Forum Ouvert pour Forum Ouvert

I suppose this should really be in French, and maybe it will be reposted that way. But for now I have it in English…

Our invitation to the very first World Open Space on Open Space in French which will take place September 14, 15 and 16 in Val-David near Montreal, Québec, Canada is now available.

The theme is Aller un peu plus haut, un peu plus loin, dans nos connaissances et pratiques du Forum ouvert. (Reaching New Heights in our Knowledge and our Practices of Open Space).

Fall colours and the particular beauty of Val-David will no doubt contribute to a very rich event for all of us.

Please help us in disseminating our invitation. We found an inn proposing a variety of lodging options and prices.

Deadline for registration is August 13, 2007. We look forward to welcoming participants from the world Francophonie.


The Organizing Committee

Étienne Beaulieu, Louise Brissette, Marquis Bureau, Diane Gibeault, Roch Landry, and Esther Matte

For additional information, please contact:

Louise Brissette
or Roch Landry


[…] posted this invitation to the first-ever World Open Space on Open Space in French yesterday, and here from Marquis Bureau […]