Executive Retreat

Something new in September, in Western Australia, certain to be informed by Brendan McKeague’s deep experience in Open Space:

Senior leadership can be physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausting. Disillusionment, stress and difficulties in balancing the various aspects of life can be symptomatic of a deeper disconnection from the fundamental purpose of why we lead in the first place.

In September 2008 – September 16 to 19 – we are convening a 4 day retreat for CEOs at Margaret River. This will be an opportunity to step out of `business as usual’ into some high quality reflective space. The design of the retreat is still emerging in conversation with participants, but is likely to be a mixture of very lightly structured individual and group work and substantial periods of silence.

If you would like to know more about the Retreat for CEOs, or simply have a conversation with us about the crafting of opportunities for the next generation of senior leadership, we invite you to contact…

Michael Wood Ph. 0435 065326
Brendan McKeague Ph. O429 448090