offer the new 3.0 version to its worldwide users.

To date, Gabriela’s multiple international award winning innovation has been used in more than 60 countries in the fields of business, society, politics, education and research. The number of organizations of all sizes all the way to global corporations using this online technology for various reasons keeps growing. With the introduction of the new version they are simultaneously starting a new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program for educational institutions and non-profit organizations for the worldwide support of “positive change”.

The delights over all this accomplishments are crowned by two new, internationally very high-ranking prize nominations: the TECH AWARDS 2009, awarded by “The Tech Museum of Innovation, USA” and the selection as the TECHNICAL PIONEER 2010 CANDITATE by the World Economic Forum, Davos. The nomination alone for these very special prizes represents extraordinary recognition and confirmation of Gabriela’s 10 years of pioneer work in enabling a completely new dimension of Global Real-Time Collaboration.

Further information can be found via News & Events at the OpenSpace-Online website.

Congratulations to Gabriela and her team! We understand a little bit of what ten years of dedication is like, as this month is also the 10-year anniversary of OpenSpaceWorld.ORG.

Open Space Online Wins Fellowship Award

Gabriela Ender’s Open Space Online is almost ten years old and now it’s value has been recognized by the Ashoka Fellowship. Gabriela sent this update…

I am thrilled to share with you a next wonderful milestone on my OpenSpace-Online path. I can’t believe it, next summer this adventure will have it’s 10th anniversary. With great pleasure I can report that I have been accepted into the highly prestigious international Ashoka Fellowship Support Network as Ashoka Fellow 2008.

Ashoka is the global association of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs, men and women with system changing solutions for the world’s most urgent problems. Ashoka was founded in 1980 by the American Bill Drayton. The Harvard Center for Public Leadership rates Drayton as one of the “20 Best Leaders” of the USA. The best-known Fellow of the Ashoka Network is the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Muhammad Yunus. In the meantime since 1980, in almost 70 countries, around 2000 Ashoka Fellows work to promote social and sustainable change in fields such as health, education & youth, economic development, environmental protection, regional and urban development, citizen participation, and human rights.

At the beginning of 2008, I was invited by Ashoka to take part in a multi-level, national and international selection process. I have been through a very intense seven-month process, including a practical OpenSpace-Online project for Ashoka. They are very much convinced about my “do-it-yourself online concept” – the power of virtual facilitated, solution-oriented self-organization and problem solving via the Internet in real-time and it’s wide spectrum of effects for individuals, organizations and climate protection around the globe. As I learned from Ashoka recently, I was able to win against around 300 competitors throughout Germany. Worldwide, more than 7,000 candidates were evaluated.

On Nov19th, 2008, Ashoka Germany had arranged a Award Ceremony in Munich with more than 350 guests. From now Ashoka wants to support me and the further spread of OpenSpace-Online in many wonderful ways. At the German Ashoka website there is a video portrait about me and OpenSpace-Online – currently only in German. During the award ceremony, I also saw the video for the first time. More information are also at our website news section.

At this milestone its very important for me to take a deep breath and to send again a big THANK YOU to you dear Harrison (!) and to all other wonderful Open Space and Genuine Contact (TM) colleagues and friends far and near, who supported and trusted me in so many different ways during the whole years. Thank you so much, dear OS and dear GC community!

Warmly from Berlin,

Congratulations and thanks to you, Gabriela!

After the Open Space

Jack Martin Leith, Bristol UK, shares this post on what to do after Opening Space. How to keep all those projects going?

When planning your Open Space meeting, you’ll need to think about how you’ll ensure that ideas emerging from the meeting will be brought to fruition, and how the issues identified by participants will be resolved effectively once everyone is back at their workplace. Please be fully aware that this is a very big challenge. More…

It’s a great and detailed post. And Jack’s always got great diagrams to go with the explanations.

“Becoming me,” an open space practice video?

Marty Boroson has developed a video companion to his book, Becoming Me, inspired in part by open space. Acclaimed by spiritual leaders of different faiths, the clip has been posted to YouTube. Becoming Me is a simple, daring, and moving story of your/my creation.

This resource might be considered as another video to inspire one’s open space practice. An addition, perhaps, to this collection?

New Open Space Website

Welcome …

.. To this multi-lingual Open Space site where practitioners can exchange information, where people wanting to know more about Open Space Technology can find starting points for further exploration and/or can shop around for practitioners that provide Open Space facilitation services, and where practitioners can share resources and collaborate on marketing Open Space Technology events.

Change Management Events

Training: Holger Nauheimer, Peggy Holman and Gilbert Brenson-Lazan will offer their Introduction to Change Management, an International Change Management Training Event on April 19-20, 2007, at the Process Work Institute, Portland, Oregon. They will offer an introduction to different thinking styles in Change Management, the basic principles that apply to any complex change process, and practical applications on how to work with individuals, teams and organizations to master change.

Conference: Peggy Holman and more than ninety co-authors have announced a new, second edition of The Change Handbook, an astounding collection of short, practical explanations and examples of tools and methods for leading Change in large systems. They invite you to join many of the authors, a veritable who’s who of organization development, in Bowling Green, Ohio, March 22-23, at their Nexus for Change Conference. This promises to be an unprecedented gathering of practitioners, researchers, leaders, activists, and educators for participative change.