March OSonOS in the Netherlands

Gerard Muller announces the completion of his 250th Open Space. Reason to celebrate, and so he is organising an Open Space on Open Space (OSonOS) in the Netherlands on March 2nd.

He expects mainly Dutch collegues to turn up, but we have been surprised before — and who knows who of you might be nearby and in the mood to come?

Email Gerard for complete details and registration, before February 23rd, if possible. It will be held at Conferentiecentrum de Hoorneboeg, Hoorneboeg 5, 1213 RE Hilversum. Cost is € 47.60, payable upon arrival.

What’s on our agenda? Take any newspaper and you’ll easily find 20-30 issues which an Open Space would really move forward, yet in most cases that doesn’t happen – even though there’s plenty of experience in the Netherlands, and there must be some 200 collegues who can facilitate a meeting. How do we create a breakthrough? Today, that’s a question I’d post.

But of course our agenda is totally empty until March 2nd. Email Gerard.

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