Worldwide OS-Online 2007

Worldwide OpenSpace-Online® Real-Time Conference for OST Practitioners:

“Open Space Technology (OST) – What have we learned and where can it lead us next?”

OST facilitators from around the globe are warmly invited to join a 4-hour OpenSpace-Online Conference on Open Space Technology (OST) on June 30th / July 1st , 2007 (depending on the time zone).

What is OpenSpace-Online®?
The general purpose of the OpenSpace-Online Real-Time Meeting Methodology is to enable organizations to consciously act as “life long learning organizations”, to empower interest and work groups as well as change facilitators to independently co-create the future for the greater good of society, and the whole planet by overcoming the limitations of time and space. The self-contained online methodology is setting worldwide new innovation standards for global e-collaboration by enabling holistic and highly participative architectures to link multifaceted ways of face-to-face and on-line activities in business, community, education, health-care, social and governmental settings.

This Global Open Space Community Conference is addressed to OST facilitators, practitioners and sponsors who are interested in sharing thoughts, ideas and resources about Open Space Technology. The conference also provides opportunities for greeting old Open Space friends and for meeting new Open Space colleagues.

*How do we support communities and organizations to become enablers of ongoing Open Space?

*How do local and global crises influence us,our clients and our work today and tomorrow?

These are just two of the questions that could be raised as we consider present and future issues and opportunities for opening and holding space. We look very much forward to your participation and your own specific questions, issues and ideas!

Further information and free of charge registration till June 24th, 2007 (thank you to NEULAND, whose sponsorship enables a free of charge community event):
https ://

Warmest regards
Gabriela Ender and Co-Inviters