15th Worldwide Open Space on Open Space– initial reflections

Jo Toepfer, who held the space for the 15th Worldwide Open Space on Open Space on days one and two, writes:

Thank you for support. The thing is over now and I am totally exhausted and (guess what) happy! you will hear more stories…

Andrew Ballance, in a post to the Change Management Blog, writes of the Kyiv OSonOS:

The core of what I achieved in this Open Space was an appreciation for (and maybe even some understanding of) the different frames that other practitioners, some highly experienced, hold.

Andrew also reports that

Our Vikings (Thomas and Eva) presented Lisa Heft’s invitation to host the WOSonOS in 2008 in San Francisco…The generosity of the invitation was completely irresistible…The decision was thus inevitable. In 2008, the WOSonOS will be in San Francisco.

Need some visuals from the space? A few are available here. Thank you Olga Datsko of Lugansk, Ukraine!

We look forward to learning more soon!