The 16th Annual World OSonOS Conference, San Francisco, July 2008

The World Open Space on Open Space (WOSonOS) is a conference in and about Open Space — for facilitators, organizations and colleagues who use Open Space.

Join us July 21 through 28, 2008, in San Francisco, California, USA. “What Can We Learn / Share / Teach / Explore / Discover with Each Other about our work in Open Space around the world?” That is what we want to find out!

This year, a full week of events includes an Open Space Learning Workshop (July 21-22), an Author Evening with Harrison Owen and the launch of his Third Edition of Open Space Technology: A User’s Guide, and several days in and about Open Space with colleagues from around the world.

Online Registration


PS: the link above is to the registration.
Before we launch our website, please email me if you would like more specific information on schedule, more info about the Open Space Learning Workshop (for those of you who wish to come to the WOSonOS who have not yet facilitated Open Space), or for any other activity happening in the WOSonOS week of activities.
lisaheft [at]

Hello, Stephan and others – we are soon to launch our WOSonOS 2008 website, which will include a lot of information. Until then, feel free, anyone, to email me with questions – lisaheft [at]
In answer to your question: The WOSonOS is at two sites nearby to each other – the Golden Gate Club at the Presidio and the Golden Gate Room at Fort Mason, both in San Francisco.
I have a full listing of accommodation, including pricing and distance from the two sites, to help you make your decision. Please email me directly for that. I look forward to welcoming you all to the WOSonOS 2008 in San Francisco!
Lisa Heft
on behalf of the WOSonOS 2008 Host Team

Just a question. In order to find a suitable accommodation near the conference site…
Is there any information about where exactly the conference will take place in San Francisco? TIA