is born!

This in recently from Egypt:

Hi All :

I wish you have a beautiful day.

I am happy to announce the launch of the site
Have a look and let me know what do you think?
We have a plan to add more Arabic translation to our website.

Greetings from Egypt “Tahrir Square :D”

Eslam Erman

open space on open space – old and new

Recently on the OSLIST, David Smith of imaginAction, Victoria, Australia, shared this short video of OSonOS 2002. It happens to feature our old friend, Father Brian Bainbridge, hosting the annual international practice conference, when it went down under.

Seems an appropriate lead-in to the newest world OSonOS invitation, coming from also-under friends in Chile. The 19th annual Open Space on Open Space will happen in October, 2011. You are invited. Click here for details and registration.

Egyptian Youth in Open Space, Facebook

Harrison Owen shared this recently on the OSLIST:

Egypt at the Crossroads Project
Thursday, March 31 at 9:00am – April 3 at 5:00pm
Location: Hotel Palmera (Ain al Sukhna)

Created By
Egyptian Youth Federation – الصفحة الرسمية للإتحاد النوعي لجمعيات الشباب

The workshop will be an Open Space event aiming to exchange views and visions on Egypt’s future between Egyptian and German youth belonging to political parties on the issue of political reforms in Egypt. Our goal is to empower the role of youth in the democratization process via training and dialogue among young members of the civil society and political parties in Egypt.

The project promotes the establishment of structures for independent youth work, which increases the opportunities for young people in Egypt to participate in social processes. They are supported in their efforts to play an active and creative role in civil society, working towards a sustainable democracy and taking part in NGO activities of youth cultural centers.

This Open Space offers the participants room to discuss their understanding of human rights and democratic change, discover their potential power to change and improve the social and political reality of Egypt develop their own project ideas and implement them effectively The aim is support young people to shape their futures independently and join the political and social dialogue in Egypt.

Target Group:
Motivated and engaged young people (20+) who are either already members or are interested in joining or founding an NGO.

Join Now :

Second European OS Learning Exchange

Please join us for the Second European OS Learning Exchange (first was in Paris in 2009) from May, 17 through 20, 2011 in Italy.

This event is a unique chance to meet and link up with other European colleagues and learn how they are using Open Space in their work and daily practice. Living, experiencing and working in Open Space for three days with people from all over Europe interested in Open Space Technology. How does it work? Why does it work? How can I make a living with it? What is self-organisation, anyway, and what does it have to do with Open Space Technology? What is it useful for? Why are people so enthusiastic about it? Come find out!

The sponsoring team is a group of three organisations: Poliste (IT), Genius Loci (IT) and boscop (DE) and we have so far 6 Co-Inviter from 5 countries. 27 people signed already up for the event and we have plenty of space since the venue we are meeting at has about 2000 sqm. All the details about the event are here at

Open Space Co-Learning Workshop – London UK


The Open Space Co-Learning Workshop in London is coming up fast, on Friday 28th of January 9.00am – 5.00pm, London (at The Hub in Islington, Candid Arts Studios, 5 Torrens Street) £20 – 200: Sliding scale according to your ability to pay

Brought to you by Register now at to reserve a place.

This workshop invites those who are new to using Open Space Technology and those who already have some or even extensive experience of using it, to co-learn together, deepen our practice, and share our experiences of using it.

This workshop will be run as an Open Space so that participants can learn experientially, while learning how to design, prepare and facilitate an Open Space event, including tips and tricks, likely issues that may be encountered, follow up and incorporating an event within a wider context or strategy.

This will help anyone looking for a method for encouraging participation, engagement, equality and inclusion. Open Space Technology is a format for organising compostable conferences, unconferences, meetings, or stakeholder engagement, with maximum efficiency and minimum time and resources. It is a form of ‘crowd sourcing’ which can be used to bring together a company or any group or organisation to focus on a specific problem or question; Open Space allows for participants to co-create experience, learning and solutions in a way that unlocks creativity.

Open Space is used by large companies, local government, community activists, and forward thinking organisations everywhere, from gatherings of 5 to several thousand people, from a couple of hours to several days.

And if you love this kind of stuff: World Open Space on Open Space (WOSONOS) 2012 will be in London:

(Image by – process and event photography)

Open Space Co-Learning Workshop, Brighton, East Sussex, UK Sat 3 July 2010

Be Prepared To Be Surprised

03 July 2010 | 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM | Brighton, East Sussex, UK

For more info & booking, click here >

This workshop invites those who are new to using Open Space Technology and those who already have some (or even extensive) experience of using it to co-learn together, deepen our practice, and share our experiences.

It will be run as an Open Space so that participants can learn experientially, while learning how to design, prepare and facilitate an Open Space event, including tips and tricks, likely issues that may be encountered, follow up and incorporating an event within a wider context or strategy.
You might also be interested in (the World’s 1st!) FacilitationCamp, London, 9-10th July. Go to homepage to sign up for our newsletter, CoLaborative Times for more of this kind of thing 🙂

thanks to Martin Grimshaw for sending this along.

Open Space on Open Space: Berlin and Melbourne in May

This is a special invitation to a free Open Space on Open Space in Melbourne on Tuesday May 11 at the Abbotsford Convent.

Of course, the WOSonOS is in Berlin, Germany May 12 – 15.

You may also be aware that Fr Brian Bainbridge (who died in early February this year) was instrumental in the growth and development of Open Space in Australia and New Zealand. He also maintained the Open Space Institute, circulated regular newsletters and trained many of us in the art and practice of Open Space Technology. He was also well known throughout the world and attended all but one of the last 17 World Open Space on Open Space events. He was, of course, planning to attend the WOSonOS in Berlin.

We have decided to host a Fringe Open Space on Open Space in Melbourne on May 11 to continue the tradition of having local Open Space on Open Space events and to honour Brian’s contribution. Fringe because it’s the day before the WOSonOS and we hope to post some pictures and reports on the (yet to be created) new Australasian Open Space Institute web site for those in Berlin, and elsewhere, to enjoy. It’s also an opportunity to explore the future of Open Space in Australasia – and to do what we always do at an Open Space on Open Space: have conversations about what matters to us, whatever that might be.

Oh, you’re wondering who ‘we’ is? Well, it’s me (Viv McWaters) and Andrew Rixon (Australia) and Anne Pattillo (New Zealand) and Chris Corrigan (Canada) and Johnnie Moore (UK) and Geoff Brown (Australia). So you see it’s our mini World Open Space on Open Space, and even if no-one else comes we’ll have great conversations.

But we’d love you to join us.

Date: Tuesday May 11 2010
Venue: Abbotsford Convent, 1 St Heliers Street, Abbotsford
Time: 9.30 am – 4 pm
Cost: Free
Format: Open Space

Please if you plan to attend, or if you have any questions. That way we’ll know how many lunches to order.

Self-Organization Master Class at OD World Summit

The OD World Summit 2010 — Co-creating a New World of Organizations and Communities — is coming up on 22-26 August, in Budapest, Hungary. Peggy Holman will lead a master class called Open Space Technology: Supporting Self-organization and a number of other OS friends are involved in various dimensions of conference planning and support.

OS in Liberia

This from Susan Partnow, via the OSLIST…

You may enjoy these photos. The middle group is of an Open Space we did in Liberia – where Harrison first gained many of the insights for OST! It was inspiring to see how empowered the participants felt. They began offering many contributions to the circle once space was opened – songs, dances, etc. It was also wonderful to see how participants who were illiterate were easily incorporated and supported by those who were literate.

If you’re inspired by our work, you may be so moved as to support our endeavors to create the Liberia Peacebuilder Initiative. We have a $10,000 matching fund grant and so we need to raise $10,000! Your donation will be doubled (or – if you have a corporate tie with a policy of matching – quadrupled!) so please give it some thought! You can donate here:

Devoted and Disgruntled 5

Phelim McDermott reported recently…

It’s amazing but it is now five years since I first dived into Open Space after reading Harrison’s book. At that time I had never been to an open space event had no idea what it looked like but knew it in my bones.Since then we have done Devoted and Disgruntled 5 times and done one in Scotland, one Brazil, one in in NYC and one in Newcastle will be doing another one In Newcastle in the coming months. Been asked to set one up in LA etc.. its become a growing community of people who are devoted to theatre and want to use the fuel of their disgruntlement to change.

I remember that the thing that really inspired me to read the book in the first place was Harrison’s intro saying OS belonged to everyone and would never be certified/owned/contained etc we should all just do it. It reminded me of my own feelings about Impro and its relationship to the many attempts to categories, teach, quantify it. In the end Impro just was and would appear where it wanted. It also reminded me of Robert Le Page’s advice to “Mummenchance” theatre that they must “Give away the recipe.” He was referring specifically to the recipe for their squidgy changing putty like masks. But he meant this as a wider metaphor to look after our own creativity. We must gift the recipe not guard it.

In this spirit here’s our fifth annual report on the state of people who are passionate and responsible about theatre. The event is an annual 2.5 event on third day we reopen the space for whatever people want to still talk about and do.

So here’s the report and here’s a visual representation done from the report by wordle which i love. It’s a big theatre word sitting in a nexus of other issues! I think it gives a better feeling representation of the event than the report.

OSonOS 2010 in Berlin

Datum 12. Mai 2010 – 15. Mai 2010

Tags: OSonOS , WOSonOS

Dateien: accomodation_WOSONOS_2010 , Flyer_18th_WOSonOS_Berlin

18th World Open Space on Open Space Harrison Owen, 2009: “…At the end of the day Open Space Technology is not about having great meetings. Nor is it simply another tool in the facilitators’ tool box, although both are doubtless true. For me the true equity I find in OST is the ongoing natural experiment and learning experience of living intentionally in a self-organizing world.”

Teilnehmerzahl 150
Dauer 3 days
Sprachen Englisch

Please join us! Details…

Open Space on Open Space – San Francisco

What are the possibilities of Open Space in our lives, organizations and communities? What capacities and tools do we need, to move to the next level with this work? Let’s gather and learn from one another. Jeff Aitken, Kaliya Hamlin, Lisa Heft and Heidi Nobantu Saul invite you to…

OSonOS 2010

Open Space on Open Space

January 15-17, 2010

in San Francisco, California, USA

complete details

Several days in and about Open Space — where the newly trained and the longtime practitioners will share our excitement, encouragement, trials and errors — and explore how we use this remarkable organizational and community-building process, on its own or with other tools and methods.

An Open Space Learning Community

Anne Stadler posted this bit in a comment a little while back. It deserves more attention than that! So here you go…

This is a link to an article about spirited work a seven year experiment in an open space learning community of practice.
“Self-Organizing Systems – Self-Organizing? Emergent Community”
— The Spirited Work Learning Community: 1999 – 2005 —
(Living in Open Space)
by Anne M. Stadler © 2009

Thought Open Spacers might be interested in this article!!! Would love to engage you in dialogue about the learnings reported here.
Here is the link to the production site where the article is now public.

Open Space Explodes at Ning

from Holger Nauheimer, reporting in from the new Ning site for Open Space

…summarizing what has happened in
the last 24 hours on the new OS community space

1. Growth:
Since yesterday, the Ning community grew by more than 100%. It has now 94

2. Groups
There are now 15 groups at the Ning platforms, specifically;

* The Power of Pre-Work
Thoughtful pre-work can support the success of an Open Space event. Share
your insights and questions about invitation, outreach, theme, logistics, ma…

* Documenting Dialogue
Explore and share ideas and experiences of documentation (text, graphics,
oral, photo, movement and other means) and how documentation can be used bot…

* Svenska Open Space Institutet
Välkommen till en mötesplats om lärande och erfa-utbyte för Svenska “Open

* Caring for this online community
A thematic group for dialogue on what is happening or should be happening in
this community and what can be done to nurture it

* Espaço Aberto – OST em língua portuguesa
Discussão sobre Espaço Aberto (OST) em língua portuguesa. Open Space
Technology discussed in Portuguese.

* Open Space Deutsch
9 members Die Regionalgruppe für A, CH und D. Come join us!

* Open Space Canada
A place to explore

* Why don’t we create an e-book?
I am involved in another ‘ning’ on employee engagement (see and…

* Open Space UK
For those in the UK interested in Open Space

* Open Space in the corporate world
For those interested in the application of OST in commerical organizations

* open space around Taiwan
Welcome to share what’s happening around ost community of Taiwan.

* Open Space California
Welcome to this gathering space for California facilitators, learners, hosts
and other appreciators of Open Space Technology.

* Espacio Abierto
Un grupo amplio y hospitalario para conversar en castellano respecto a la
práctica de la Tecnología de Espacio Abierto

* Open Space Nederland
Open Space Nederland has its own group on Je ben
welkom om je ervaringen en…

* Open Space South-East Asia
Open Space Community for South-East Asian Communities

3. Activities
There haven’t been much substantial activities in terms of content
generation. In the moment people pop in and send personal messages to people
they have met sometime. It is currently a kind of great hang out for
spaceniks. Groups are forming and I expect some more activities in the next
days. What is most striking for today is the multi-lingual discussions that
are happening.

4. Worldmap
A worldmap of group members is being generated.

5. Blog Posts
Unleashing leadership in Toronto

Open Space Video

Report from 2009 Wosonos

5. Forum Discussions
Improving the look and feel of this community

Open Space World Community Ning Site

Artur Silva (Portugal), Shufang Tsai (Taiwan) and Lisa Heft (USA) welcome you to join us at the:

Open Space World Community Ning site
A gathering place for sharing, learning, resources and community.

— create and host or join a regional group in your own language
— see the photos of members – including your wonderful OSLIST colleagues
— post links to photos, videos, tweets or blogs
— create calendar listings for your events
— post and share resources
— create or join a theme-based group about whatever you would like!
— engage in live chat.

This co-created Ning web portal for all things Open Space is a compliment to the rich and welcoming dialogue of OSLIST and all our web-based resources.

It is free. Come and co-create. The seedling has sprouted – let us grow this lovely learning tree.
Jump right on – sign in – create your own page and begin.

(It is new…in its Beta stage…we are still trying out design and functions…come visit us there, enjoy using it, share any ideas for improvement you may recommend…there is even a ‘Caring for this Online Community’ Group you can join…and if anything does not work smoothly we will all learn and share how to fix it…)

Do join us in this nutritious and diverse community meeting place.

We will continue our rich and vibrant dialogues here on OSLIST, and we will see you also in the Open Space World Community Ning site…

Artur, Shufang and Lisa

Paris Réunion

Philippe Slioussarenko reports that four french executives will exchange on their OS practices in Paris on November 5th. If you happen to be in Paris then you are invited and welcome. You will find hereunder the details of the event and how to confirm your participation.

MHG Europe a le plaisir de vous inviter à la réunion sur le thème:


Une démarche de conduite de réunion en petit ou grand groupe ou une nouvelle façon d’organiser conférences, conventions, sessions de planification ou séminaires en passionnant et responsabilisant les participants.

Avec la participation de dirigeants ayant pratiqué l’Open Space :
§ M. Georges AUGUSTE, Exécutive Vice Président, Directeur Qualité, Education et Développement durable, ST MICROELECTRONICS
§ M. Jean-François COLIN, Directeur Général de Multimedia Business Services filiale d’ORANGE BUSINESS SERVICES
§ M. Thierry JAMES, Directeur du Pôle Parcs et Evènementiel, ELIANCE

Cette réunion aura lieu: le 5 novembre 2009 de 18 h 30 à 20 h

45, Boulevard Raspail,
75006 Paris
(Parking Sèvres Babylone)

Nous poursuivrons ensuite nos échanges autour d’un cocktail dînatoire. Dans l’attente de vous recevoir, je vous adresse mes plus sincères salutations.

17th Annual World Open Space on Open Space

The 17th annual world open space on open space (OSonOS) practitioner gathering in Taipei, Taiwan – October 15-17, 2009 is now available for viewing and registration.

A Call for Your Stories

The Open Space Institute-USA invites you to share your experiences in Open Space via our online newsletter. We’re gathering materials now for an early-spring issue. This will be volume eight, see previous issues.

To have your story in the next issue, please contact Joelle Everett, by May 6 and let us know what you are writing for this spring issue.

We are looking for first-hand accounts of Open Space experiences that you have facilitated or taken part in. These simple guidelines might prompt your memory.

Deuxième Forum ouvert sur le Forum ouvert

Second Open Space on Open Space in French

Imagining, Being and Living Open Space!

June 18-20 2009 in Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette, Quebec, Canada, near Ottawa.

For you who have experienced Open Space and who are interested in learning more about this participative and highly performing method for group work, you are invited to the second international gathering in French.

Organized by members of the R̩seau francophone du Forum ouvert (RFFO) РOpen Space Francophone Network. For additional information: RFFO is a member of Open Space Institute of Canada.

Registration :
Marquis Bureau – ou 819 766-2873
Hélène Lamoureux – ou 819 459-4446
Odette Levac – ou 819 561-5123

Deuxième Forum ouvert sur le Forum ouvert

Imaginez, être et vivre le Forum ouvert!

Du 18 au 20 juin 2009 à Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette, Québec, Canada, près d’Ottawa.

Pour vous qui avez fait l’expérience du Forum ouvert et qui vous intéressez à en apprendre davantage sur cette méthode participative et performante de travail en groupe, voici une invitation à la deuxième rencontre internationale en français.

Cet événement est une initiative de membres enthousiastes du Réseau francophone du Forum ouvert (RFFO). Pour de plus amples renseignements : RFFO est membre de l’Open Space Institute of Canada.

Inscription :
Marquis Bureau – ou 819 766-2873
Hélène Lamoureux – ou 819 459-4446
Odette Levac – ou 819 561-5123

17th Annual World Open Space on Open Space

From Gail West and the Taiwan hosting team…

The final date has been set. We invite you all to the 2009 WOSONOS in Taiwan 15-17 October 2009! This grand event will take place in Taipei at the National Training Institute for Farmers’ Organizations in the northern part of the city located within a few blocks of Yang Ming Shan Mountain. In light of the chaotic economic situation, we are working to keep the expenses as low as possible and will let you know when all is finalized.

We encourage you to make your time in Taiwan an extended trip in order to visit our lovely, unique island, Take full advantage of hiking in the mountains, enjoying the seashore, museums, temples, aborigines villages, hot springs relaxing, a short (2 1/2 hour) high speed rail trip down the west coast to the southern cities of Kaohsiung and Tainan, the east coast scenic mountains, gorges and sea coast, the people, the food and more……….!

Our Conference website is in the making, thanks to the support from the San Francisco 2008 team, but you can find useful information on Taiwan by looking at the linked websites on our current blog or just google it.

Open Space Training in English with Diane Gibeault, Ottawa Canada May 27-28-29 2009

Diane Gibeault, workshop facilitator, trained with OST author Harrison Owen in 1996 and has since facilitated many OST trainings and meetings in Canada and internationally. She is among the active leaders of the Open Space Institute of Canada and the World OS Network.

For summary information on the workshop, see the description of her April 2009 French training posted on this site or at see ‘’Open Space, Training’’.

For the full English brochure: Click here

Gathering: Leadership in a Self-Organizing World

Please join us in May, 2009, for Leadership in a Self-organizing World

Many of us have been experimenting with new forms of organizing and leading for years and decades. Others are seeking new ways as the old practices are insufficient to the challenges they are facing. It’s time for us to gather to bring together our experiments, efforts, stories, wisdom, and questions.

We are convening at the beautiful Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort, nestled in the Cascade foothills outside Leavenworth, Washington, about 2 hours from Seattle.

Harrison Owen, creator of Open Space Technology, will be joining us and launching his book Wave Rider: Leadership for High Performance in a Self Organizing World.

Harrison uses the term “wave rider” to describe the kind of leadership and organizational/community capacity needed to survive and thrive. We will spend our time together pooling our collective learning about what “wave riding” is really looking like, uncovering what our pioneering efforts are showing us and deciding what’s next.

An incredible cohort of learners, practitioners and pioneers are gathering to be part of this inquiry! Already involved and planning to attend are: Peggy Holman; Joel Levey; Tracy Patterson; Joshua Heim; Catherine Crim; Candi Foon; Mark Jones; Jan Gray; Christy Lee-Engel; Susan Partnow; Sono Hashisaki; Teresa Posakony; Anne Stadler; Dale Nienow; Paul Gleiberman; Steven Wright; Jun Akutsu; John Engle; Grace Chien; Gabriel Shirley; Tracy Robinson; Sue McNab; Iris Lemmer; Jerilyn Brusseau.

We hope YOU will be part of this too!

Register now, mark your calendar, and invite all your friends! For more information, visit

Forum ouvert (Open Space) : une animation qui développe le leadership – Formation expérientielle à Ottawa (Canada)

Diane Gibeault, l’animatrice de l’atelier, s’est formée en 1996 à la méthode Forum ouvert (Open Space Technology) auprès de son auteur, l’Américain Harrison Owen. Elle a depuis animé de nombreuses formations et rencontres en Forum ouvert au Canada et ailleurs dans le monde. Elle compte parmi les leaders actifs de l’Open Space Institute of Canada et du réseau international de l’Open Space.

À cet atelier vous participerez à un Forum ouvert qui sera suivi d’échanges en groupe et avec Diane qui fera part de son expérience et expliquera les guides détaillés et les outils qu’elle offre dans un cahier facile d’usage et en Cédérom. Vous apprendrez : une nouvelle façon d’animer, les principes fondamentaux du Forum ouvert, quand utiliser cette approche, comment planifier un Forum ouvert réussi, comment préparer les parrains et comment créer les conditions pour l’émergence du leadership. Faites l’expérience de nouvelles méthodes pour déterminer les priorités et pour planifier l’action. Enfin, si vous le désirez, profitez de l’occasion pour vous exercer à « faire l’ouverture d’un Forum ouvert ».

Qui s’intéresse à cette formation sur le Forum ouvert? Leaders, animatrices et animateurs de tous les niveaux d’expérience et toutes personnes visant un travail collectif plus performant et inspirant. En effet, Le Forum ouvert permet un travail d’équipe plus fructueux et stimulant.

Cet atelier est offert en FRANÇAIS. Pour un atelier en anglais, voyez le site web qui suit pour les possibilités.

Pour des renseignements sur la méthode et sur la formatrice :

Brochure-inscription : Cliquez ici ou, au menu du site web mentionné ci-haut, cliquez : Forum ouvert, Formation