Notes from June OSonOS Teleconference

There was another Teleconference on June 25, 2007, with representatives of OS Institutes from eight countries, looking at the future of World Open Space Events and some kindred topics of serious import.

The full notes from that call are now posted at

The space was held by Thomas Herrmann, and notes prepared by Brian Bainbridge.

You are welcome to explore, discuss, question, and even comprehend what is in the notes, of course.

And to chat with any of the participants listed as you see appropriate.

Cheers and blessings,


Fr Brian S. Bainbridge

Worldwide OS-Online 2007

Worldwide OpenSpace-Online® Real-Time Conference for OST Practitioners:

“Open Space Technology (OST) – What have we learned and where can it lead us next?”

OST facilitators from around the globe are warmly invited to join a 4-hour OpenSpace-Online Conference on Open Space Technology (OST) on June 30th / July 1st , 2007 (depending on the time zone).

What is OpenSpace-Online®?
The general purpose of the OpenSpace-Online Real-Time Meeting Methodology is to enable organizations to consciously act as “life long learning organizations”, to empower interest and work groups as well as change facilitators to independently co-create the future for the greater good of society, and the whole planet by overcoming the limitations of time and space. The self-contained online methodology is setting worldwide new innovation standards for global e-collaboration by enabling holistic and highly participative architectures to link multifaceted ways of face-to-face and on-line activities in business, community, education, health-care, social and governmental settings.

This Global Open Space Community Conference is addressed to OST facilitators, practitioners and sponsors who are interested in sharing thoughts, ideas and resources about Open Space Technology. The conference also provides opportunities for greeting old Open Space friends and for meeting new Open Space colleagues.

*How do we support communities and organizations to become enablers of ongoing Open Space?

*How do local and global crises influence us,our clients and our work today and tomorrow?

These are just two of the questions that could be raised as we consider present and future issues and opportunities for opening and holding space. We look very much forward to your participation and your own specific questions, issues and ideas!

Further information and free of charge registration till June 24th, 2007 (thank you to NEULAND, whose sponsorship enables a free of charge community event):
https ://

Warmest regards
Gabriela Ender and Co-Inviters

Le premier Forum ouvert mondial sur le Forum ouvert en francais

Michael posted this invitation to the first-ever World Open Space on Open Space in French yesterday, and here from Marquis Bureau is the invitation itself in French:

La voici en grande primeur : l’invitation au tout premier Forum ouvert mondial sur le Forum ouvert en français. L’événement se tiendra à Val-David près de Montréal, au Québec, Canada, les 14, 15 et 16 septembre, sous le thème Aller un peu plus haut, un peu plus loin, dans nos connaissances et pratiques du Forum ouvert.

Les couleurs automnales et la beauté particulière de l’endroit contribueront certainement à la richesse de l’expérience que nous vous invitons à vivre avec nous.

Nous vous serions reconnaissants de nous aider à diffuser notre invitation. Nous avons trouvé une auberge qui offre plusieurs options d’hébergement, à prix plus que raisonnable.

Nous avons hâte d’accueillir des participants de toute la Francophonie. La date limite d’inscription est le 13 août 2007.

Au plaisir de vous rencontrer à Val-David!

Le comité organisateur

Étienne Beaulieu, Louise Brissette, Marquis Bureau, Diane Gibeault, Roch Landry, Esther Matte

Pour de plus amples renseignements :
Louise Brissette: louisebrissette (a)
ou Roch Landry: roch (a)

Click here for registration form. (Word)
Click here for complete details. (PDF)

Or or

15th Worldwide Open Space on Open Space– initial reflections

Jo Toepfer, who held the space for the 15th Worldwide Open Space on Open Space on days one and two, writes:

Thank you for support. The thing is over now and I am totally exhausted and (guess what) happy! you will hear more stories…

Andrew Ballance, in a post to the Change Management Blog, writes of the Kyiv OSonOS:

The core of what I achieved in this Open Space was an appreciation for (and maybe even some understanding of) the different frames that other practitioners, some highly experienced, hold.

Andrew also reports that

Our Vikings (Thomas and Eva) presented Lisa Heft’s invitation to host the WOSonOS in 2008 in San Francisco…The generosity of the invitation was completely irresistible…The decision was thus inevitable. In 2008, the WOSonOS will be in San Francisco.

Need some visuals from the space? A few are available here. Thank you Olga Datsko of Lugansk, Ukraine!

We look forward to learning more soon!

Forum Ouvert pour Forum Ouvert

I suppose this should really be in French, and maybe it will be reposted that way. But for now I have it in English…

Our invitation to the very first World Open Space on Open Space in French which will take place September 14, 15 and 16 in Val-David near Montreal, Québec, Canada is now available.

The theme is Aller un peu plus haut, un peu plus loin, dans nos connaissances et pratiques du Forum ouvert. (Reaching New Heights in our Knowledge and our Practices of Open Space).

Fall colours and the particular beauty of Val-David will no doubt contribute to a very rich event for all of us.

Please help us in disseminating our invitation. We found an inn proposing a variety of lodging options and prices.

Deadline for registration is August 13, 2007. We look forward to welcoming participants from the world Francophonie.


The Organizing Committee

Étienne Beaulieu, Louise Brissette, Marquis Bureau, Diane Gibeault, Roch Landry, and Esther Matte

For additional information, please contact:

Louise Brissette
or Roch Landry

Believing in Open Space

Gerard Muller shared this a while back on the OSLIST, notes from a session at the OSonOS practitioner conference he hosted earlier this year:

Issue: Beliefs: What beliefs are important to attract OST clients? What beliefs do the organizations need for successfull OST? What are important beliefs for good OST Facilitators?

We attract our experience based on beliefs held especially at the subconscious mind. It is important to consider what limiting beliefs or fears we have in doing and attracting OST and then create new empowering beliefs of what we want instead. These new beliefs attract a new reality/experience.

Some Beliefs:
I am open enough to hold space.
I have the energy I need to facilitate.
I have the courage to say no when the conditions are not right for OST.
I know when the conditions are right for OST.
I believe that groups find the energy to come to action.
I easily communicate the principles of OST & they get it.
I attract people that live the principles of OST.
I trust the process of OST and it works for me.
I am open to the outcome in OST.
OST always works and I trust it.
I create the space for people to be engaged and responsible when I
I know how to invite and I attract the right people that are needed.
When I make mistakes, I open the space for myself and others to learn.
I believe in the responsibility of all the people involved.
Wisdom leads to harmony.
The wisdom is always in the room.
I am Open Space.
I hold the attitude and essence of Open Space.

April OSonOS in Toronto

Larry Peterson announces an OSonOS: Open Space on Open Space Gathering is scheduled for Friday, April 27 (evening) and Saturday April 28th, 2007, in the Toronto Area (Location to be announced).

What are we learning about the use of Open Space Technology? What ideas or theories help us understand it? Join us for Great People, Great Conversations. Costs will cover venue, food and materials (To be determined).

Mark Your Calendars. More information will arrive in about two weeks. This event follows directly the workshop that Diane Gibeault and Larry will be leading from April 25-27th, also in Toronto.

Email Larry for more on the OSonOS or the training.

Local OSonOS Toronto Planning Team: Meg Salter, Judy Gast & Larry Peterson

More About OSonOS…
More OSonOS Events…

March OSonOS in the Netherlands

Gerard Muller announces the completion of his 250th Open Space. Reason to celebrate, and so he is organising an Open Space on Open Space (OSonOS) in the Netherlands on March 2nd.

He expects mainly Dutch collegues to turn up, but we have been surprised before — and who knows who of you might be nearby and in the mood to come?

Email Gerard for complete details and registration, before February 23rd, if possible. It will be held at Conferentiecentrum de Hoorneboeg, Hoorneboeg 5, 1213 RE Hilversum. Cost is € 47.60, payable upon arrival.

What’s on our agenda? Take any newspaper and you’ll easily find 20-30 issues which an Open Space would really move forward, yet in most cases that doesn’t happen – even though there’s plenty of experience in the Netherlands, and there must be some 200 collegues who can facilitate a meeting. How do we create a breakthrough? Today, that’s a question I’d post.

But of course our agenda is totally empty until March 2nd. Email Gerard.

More About OSonOS…
More OSonOS Events…

OSonOS by the Sea II – Maine, September 2007

Last year, on a whim, I invited a wonderful select group (whoever cared to come) to join me in Camden, Maine for OSONOS-by-the-Sea.

OSONOS, as most of you probably know, is an acronym for Open Space on Open Space, and for a number of years in various places in the world, people have gathered to consider the space of their lives, and ways in which that space might be expanded (opening space).

Each gathering has been rich and wonderful, but I have recently found myself somewhat restricted by a sore back which keeps me off of long plane flights. So, said I to myself, if I can’t journey to foreign parts, why not invited everybody who might care to come to the beautiful town of Camden. And it felt so good I have done it again – and you are invited!

The dates are September 6-7, 2007 and COMPLETE DETAILS ARE POSTED HERE. If you have some friends who you feel might enjoy and contribute, please pass this invitation along.

I look forward to seeing you!

–Harrison Owen

15th Annual Int’l OSonOS Conference – Ukraine, May 2007

A team of Ukrainian and International open space facilitators is happy to invite you at 15th Worldwide OS on OS, that will take place on May 24-26, 2007 in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital.

Complete details and REGISTRATION FORM: OSonOS-Kiev.pdf

For 15 years now, worldwide open space community gather together in order to have a privilege to become participants of Open Space event, to experience chaos and create new reality out of it.

Open Space Technology is the way to enable all kinds of people, in any kind of organization, to produce inspiring results. During OS on OS you will experience its different aspect such as chaos and creativity, learning and doing, fun and inspiration, change and innovation, passion and responsibility. You will have an opportunity to raise and discuss issues which are really important to you, share your ideas, concerns, questions and receive input from other people, and finally make up your own “next steps” out of it.


* Creating space for inspiration at government, business, and community projects
* Reaching extraordinary results on regular base
* Discovering one of the most powerful worldwide leadership practice
* Having fun while experiencing all mentioned above


Venue: Congregation Hall of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, first university that was founded in Eastern Europe. This is an ancient building from 17th century, which is placed in the downtown of Kyiv, not far from Dnipro river. It takes 3 minutes to walk to the Congregation Hall from metro station “Kontraktova Ploscha”. It is also very close to famous ancient street, where you may find traditional Ukrainian souvenirs – embroidery, pottery, woodcrafts etc.

Language: Open space will be held in English. However, the participants will self-organize their work in any other possible languages (Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Arabic etc.).

Complete details and REGISTRATION FORM: OSonOS-Kiev.pdf

6th Annual Haitian OSonOS Conference

The 6th Annual Open Space on Open Space practitioners’ conference in Haiti will be June 28 – July 1, 2007. Email John Engle to learn more and see photos from last time (June, 2006). International practitioners welcome!

Proceedings from Moscow OSonOS

…are posted here. This was the 14th annual Open Space on Open Space (OSonOS) international gathering of OS practitioners. Regional OSonOS events are upcoming in Ukraine, Maine, North Carolina and elsewhere… listed here.

5th Annual OSonOS Haiti

osonos haiti 2006, by john engle

John Engle sends photos from the Open Space on Open Space in Haiti last month. Next year’s 6th Annual Haiti OSonOS will be June 28 – July 1, 2007. Email John Engle for details.

Open Space on Open Space Conferences

Here is a list of conferences and exchanges, with contacts for more information, that Michael M Pannwitz helped assemble for us…

Learning Exchange in Southern Germany (July 16-19)
email Georg Rehm or Wolfgang Faenderl

OSonOS in Moscow (August 4-6)
See International OSonOS page for details

OSonOS by the Sea USA (September 11-12)

Hosted by Harrison Owen. Think it’s sold out now.

Learning Exchange in Ukraine (September 20 -22)
email Bohdan V. Maslych or
Andrey Klymyshyn or Lad Kanevska

Open Space on Open Space in OZ

Upcoming on March 21-22, 2006… A quite short gathering, starting at 1100 on Tuesday and finish at 1300 on Wednesday. At THE CHIFLEY at METROPOLE CONFERENCE CENTRE, 44 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, Victoria. Overnight accommodation available at the venue.

PURPOSE: OPEN SPACE on OPEN SPACE is an opportunity for OST users and practitioners to explore and share experience, to learn from other practitioners, and to explore whatever matters and ideas participants see as important and relevant.

You are invited to come and share, especially relating to Open Space in Australia and New Zealand, knowing that others with experience will be present. Hosting the event will be Viv McWaters and Brian Bainbridge.

THIS IS YOUR INVITATION TO BE PRESENT. The charge will be utterly minimal, to cover lunch Tuesday and Wednesday, evening meal Tuesday, room hire, constant coffee/tea, and stationery.

SO, put the dates in your calendar, make the necessary airline bookings, set up accommodation arrangements, AND advise briansb(at) ASAP of your intention to be there.

Altai Peace-Mapping “Summit”

New friend of OST, Carol Hiltner (Seattle, USA), and OST facilitator Marina Tyasto (Novosibirsk, Russia) will be leading a Peace-Mapping “Summit” using OST in the Altai (Siberia) right before the 14th International Open Space on Open Space (OSonOS). This event will take place during the 2006 International Altai Expedition July 14-August 3.

This Peace-Mapping “Summit” presents an excellent opportunity to deepen our experience of OST, open space, and peacemaking.

You are invited to participate in the 2006 International Altai Expedition and Peace-Mapping “Summit” July 14 – August 3.

Altai is an extraordinary mountain range along the southern edge of Siberia, recognized as the origin of global shamanism…The Expedition will take you to the very remote Mt. Belukha, the highest energy spot in this high-energy region.

We will be joined there by indigenous Altai people, including shamans, and a Russian spiritual group from Moscow. At this sacred mountain, with this powerful group, we will convene an OST “Summit” with the objective of supporting participants to map out our personal “critical paths” to peace using guidelines (Tablets of Light) that originated in Altai. In conjunction with the Expedition, we have initiated a Clean-Up to take out trekkers’ garbage and install outhouses.

For information, see or contact .. Please feel free to forward this information to anyone whom you think might be interested.

Open Space in Australia

The Australian Open Space Institute is hosting an Open Space on Open Space in Melbourne on February 21 and 22. They’d love to see you there.

This is an opportunity for users of Open Space Technology to explore the depth and edges of Open Space Technology, share experiences, challenge and be challenged. Some of Australia’s and New Zealand’s most experienced Open Space facilitators will be attending. You will get the most out of this OSonOS if you have used/participated in Open Space Technology.

If you are new to Open Space Technology you might be interested in Introductory Training May 17 & 18.

For more information about either event, contact Viv McWaters.

Canadian OpenSpace-Online Event

Judy Gast writes this week, “…the Open Space Institute of Canada is planning an OS Online event on February 3rd and encourage anyone who is interested (from anywhere) to register by January 27th.”

See CanadianInvitation and OpenSpace-Online for details.