Ten Years Online

This month marks the tenth anniversary for Open Space Online, Gabriela Ender’s pioneering work in enabling Virtual Do-it-yourself Open Space Real-Time Collaboration:

Exactly 10 years after Gabriela’s deep flash of inspiration for a complete “Real-Time Change Empowerment System” and more than seven years after launching the first version of the OpenSpace-Online® Real-Time Collaboration Technology, they can offer the new 3.0 version to its worldwide users.

To date, Gabriela’s multiple international award winning innovation has been used in more than 60 countries in the fields of business, society, politics, education and research. The number of organizations of all sizes all the way to global corporations using this online technology for various reasons keeps growing. With the introduction of the new version they are simultaneously starting a new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program for educational institutions and non-profit organizations for the worldwide support of “positive change”.

The delights over all this accomplishments are crowned by two new, internationally very high-ranking prize nominations: the TECH AWARDS 2009, awarded by “The Tech Museum of Innovation, USA” and the selection as the TECHNICAL PIONEER 2010 CANDITATE by the World Economic Forum, Davos. The nomination alone for these very special prizes represents extraordinary recognition and confirmation of Gabriela’s 10 years of pioneer work in enabling a completely new dimension of Global Real-Time Collaboration.

Further information can be found via News & Events at the OpenSpace-Online website.

Congratulations to Gabriela and her team! We understand a little bit of what ten years of dedication is like, as this month is also the 10-year anniversary of OpenSpaceWorld.ORG.