WOSonOS XVI Day One Topics

Sessions convened today at the international World Open Space on Open Space included:

*Public Space with Heart and Meaning: Creating Coffeehouses that Matter
*Hearing (telling) Stories on OS Spreading Around the World
*Designing a Research Project: Open Space on Basque Conflict with Teenagers
*Conflict Resolution at the Cross Roads: If conflict exists, how do we co-exist in a conflict situation? Can a traditional justice system work?
*How to Transform a Town Using Open Space Technology
*Signs of a World Awakening
*Discussion and Movement
*Combining OST with World Cafe
*Ways to use OS to Weave Community to Transform Culture
*OS in Commercial/Business Settings
*Bringing OST to Global Climate Change Problems and Solutions
*Freedom and OS
*How Can we Develop Communicatively Competent Citizens to Realise the Re-emergence of Deliberative Democracy to Address the “Crisis” in Western Cultures?
*World Wide Open Space on the Future of Humanity
*How to Answer When the Sponsor Asks, What is the Facilitator Doing?
*An Open Space School
*Facilitating with Kids
*Executive Leadership and Open Space
*17 Ways to Ruin Open Space
*Using Open Space in Local Government
*Open Space Institute – US Annual Member Meeting: What’s Happening?
*Nonviolent Communication and OST
*OST Tricks for Here and Overseas
*OS Facilitator Intentional Learning and Teaching — Sharing Wisdom
*How to Use Open Space to Create a NV Movement in Argentina
*OS as ‘Public Art’ in Communities and Across Communities
*Open Space as Ancestral Space
*Magic Stick (what would we do if we had one, which we do?)
*Coming to Ground: Crafting Home
*OS on Broadway, How Far Can I Go: I’m doing a big $10M Broadway musical – could it be organised in Open Space. Or are the stakes too high for the producers?
*How Is and Can Online Social Tools be Used Before and After an Open Space Event to Build Community?


Hi Julie,

The proceedings for the conference haven’t been sent out yet, but the best way to find out when they’re distributed is probably via the international OS Listserv – are you subscribed to that?

If not, this is where you go to subscribe (and to view the archives of the List): http://www.openspaceworld.org/oslist


I am so interested in the discussions surrounding these topics– (particularly “How to Transform a Town Using Open Space Tech.” and “Ways of Using Open Space to Weave Community..”) –will you be posting any more notes? I very much want to hear/read people’s thoughts on this!