Elegant Code in Open Space

Scott Schimanski announced an Elegant Code Open Spaces Session back in May, but looks like there will be more of these:

Elegant code is hosting an Open Spaces session. An Open Spaces session is a discussion where the attendees generate the topics. There will be no presentation, no lecture, no Powerpoint slides, etc. The main point of this is a discussion were all can grow and learn from each other. We plan on holding these once a quarter.

The topics for discussion will be created by the group. The discussion will be facilitated, but just to keep the conversation going, not to drive it in any direction.

The first one will be held on June 3rd, at the Casa Mexico Restaurant in the Hyde Park section of Boise. They offer beer and wine in addition to the great “South of the Border” food. Details

Maybe we can get a report on what happened — and when the next one will be.



Our first Open Spaces event was a great success. There were great topics and great discussion. Here is a review of the first session: http://elegantcode.com/2008/06/03/boise-open-spaces-recap/

We are doing our second one on Tuesday, September 9th. We look forward to many more.