Open Space World Community Ning Site

Artur Silva (Portugal), Shufang Tsai (Taiwan) and Lisa Heft (USA) welcome you to join us at the:

Open Space World Community Ning site
A gathering place for sharing, learning, resources and community.

— create and host or join a regional group in your own language
— see the photos of members – including your wonderful OSLIST colleagues
— post links to photos, videos, tweets or blogs
— create calendar listings for your events
— post and share resources
— create or join a theme-based group about whatever you would like!
— engage in live chat.

This co-created Ning web portal for all things Open Space is a compliment to the rich and welcoming dialogue of OSLIST and all our web-based resources.

It is free. Come and co-create. The seedling has sprouted – let us grow this lovely learning tree.
Jump right on – sign in – create your own page and begin.

(It is new…in its Beta stage…we are still trying out design and functions…come visit us there, enjoy using it, share any ideas for improvement you may recommend…there is even a ‘Caring for this Online Community’ Group you can join…and if anything does not work smoothly we will all learn and share how to fix it…)

Do join us in this nutritious and diverse community meeting place.

We will continue our rich and vibrant dialogues here on OSLIST, and we will see you also in the Open Space World Community Ning site…

Artur, Shufang and Lisa