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Luc Bizeul, en France, écrit:

Bonjour, j’ai le plaisir de vous inviter à rejoindre une liste de diffusion sur sur le forum ouvert; le but de cette liste est de permettre les discussions et les échanges en français autour de la pratique de l’ouverture, plus particulièrement au travers du Forum Ouvert, et de faciliter le développement de la communauté francophone.

Vous pouvez vous inscrire via l’interphase web : ou en envoyant un mail sur :

Le vous trouverez des nouvelles en Français sur le forum ouvert via le blog du RFFO (réseau francophone sur le forum ouvert) :

Ten Years Online

This month marks the tenth anniversary for Open Space Online, Gabriela Ender’s pioneering work in enabling Virtual Do-it-yourself Open Space Real-Time Collaboration:

Exactly 10 years after Gabriela’s deep flash of inspiration for a complete “Real-Time Change Empowerment System” and more than seven years after launching the first version of the OpenSpace-Online® Real-Time Collaboration Technology, they can offer the new 3.0 version to its worldwide users.

To date, Gabriela’s multiple international award winning innovation has been used in more than 60 countries in the fields of business, society, politics, education and research. The number of organizations of all sizes all the way to global corporations using this online technology for various reasons keeps growing. With the introduction of the new version they are simultaneously starting a new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program for educational institutions and non-profit organizations for the worldwide support of “positive change”.

The delights over all this accomplishments are crowned by two new, internationally very high-ranking prize nominations: the TECH AWARDS 2009, awarded by “The Tech Museum of Innovation, USA” and the selection as the TECHNICAL PIONEER 2010 CANDITATE by the World Economic Forum, Davos. The nomination alone for these very special prizes represents extraordinary recognition and confirmation of Gabriela’s 10 years of pioneer work in enabling a completely new dimension of Global Real-Time Collaboration.

Further information can be found via News & Events at the OpenSpace-Online website.

Congratulations to Gabriela and her team! We understand a little bit of what ten years of dedication is like, as this month is also the 10-year anniversary of OpenSpaceWorld.ORG.

Open Space Online Wins Fellowship Award

Gabriela Ender’s Open Space Online is almost ten years old and now it’s value has been recognized by the Ashoka Fellowship. Gabriela sent this update…

I am thrilled to share with you a next wonderful milestone on my OpenSpace-Online path. I can’t believe it, next summer this adventure will have it’s 10th anniversary. With great pleasure I can report that I have been accepted into the highly prestigious international Ashoka Fellowship Support Network as Ashoka Fellow 2008.

Ashoka is the global association of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs, men and women with system changing solutions for the world’s most urgent problems. Ashoka was founded in 1980 by the American Bill Drayton. The Harvard Center for Public Leadership rates Drayton as one of the “20 Best Leaders” of the USA. The best-known Fellow of the Ashoka Network is the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Muhammad Yunus. In the meantime since 1980, in almost 70 countries, around 2000 Ashoka Fellows work to promote social and sustainable change in fields such as health, education & youth, economic development, environmental protection, regional and urban development, citizen participation, and human rights.

At the beginning of 2008, I was invited by Ashoka to take part in a multi-level, national and international selection process. I have been through a very intense seven-month process, including a practical OpenSpace-Online project for Ashoka. They are very much convinced about my “do-it-yourself online concept” – the power of virtual facilitated, solution-oriented self-organization and problem solving via the Internet in real-time and it’s wide spectrum of effects for individuals, organizations and climate protection around the globe. As I learned from Ashoka recently, I was able to win against around 300 competitors throughout Germany. Worldwide, more than 7,000 candidates were evaluated.

On Nov19th, 2008, Ashoka Germany had arranged a Award Ceremony in Munich with more than 350 guests. From now Ashoka wants to support me and the further spread of OpenSpace-Online in many wonderful ways. At the German Ashoka website there is a video portrait about me and OpenSpace-Online – currently only in German. During the award ceremony, I also saw the video for the first time. More information are also at our website news section.

At this milestone its very important for me to take a deep breath and to send again a big THANK YOU to you dear Harrison (!) and to all other wonderful Open Space and Genuine Contact (TM) colleagues and friends far and near, who supported and trusted me in so many different ways during the whole years. Thank you so much, dear OS and dear GC community!

Warmly from Berlin,

Congratulations and thanks to you, Gabriela!

WOSonOS XVI Day One Topics

Sessions convened today at the international World Open Space on Open Space included:

*Public Space with Heart and Meaning: Creating Coffeehouses that Matter
*Hearing (telling) Stories on OS Spreading Around the World
*Designing a Research Project: Open Space on Basque Conflict with Teenagers
*Conflict Resolution at the Cross Roads: If conflict exists, how do we co-exist in a conflict situation? Can a traditional justice system work?
*How to Transform a Town Using Open Space Technology
*Signs of a World Awakening
*Discussion and Movement
*Combining OST with World Cafe
*Ways to use OS to Weave Community to Transform Culture
*OS in Commercial/Business Settings
*Bringing OST to Global Climate Change Problems and Solutions
*Freedom and OS
*How Can we Develop Communicatively Competent Citizens to Realise the Re-emergence of Deliberative Democracy to Address the “Crisis” in Western Cultures?
*World Wide Open Space on the Future of Humanity
*How to Answer When the Sponsor Asks, What is the Facilitator Doing?
*An Open Space School
*Facilitating with Kids
*Executive Leadership and Open Space
*17 Ways to Ruin Open Space
*Using Open Space in Local Government
*Open Space Institute – US Annual Member Meeting: What’s Happening?
*Nonviolent Communication and OST
*OST Tricks for Here and Overseas
*OS Facilitator Intentional Learning and Teaching — Sharing Wisdom
*How to Use Open Space to Create a NV Movement in Argentina
*OS as ‘Public Art’ in Communities and Across Communities
*Open Space as Ancestral Space
*Magic Stick (what would we do if we had one, which we do?)
*Coming to Ground: Crafting Home
*OS on Broadway, How Far Can I Go: I’m doing a big $10M Broadway musical – could it be organised in Open Space. Or are the stakes too high for the producers?
*How Is and Can Online Social Tools be Used Before and After an Open Space Event to Build Community?

WOSonOS XVI events underway

While tomorrow is the official start of World Open Space on Open Space XVI, conference events are well underway.

The week started with an extremely well-attended (40+ participants) two day Open Space Technology learning workshop led by Lisa Heft. People from Uganda, Russia, Spain (Basque country), South Korea, the Netherlands, UK, and other countries attended the workshop.

Tuesday evening Harrison Owen presented the third edition (expanded and updated) of Open Space Technology: a User’s Guide. Harrison encouraged the approximately 100 attendees to dive in to the wine and crackers after a short talk about Open Space, self-organization, and his upcoming book, Wave Rider: Leadership for High Performance in a Self-organizing World. It was a delightful meeting of new and old friends of Open Space.

This evening, Wednesday, was an informal gathering also held at the historic Fort Mason site. This was the traditional pre-conference informal gathering. More wine, a delicious dinner, and extremely rich conversation.

Lisa Heft gives a taste of the whole WOSonOS experience thus far on the OSlist.

More reporting from the conference forthcoming!

Open Space in Korea

Stanley Park announces the new Korean Open Space website and adds:

For many of you who find Hangeul (Korean language) rather uncomfortable, please just enjoy viewing two videos of OS events here and here. When the site becomes fully in operation, it will have a section in upper right that serve our friends whose language is not Korean.

I can’t read Korean, but it sure looks like Open Space to me!

Harrison Owen Acknowledged

Harrison Owen, author of Open Space Technology, Expanding Our Now, The Power of Spirit and The Spirit of Leadership, won the Sharing the Wealth award from OD Network.

The award honors the memory of Kathie Dannemiller, a major force in the founding of OD Network (and the author of a Berrett-Koehler book, Whole Scale Change) It is given to “an individual whose achievements demonstrate their values, innovation and generosity.”

Congratulations, Harrison!

Notes from June OSonOS Teleconference

There was another Teleconference on June 25, 2007, with representatives of OS Institutes from eight countries, looking at the future of World Open Space Events and some kindred topics of serious import.

The full notes from that call are now posted at

The space was held by Thomas Herrmann, and notes prepared by Brian Bainbridge.

You are welcome to explore, discuss, question, and even comprehend what is in the notes, of course.

And to chat with any of the participants listed as you see appropriate.

Cheers and blessings,


Fr Brian S. Bainbridge

honoring Cheryl Honey’s work

Thank you Joelle Shelton for sharing this piece of inspiring news on the OSlist about Cheryl Honey, originator of Community Weaving, an approach to activating the gift economy for family and community vibrancy and resilience. This approach in part draws upon open space principles.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper and Microsoft Corp. honor five people, including an Antioch University Seattle graduate, who make a difference through community service.

Cheryl Honey, who received her B.A. degree in 2006, has been selected to receive a 2007 Jefferson Award for her 15 years spent weaving people together to create a support system for families. The program, named in honor of President Thomas Jefferson, was created nationally in 1972 by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Sen. Robert Taft Jr. and economic-development expert Sam Beard. The founders’ vision was to create an award, similar to a Nobel Prize, for public and community service, with a special honor for local service “by ordinary people who do extraordinary things.”

The full story can be read in the online version of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

West Coast Canada Stammtische

Wendy Farmer-O’Neil announces an April 28th stammtische in Nanaimo (British Columbia) for those who will be unable to attend the Toronto Open Space on Open Space April 27th and April 28th:

In confluence with our friends to the east who will be opening space at the Toronto OSonOS, we are hosting a West Coast Canada Stammtisch on Saturday, April 28th for all of those who want to join us. We will be gathering at Muddy Waters Marine Pub (within walking distance of the Vancouver Ferry) on the water in Nanaimo at 1:00. We look forward to seeing you there!

Directions are available here.

“Becoming me,” an open space practice video?

Marty Boroson has developed a video companion to his book, Becoming Me, inspired in part by open space. Acclaimed by spiritual leaders of different faiths, the clip has been posted to YouTube. Becoming Me is a simple, daring, and moving story of your/my creation.

This resource might be considered as another video to inspire one’s open space practice. An addition, perhaps, to this collection?

notes from OST learning workshop

OST learning workshop- Irkutsk, Russia

OST learning workshop- Irkutsk, Russia March 2007

Veteran Novosibirsk (Russia) Open Space Technology facilitator Elena Marchuk writes on the OpenSpaceRu discussion group that
“a few more have joined the club.”

Elena just finished conducting a Working with Open Space Technology learning workshop as part of the Genuine Contactâ„¢ Program in organizational health and balance.

More than 20 participants completed the workshop commissioned by the Community Relations Department of the City of Irkutsk.

Elena notes that “as usual all the learning in the workshop was great.” The workshop participants experienced a mini-OST meeting with action planning on the topic of “Increasing our Effectiveness in Working with the Community.”

The City of Irkutsk asked Elena to conduct the workshop because “the city wanted to learn a method together with neighborhood groups and local NGO’s so that they could speak the same language and make headway in future collaboration.”

Good work, Elena!

Moscow stammtisch March 17th

Open Space Institute-Russia is convening a stammtisch (local gathering of OST facilitators and people interested in the method) March 17th in Moscow.

Veteran Australian spaceholder Brian Bainbridge will be among the attendees. Galina Tsarkova invites us to “collectively reflect on our experience of holding space in the wide open spaces of Russia. This invitation is for all, including those who have just started out on this path.” For more information, you can reach Galina by email.

The lively Ukrainian OST facilitator discussion list also regularly lists stammisches in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities.

The Tao of Holding Space: an e-book

Chris Corrigan offers the heart of years of practicing and listening and living in Open Space, in the form of a book he has written that expresses the wisdom of the Taoist classic, the Tao Te Ching, in the language and sensibility of Open Space.

In some ways this book chronicles the essence of my own emergent practice of Open Space. In looking over it one more time, I realized that almost everything I know about Open Space is somehow distilled into these chapters.

Using a Creative Commons license, Chris is making this loving gift of deep insight freely available for download, here.

OpenSpace Online nominated for a global award

Gabriella Ender, the creator of OpenSpace-Online sends news that her software has been nominated for a Top 10 Who Are Changing the World of Internet and Politics award. The nomination text states:

Germany’s “do-it-yourself” OpenSpace-Online E- Participation Real-Time Methodology is a powerful philosophy that has the potential to become one of the most earth shifting Internet meeting and conferencing methods in society, politics, education and other fields. OpenSpace-Online was developed by Change Facilitator Gabriela Ender and her team in Germany (1999-2002). The easy to use innovation enables fast collaboration, knowledge-sharing, problem solving and results-oriented dialogs about urgent topics for small and large groups in real-time without ’human’ online moderators. During the virtual-led and structured working process all participants are equal. It also bridges value-gaps between online and offline collaboration / participation in a wonderful unique way.

You can vote for Gabriella’s contribution at the awards site.

Two updated offerings from Michael Herman

Michael Herman, who has provided lots of resources to the Open Space community over the years, has just released two updated offerings:

Open Space Technology: Inviting Leadership Practice – reviews the basics of Open Space, considers its evolution, and points to its dissolving into the ongoing practice of Inviting Leadership.

Open Space Technology: An Inviting Guide
– a short guide for Inviting Leaders, with new meeting/event planning worksheet and notes on sustaining action after the big meeting.

What a nice thing to do a week before he gets married!

(Congrats Michael, from the whole posting team!)

World Map and Directory of OS People and Groups

Michael Pannwitz and friends in Berlin continue to make good progress on their WorldMap of Open Space people and now associations.

All practitioners and practice groups are invited to add themselves to the list. Those looking for a facilitator or learning community will find it an easy way to locate good people.

What started as a simple list of countries where OS had been introduced and used is now growing into a truly global practice directory. Thanks to all who have helped with this!

Altai Peace-Mapping “Summit”

New friend of OST, Carol Hiltner (Seattle, USA), and OST facilitator Marina Tyasto (Novosibirsk, Russia) will be leading a Peace-Mapping “Summit” using OST in the Altai (Siberia) right before the 14th International Open Space on Open Space (OSonOS). This event will take place during the 2006 International Altai Expedition July 14-August 3.

This Peace-Mapping “Summit” presents an excellent opportunity to deepen our experience of OST, open space, and peacemaking.

You are invited to participate in the 2006 International Altai Expedition and Peace-Mapping “Summit” July 14 – August 3.

Altai is an extraordinary mountain range along the southern edge of Siberia, recognized as the origin of global shamanism…The Expedition will take you to the very remote Mt. Belukha, the highest energy spot in this high-energy region.

We will be joined there by indigenous Altai people, including shamans, and a Russian spiritual group from Moscow. At this sacred mountain, with this powerful group, we will convene an OST “Summit” with the objective of supporting participants to map out our personal “critical paths” to peace using guidelines (Tablets of Light) that originated in Altai. In conjunction with the Expedition, we have initiated a Clean-Up to take out trekkers’ garbage and install outhouses.

For information, see or contact .. Please feel free to forward this information to anyone whom you think might be interested.

Open Space in Australia

The Australian Open Space Institute is hosting an Open Space on Open Space in Melbourne on February 21 and 22. They’d love to see you there.

This is an opportunity for users of Open Space Technology to explore the depth and edges of Open Space Technology, share experiences, challenge and be challenged. Some of Australia’s and New Zealand’s most experienced Open Space facilitators will be attending. You will get the most out of this OSonOS if you have used/participated in Open Space Technology.

If you are new to Open Space Technology you might be interested in Introductory Training May 17 & 18.

For more information about either event, contact Viv McWaters.

Open Space Institute – Sweden

From Thomas Herrmann in Sweden:

The Swedish OS-institute was founded the 24th of November 2001 when we had a gathering of Swedish collegues and our friend Koos from Holland!

The purpose of OSI-S is to develop and spread knowledge about Open Space Technology and to work for mutual support and learning between OS-facilitators in Sweden and in the world. We have a board where I was the chairman for 2,5 years, now our friend Agneta Setterwall has taken that role.

So far the Institute has arranged one Scandinavian OSonOS two Swedish online OSonOS´s and co-sponsored the International OSonOS XI. And we have had annual meetings of the board, often during or after the yearly Scandinavian OSonOS.

There are also local groups meeting regularily in south Sweden, west-Sweden and Uppsala which are not “formally” meetings of OSI-S but which are initiatives by members of OSI-S. But then – we are not very formal.

We also started a smartgroups forum where there are about 40 people connected. It was transformed to an Scandinavian forum a couple of years ago. Not very active but a good way to get in touch with like-minded in Scandinavia.

See Open Space Institutes for how to contact Thomas, Agneta and other Institute groups around the world.

Canadian OpenSpace-Online Event

Judy Gast writes this week, “…the Open Space Institute of Canada is planning an OS Online event on February 3rd and encourage anyone who is interested (from anywhere) to register by January 27th.”

See CanadianInvitation and OpenSpace-Online for details.

Please Join Us…

More than ever, Open Space World is inviting and supporting your active participation in this Open Online Space. Here is how to join in on the learning and contribution that is giving shape to this new space.

What Do You Think?

Welcome to the NEW Open Space World website!

There are still a few things to do to clean the place up, especially with some of the non-English and bookstore pages, but that will be done soon enough.

What do you think of what’s been done so far? Your comments and suggestions are much appreciated. What do you like? What needs fixing? (It’s all so new, and plenty of bugs around, I’m sure.)

Please help too with funding our expenses here, if you can!

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