Open Space Explodes at Ning

from Holger Nauheimer, reporting in from the new Ning site for Open Space

…summarizing what has happened in
the last 24 hours on the new OS community space

1. Growth:
Since yesterday, the Ning community grew by more than 100%. It has now 94

2. Groups
There are now 15 groups at the Ning platforms, specifically;

* The Power of Pre-Work
Thoughtful pre-work can support the success of an Open Space event. Share
your insights and questions about invitation, outreach, theme, logistics, ma…

* Documenting Dialogue
Explore and share ideas and experiences of documentation (text, graphics,
oral, photo, movement and other means) and how documentation can be used bot…

* Svenska Open Space Institutet
Välkommen till en mötesplats om lärande och erfa-utbyte för Svenska “Open

* Caring for this online community
A thematic group for dialogue on what is happening or should be happening in
this community and what can be done to nurture it

* Espaço Aberto – OST em língua portuguesa
Discussão sobre Espaço Aberto (OST) em língua portuguesa. Open Space
Technology discussed in Portuguese.

* Open Space Deutsch
9 members Die Regionalgruppe für A, CH und D. Come join us!

* Open Space Canada
A place to explore

* Why don’t we create an e-book?
I am involved in another ‘ning’ on employee engagement (see and…

* Open Space UK
For those in the UK interested in Open Space

* Open Space in the corporate world
For those interested in the application of OST in commerical organizations

* open space around Taiwan
Welcome to share what’s happening around ost community of Taiwan.

* Open Space California
Welcome to this gathering space for California facilitators, learners, hosts
and other appreciators of Open Space Technology.

* Espacio Abierto
Un grupo amplio y hospitalario para conversar en castellano respecto a la
práctica de la Tecnología de Espacio Abierto

* Open Space Nederland
Open Space Nederland has its own group on Je ben
welkom om je ervaringen en…

* Open Space South-East Asia
Open Space Community for South-East Asian Communities

3. Activities
There haven’t been much substantial activities in terms of content
generation. In the moment people pop in and send personal messages to people
they have met sometime. It is currently a kind of great hang out for
spaceniks. Groups are forming and I expect some more activities in the next
days. What is most striking for today is the multi-lingual discussions that
are happening.

4. Worldmap
A worldmap of group members is being generated.

5. Blog Posts
Unleashing leadership in Toronto

Open Space Video

Report from 2009 Wosonos

5. Forum Discussions
Improving the look and feel of this community