Forum Ouvert Liste Nouvelle, en Français

Luc Bizeul, en France, écrit:

Bonjour, j’ai le plaisir de vous inviter à rejoindre une liste de diffusion sur sur le forum ouvert; le but de cette liste est de permettre les discussions et les échanges en français autour de la pratique de l’ouverture, plus particulièrement au travers du Forum Ouvert, et de faciliter le développement de la communauté francophone.

Vous pouvez vous inscrire via l’interphase web : ou en envoyant un mail sur :

Le vous trouverez des nouvelles en Français sur le forum ouvert via le blog du RFFO (réseau francophone sur le forum ouvert) :

Open Space Explodes at Ning

from Holger Nauheimer, reporting in from the new Ning site for Open Space

…summarizing what has happened in
the last 24 hours on the new OS community space

1. Growth:
Since yesterday, the Ning community grew by more than 100%. It has now 94

2. Groups
There are now 15 groups at the Ning platforms, specifically;

* The Power of Pre-Work
Thoughtful pre-work can support the success of an Open Space event. Share
your insights and questions about invitation, outreach, theme, logistics, ma…

* Documenting Dialogue
Explore and share ideas and experiences of documentation (text, graphics,
oral, photo, movement and other means) and how documentation can be used bot…

* Svenska Open Space Institutet
Välkommen till en mötesplats om lärande och erfa-utbyte för Svenska “Open

* Caring for this online community
A thematic group for dialogue on what is happening or should be happening in
this community and what can be done to nurture it

* Espaço Aberto – OST em língua portuguesa
Discussão sobre Espaço Aberto (OST) em língua portuguesa. Open Space
Technology discussed in Portuguese.

* Open Space Deutsch
9 members Die Regionalgruppe für A, CH und D. Come join us!

* Open Space Canada
A place to explore

* Why don’t we create an e-book?
I am involved in another ‘ning’ on employee engagement (see and…

* Open Space UK
For those in the UK interested in Open Space

* Open Space in the corporate world
For those interested in the application of OST in commerical organizations

* open space around Taiwan
Welcome to share what’s happening around ost community of Taiwan.

* Open Space California
Welcome to this gathering space for California facilitators, learners, hosts
and other appreciators of Open Space Technology.

* Espacio Abierto
Un grupo amplio y hospitalario para conversar en castellano respecto a la
práctica de la Tecnología de Espacio Abierto

* Open Space Nederland
Open Space Nederland has its own group on Je ben
welkom om je ervaringen en…

* Open Space South-East Asia
Open Space Community for South-East Asian Communities

3. Activities
There haven’t been much substantial activities in terms of content
generation. In the moment people pop in and send personal messages to people
they have met sometime. It is currently a kind of great hang out for
spaceniks. Groups are forming and I expect some more activities in the next
days. What is most striking for today is the multi-lingual discussions that
are happening.

4. Worldmap
A worldmap of group members is being generated.

5. Blog Posts
Unleashing leadership in Toronto

Open Space Video

Report from 2009 Wosonos

5. Forum Discussions
Improving the look and feel of this community

Open Space World Community Ning Site

Artur Silva (Portugal), Shufang Tsai (Taiwan) and Lisa Heft (USA) welcome you to join us at the:

Open Space World Community Ning site
A gathering place for sharing, learning, resources and community.

— create and host or join a regional group in your own language
— see the photos of members – including your wonderful OSLIST colleagues
— post links to photos, videos, tweets or blogs
— create calendar listings for your events
— post and share resources
— create or join a theme-based group about whatever you would like!
— engage in live chat.

This co-created Ning web portal for all things Open Space is a compliment to the rich and welcoming dialogue of OSLIST and all our web-based resources.

It is free. Come and co-create. The seedling has sprouted – let us grow this lovely learning tree.
Jump right on – sign in – create your own page and begin.

(It is new…in its Beta stage…we are still trying out design and functions…come visit us there, enjoy using it, share any ideas for improvement you may recommend…there is even a ‘Caring for this Online Community’ Group you can join…and if anything does not work smoothly we will all learn and share how to fix it…)

Do join us in this nutritious and diverse community meeting place.

We will continue our rich and vibrant dialogues here on OSLIST, and we will see you also in the Open Space World Community Ning site…

Artur, Shufang and Lisa

Real-Time (Global) Virtual Collaboration

Lucy Garrick reports from The North Shore Group, Seattle WA on a synthesis of Open Space and a number of other change facilitation and virtual collaboration tools…

The Time For Global Collaboration Has Come. In the last month I helped design and facilitated the world’s first real-time global collaboration on the subject of positive change. This work excites me because as technology is providing new ways to connect and work together, RTVC provides an opportunity to reconfigure the way people collaborate in organizations as well as across organizations, communities, institutions and governments.

What is real-time global virtual collaboration (RTVC)?

RTVC is a group of change consultants and facilitators who adapt and integrate traditional collaborative change tools and facilitated techniques, such as inquiry, dialog and other group processes, for positive change.

The concept of the world’s first Real-time Virtual Collaboration Conference was to hatched about four weeks ago. It demonstrates what is possible when integrating facilitative change tools such as Open Space, World Cafe, Three Lens Conversation, etc. with real-time social media, such as VOIP, wikis, online collaborative tools and social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn, or facebook.

Conference participants prepared for the conference through a Mind Map portal created especially for this event.

The 1/2 day conference was designed and organized by the RTVC Team, itself a self-organizing group of consultants and facilitators living in seven countries: Germany, S.Africa, Brazil, United Kingdom, Ontario, USA, and Canada – most of us have not yet met face-to-face.

Conference participants from 30 countries convened on Skype Chat for the opening plenary session, posting topics for break-out sessions on positive change. Break-out sessions were held on the a variety of social media chosen by conveners of the break-out sessions. Think of a sort of virtual, conference hotel. 
Over 50 participants from around the globe signed on to the opening session using Skype Chat. 
Opening and closing sessions were facilitated by members of the RTVC organization.

Reactions To The Conference Taken from the Closing Session Transcript







like riding a roller coaster
technically challenging


falling off the cliff 


crossing boundaries




just starting 

difficult connections


What’s next? 

calls for more 


Click on the RTVC Mind Map to see facts, key learnings, session topics and more. Note instructions on how to navigate the mind map in the lower right corner of the page.

To learn more about RTVC join us at the RTVC Forum on the Change Management Toolbook.
Click to see how countries were represented at the Conference.

Open Space Online Wins Fellowship Award

Gabriela Ender’s Open Space Online is almost ten years old and now it’s value has been recognized by the Ashoka Fellowship. Gabriela sent this update…

I am thrilled to share with you a next wonderful milestone on my OpenSpace-Online path. I can’t believe it, next summer this adventure will have it’s 10th anniversary. With great pleasure I can report that I have been accepted into the highly prestigious international Ashoka Fellowship Support Network as Ashoka Fellow 2008.

Ashoka is the global association of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs, men and women with system changing solutions for the world’s most urgent problems. Ashoka was founded in 1980 by the American Bill Drayton. The Harvard Center for Public Leadership rates Drayton as one of the “20 Best Leaders” of the USA. The best-known Fellow of the Ashoka Network is the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Muhammad Yunus. In the meantime since 1980, in almost 70 countries, around 2000 Ashoka Fellows work to promote social and sustainable change in fields such as health, education & youth, economic development, environmental protection, regional and urban development, citizen participation, and human rights.

At the beginning of 2008, I was invited by Ashoka to take part in a multi-level, national and international selection process. I have been through a very intense seven-month process, including a practical OpenSpace-Online project for Ashoka. They are very much convinced about my “do-it-yourself online concept” – the power of virtual facilitated, solution-oriented self-organization and problem solving via the Internet in real-time and it’s wide spectrum of effects for individuals, organizations and climate protection around the globe. As I learned from Ashoka recently, I was able to win against around 300 competitors throughout Germany. Worldwide, more than 7,000 candidates were evaluated.

On Nov19th, 2008, Ashoka Germany had arranged a Award Ceremony in Munich with more than 350 guests. From now Ashoka wants to support me and the further spread of OpenSpace-Online in many wonderful ways. At the German Ashoka website there is a video portrait about me and OpenSpace-Online – currently only in German. During the award ceremony, I also saw the video for the first time. More information are also at our website news section.

At this milestone its very important for me to take a deep breath and to send again a big THANK YOU to you dear Harrison (!) and to all other wonderful Open Space and Genuine Contact (TM) colleagues and friends far and near, who supported and trusted me in so many different ways during the whole years. Thank you so much, dear OS and dear GC community!

Warmly from Berlin,

Congratulations and thanks to you, Gabriela!

Open Space *Online* on Open Space

You are invited to join the Worldwide OpenSpace-Online on Open Space Technology on September 20th, 2008

Together with a group of co-inviters Gabriela Ender and her team from Germany invite worldwide face-to-face Open Space practitioners to a next global OpenSpace-Online Real-time Conference on Open Space Technology.

The title: “Open Space Technology – What can we learn, teach, explore, share, discover with each other about our work?”

Let’s get together in real-time to exchange experiences, ideas, dreams and resources. This Internet conference also provides wonderful opportunities for greeting old Open Space friends and for meeting new Open Space colleagues from around the world.

Through a sponsor cooperation with NEULAND this event is free of charge.

Interested? You are warmly invited to visit the invitation website and to register online before September 12th, 2008.

Open Space Technology group on Facebook

from Jack Martin Leith in Bristol, UK:

Barry Owen has established an Open Space Technology group on Facebook, the social networking site. The group already has more than 80 members from a wide range of countries.

If you are unfamiliar with Facebook groups, they are a place where group members can post relevant links, photos and videos, participate in discussions on specific topics, and leave messages for other members. Also, the group administrator – Barry in this case – can message the whole group with news, stories and so on.

Barry set up the group primarily as a repository for Open Space related stories, but I got involved last week (my official role is “UK correspondent” – thanks Barry, I feel like a CNN reporter) and have been busy uploading photos and links. Any member can do that – no fancy title required!

How do you become a member?

If you’re already a Facebook user, click here, log in and click on Join this group, which you’ll see at the top of the right hand sidebar. That’s all you have to. You can start posting to the group immediately.

If you’re not yet a Facebook user, go to and enter your details into the boxes that appear below Sign up for Facebook.

If you only want to use Facebook to access the Open Space Technology group, you can provide the barest details on your profile and not bother with the Friends bit. But once you’re in you’ll probably get hooked. Many people find it a useful extra way of keeping in touch with their friends and acquaintances.

If you have ay questions or concerns, please contact either me or Barry and we’ll do our best to help you.

Hope to see you on Facebook!

Jack Martin Leith

Worldwide OS-Online 2007

Worldwide OpenSpace-Online® Real-Time Conference for OST Practitioners:

“Open Space Technology (OST) – What have we learned and where can it lead us next?”

OST facilitators from around the globe are warmly invited to join a 4-hour OpenSpace-Online Conference on Open Space Technology (OST) on June 30th / July 1st , 2007 (depending on the time zone).

What is OpenSpace-Online®?
The general purpose of the OpenSpace-Online Real-Time Meeting Methodology is to enable organizations to consciously act as “life long learning organizations”, to empower interest and work groups as well as change facilitators to independently co-create the future for the greater good of society, and the whole planet by overcoming the limitations of time and space. The self-contained online methodology is setting worldwide new innovation standards for global e-collaboration by enabling holistic and highly participative architectures to link multifaceted ways of face-to-face and on-line activities in business, community, education, health-care, social and governmental settings.

This Global Open Space Community Conference is addressed to OST facilitators, practitioners and sponsors who are interested in sharing thoughts, ideas and resources about Open Space Technology. The conference also provides opportunities for greeting old Open Space friends and for meeting new Open Space colleagues.

*How do we support communities and organizations to become enablers of ongoing Open Space?

*How do local and global crises influence us,our clients and our work today and tomorrow?

These are just two of the questions that could be raised as we consider present and future issues and opportunities for opening and holding space. We look very much forward to your participation and your own specific questions, issues and ideas!

Further information and free of charge registration till June 24th, 2007 (thank you to NEULAND, whose sponsorship enables a free of charge community event):
https ://

Warmest regards
Gabriela Ender and Co-Inviters

OST changing form in the Russian-speaking world?

On Runet (the Russian language Internet) Various online forums also report having experiences with OST as people run meetings called OST, but not really run on OST principles.

Might this be a familiar refrain which brings us back to the age-old question of how do we guarantee quality of OST meetings run around the world?

In one example, in an OST meeting, a “training: Our children: child-rearing issues” one participants writes that she “didn’t like” OST.

Others on the forum share other, more positive experiences of OST and invite her to further explore the method.

In another intriguing development, a Moscow coaching program offers training in the “Open Space model,” listing Harrison Owen and Birgitt Williams as co-authors. The material further refers to the role of the Creative Person in this model. Some might wonder, are Harrison Owen and Birgitt Williams teaching something in Russia that the rest of the OST community is not aware of?!

OST in Russia and the near-abroad: some recent developments

Gabdulla Hamitov facilitates meeting on youth development

Youth development OST meeting. Ufa, Russia. September 2006

Gabdulla Hamitov facilitates conference on youth leadership development, “Path to the Future”
Ufa, Bashkortostan (Russia)
photos courtesy of Bashtorg, a major regional wholesaler in Russia

Since the 14th annual international Open Space on Open Space conference in Moscow in August 2006, OST has continued to be applied in many different kinds of organizations, especially in companies.

Recent applications include a meeting on personal safety and responsibility with RusAl, one of the largest aluminum producers in the world.

The sponsor, Elena Sochkina, responsible for corporate culture, noted “my most pleasant discoveries with the Open Space method were:

*the number of participants is limited only by the size of the physical meeting space.

*the conditions are created where formal boundaries are erased (status, hierarchical, and professional)

* the participants create the agenda (which is the guarantee of success).”

(Direktor po Personalu magazine)

OST has also been used recently with major Russian political parties, at marketing conferences, training conferences, at a coaching conference (co-sponsored by Open Space Institute-Russia), with Russia’s Central Bank, with cellular phone service provider Beeline, and with a major pharmaceutical company.

Note: PROMT offers a free and relatively good quality Russian to English webpage translation service.

OpenSpace Online nominated for a global award

Gabriella Ender, the creator of OpenSpace-Online sends news that her software has been nominated for a Top 10 Who Are Changing the World of Internet and Politics award. The nomination text states:

Germany’s “do-it-yourself” OpenSpace-Online E- Participation Real-Time Methodology is a powerful philosophy that has the potential to become one of the most earth shifting Internet meeting and conferencing methods in society, politics, education and other fields. OpenSpace-Online was developed by Change Facilitator Gabriela Ender and her team in Germany (1999-2002). The easy to use innovation enables fast collaboration, knowledge-sharing, problem solving and results-oriented dialogs about urgent topics for small and large groups in real-time without ’human’ online moderators. During the virtual-led and structured working process all participants are equal. It also bridges value-gaps between online and offline collaboration / participation in a wonderful unique way.

You can vote for Gabriella’s contribution at the awards site.

Circle Inquiry in the Sangha Blog

An interesting experiment is just starting in the Open Space Sangha blog. It’s called an Inquiry Circle. It was very powerful in person, at the Open Space on Open Space, last year in Halifax.

The hope is that we might replicate some of that in a virtual platform. Here’s how it works: The first person poses a question. The next person (any next person) in answers it and then asks the next question. This continues until it reaches round the circle to the person who posed the original question.

The opening question is: What is your experience of Spirit and Open Space?

You’re welcome to read, comment or join the circle as a posting member, in the Sangha. Maybe we’ll take a short rest here at OpenSpaceWorld.ORG while the experiment runs over there.

International Conference for Change Facilitators

Please join us for the 5th International OpenSpace-Online® Real-time Network Conference for Change Facilitators!

Political and economical crises, new diseases, and the growing ecological unbalance on earth greatly influence us and next generations. Change Facilitators from around the world are invited to meet in an OpenSpace-Online® real-time conference with the title:

Change Facilitation: Issues and Opportunities of Economic Globalization, Ecological Challenges and other worldwide Change Processes

Date: January 28th/29th, 2006 (depending on your time zone)
Where: In the comfort of your own home or office
Duration: 3,5 hours (real real-time event)
Costs: Euro 28,00
Registration deadline: January 22nd, 2006 !

The virtually-facilitated and text-based internet methodology takes participants in real-time through successive phases of shared agenda creation, multiple discussions and cafe talks, summarizing results, prioritizing, action planning. At the end each participant receives an extensive documentation about the meeting at the press of a button.

Complete invitation and online registration

This is a great way to meet Open Space practitioners online, get a taste for the spirit and method of Open Space, and also to test-drive what could be a valuable tool (this online version) for your business or community organization. Please join us!

Canadian OpenSpace-Online Event

Judy Gast writes this week, “…the Open Space Institute of Canada is planning an OS Online event on February 3rd and encourage anyone who is interested (from anywhere) to register by January 27th.”

See CanadianInvitation and OpenSpace-Online for details.