International Conference for Change Facilitators

Please join us for the 5th International OpenSpace-Online® Real-time Network Conference for Change Facilitators!

Political and economical crises, new diseases, and the growing ecological unbalance on earth greatly influence us and next generations. Change Facilitators from around the world are invited to meet in an OpenSpace-Online® real-time conference with the title:

Change Facilitation: Issues and Opportunities of Economic Globalization, Ecological Challenges and other worldwide Change Processes

Date: January 28th/29th, 2006 (depending on your time zone)
Where: In the comfort of your own home or office
Duration: 3,5 hours (real real-time event)
Costs: Euro 28,00
Registration deadline: January 22nd, 2006 !

The virtually-facilitated and text-based internet methodology takes participants in real-time through successive phases of shared agenda creation, multiple discussions and cafe talks, summarizing results, prioritizing, action planning. At the end each participant receives an extensive documentation about the meeting at the press of a button.

Complete invitation and online registration

This is a great way to meet Open Space practitioners online, get a taste for the spirit and method of Open Space, and also to test-drive what could be a valuable tool (this online version) for your business or community organization. Please join us!