New Video: “Open Space – The Power of Self-Organization”

Jutta Weimar offers a fantastic new OS video, after a two-year period of producing:

I am very happy to present the release of the DVD “Open Space – The Power of Self-Organisation”.

Here the most important features:

– material out of 5 different open space events
– incl. Preparatory Meeting and Action-Planning
– incl. booklet with 16 pages
– 27 Minutes, german and english with english or french subtitles

The short version of the film with english sub-titles can be seen on YouTube,, or (english version click on “english”)

And now it’s time to spread the film all around the world. I sell the film for 29,75 € plus packing and postage (in Europe) and I will bring lots of copies to the WOSonOS here in Berlin in May!!!

OS in Liberia

This from Susan Partnow, via the OSLIST…

You may enjoy these photos. The middle group is of an Open Space we did in Liberia – where Harrison first gained many of the insights for OST! It was inspiring to see how empowered the participants felt. They began offering many contributions to the circle once space was opened – songs, dances, etc. It was also wonderful to see how participants who were illiterate were easily incorporated and supported by those who were literate.

If you’re inspired by our work, you may be so moved as to support our endeavors to create the Liberia Peacebuilder Initiative. We have a $10,000 matching fund grant and so we need to raise $10,000! Your donation will be doubled (or – if you have a corporate tie with a policy of matching – quadrupled!) so please give it some thought! You can donate here:

Devoted and Disgruntled 5

Phelim McDermott reported recently…

It’s amazing but it is now five years since I first dived into Open Space after reading Harrison’s book. At that time I had never been to an open space event had no idea what it looked like but knew it in my bones.Since then we have done Devoted and Disgruntled 5 times and done one in Scotland, one Brazil, one in in NYC and one in Newcastle will be doing another one In Newcastle in the coming months. Been asked to set one up in LA etc.. its become a growing community of people who are devoted to theatre and want to use the fuel of their disgruntlement to change.

I remember that the thing that really inspired me to read the book in the first place was Harrison’s intro saying OS belonged to everyone and would never be certified/owned/contained etc we should all just do it. It reminded me of my own feelings about Impro and its relationship to the many attempts to categories, teach, quantify it. In the end Impro just was and would appear where it wanted. It also reminded me of Robert Le Page’s advice to “Mummenchance” theatre that they must “Give away the recipe.” He was referring specifically to the recipe for their squidgy changing putty like masks. But he meant this as a wider metaphor to look after our own creativity. We must gift the recipe not guard it.

In this spirit here’s our fifth annual report on the state of people who are passionate and responsible about theatre. The event is an annual 2.5 event on third day we reopen the space for whatever people want to still talk about and do.

So here’s the report and here’s a visual representation done from the report by wordle which i love. It’s a big theatre word sitting in a nexus of other issues! I think it gives a better feeling representation of the event than the report.

OSonOS 2010 in Berlin

Datum 12. Mai 2010 – 15. Mai 2010

Tags: OSonOS , WOSonOS

Dateien: accomodation_WOSONOS_2010 , Flyer_18th_WOSonOS_Berlin

18th World Open Space on Open Space Harrison Owen, 2009: “…At the end of the day Open Space Technology is not about having great meetings. Nor is it simply another tool in the facilitators’ tool box, although both are doubtless true. For me the true equity I find in OST is the ongoing natural experiment and learning experience of living intentionally in a self-organizing world.”

Teilnehmerzahl 150
Dauer 3 days
Sprachen Englisch

Please join us! Details…

Open Space on Open Space – San Francisco

What are the possibilities of Open Space in our lives, organizations and communities? What capacities and tools do we need, to move to the next level with this work? Let’s gather and learn from one another. Jeff Aitken, Kaliya Hamlin, Lisa Heft and Heidi Nobantu Saul invite you to…

OSonOS 2010

Open Space on Open Space

January 15-17, 2010

in San Francisco, California, USA

complete details

Several days in and about Open Space — where the newly trained and the longtime practitioners will share our excitement, encouragement, trials and errors — and explore how we use this remarkable organizational and community-building process, on its own or with other tools and methods.

Report from 1st European Open Space on Open Space, Paris 2009

This report from Christine Koehler in Paris:

Appreciation, common ground, and deep conversation: all appear in Open Space as natural, emergent phenomenon. Best of all the people believe they did it all by themselves. And they did! Further more they know at some deep level that they can do the same thing again – and will. That is true empowerment. It is not the method, the process, or the facilitator. It is the people. And I can go and take a nap knowing that they will do an infinitely better job no matter how hard I might work. –Harrison Owen to OSLIST, July 30, 2009

On October 30, Saturday October 31 and Sunday, November 1rst 2009, was held the first European Learning Exchange , for a 3 days Open Space format, in one of the most beautiful scene in Paris : La Grande Arche de la Defense Facilitators, organizations, sponsors, colleagues who use Open Space Technology as a wonderful way to help groups self-organize and solve their most important problems with passion and responsibility were welcome.

We explored how we can best assist sponsors, organizations and ourselves to expand space and time for self-organization

Thirty-four participants coming from France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, USA, speaking and holding sessions in English or French or in both langages, a facilitator from Germany, a team speaking 3 langages, gathered together at La Grande Arche . There was great ayurvedic food with spicy tastes, great energy, passionate discussions, interesting topics.

Twenty-three topics were posted as well as 18 action plans :

* open space film
* Quelles conditions idéales pour une efficience optimale ?
* Situation of Open Space in France and in Europe
* Follow-up of interventions : experience, practice
* Open Space in the Balkan Countries
* OsT et IT
* prepare participants to prepare to be surprised
* How to measure the ROI of collaborative facilitation designs ?
* How and where can we use OS ‘facilitation methods in France ?
* How do l calculate my fee for OST-facilitation
* WOSonOS 2010 Berlin
* Sustain cross pollination (follow-up)
* Cercles de reconnaissances
* How can we use collaborative approaches to support Eco-responsive initiatives ?
* comment aider les entreprises à créer un environnement favorable à l’épanouissement des salariés, quête de sens et valeurs partagées ?
* Open Space in participatory planning and public deliberation processes
* What is unique about OST ?
* Learning Exchange : reloaded, continued, deepen
* OST as ldentity building process
* What could a community of OSniks do in France ?
* A network of practitioners of collaborative approaches
* Talking alternatives processes into the French organizations
* La décroissance
* Comment créer une culture collaborative en entreprise ?
* Next steps (18 )

To have a better feeling about this event, look at our pictures and videos: Invitation on slides, Photos on are here and here. Watch the Video of closing circle. You can also download the Book of proceedings ( pdf file ).

See you next time in Berlin in may 2010 for World Open Space on Open Space. We expect to have passionnate discussion about the future of Open Space events in Europe. Come and join us there !

An Open Space Learning Community

Anne Stadler posted this bit in a comment a little while back. It deserves more attention than that! So here you go…

This is a link to an article about spirited work a seven year experiment in an open space learning community of practice.
“Self-Organizing Systems – Self-Organizing? Emergent Community”
— The Spirited Work Learning Community: 1999 – 2005 —
(Living in Open Space)
by Anne M. Stadler © 2009

Thought Open Spacers might be interested in this article!!! Would love to engage you in dialogue about the learnings reported here.
Here is the link to the production site where the article is now public.

Open Space Explodes at Ning

from Holger Nauheimer, reporting in from the new Ning site for Open Space

…summarizing what has happened in
the last 24 hours on the new OS community space

1. Growth:
Since yesterday, the Ning community grew by more than 100%. It has now 94

2. Groups
There are now 15 groups at the Ning platforms, specifically;

* The Power of Pre-Work
Thoughtful pre-work can support the success of an Open Space event. Share
your insights and questions about invitation, outreach, theme, logistics, ma…

* Documenting Dialogue
Explore and share ideas and experiences of documentation (text, graphics,
oral, photo, movement and other means) and how documentation can be used bot…

* Svenska Open Space Institutet
Välkommen till en mötesplats om lärande och erfa-utbyte för Svenska “Open

* Caring for this online community
A thematic group for dialogue on what is happening or should be happening in
this community and what can be done to nurture it

* Espaço Aberto – OST em língua portuguesa
Discussão sobre Espaço Aberto (OST) em língua portuguesa. Open Space
Technology discussed in Portuguese.

* Open Space Deutsch
9 members Die Regionalgruppe für A, CH und D. Come join us!

* Open Space Canada
A place to explore

* Why don’t we create an e-book?
I am involved in another ‘ning’ on employee engagement (see and…

* Open Space UK
For those in the UK interested in Open Space

* Open Space in the corporate world
For those interested in the application of OST in commerical organizations

* open space around Taiwan
Welcome to share what’s happening around ost community of Taiwan.

* Open Space California
Welcome to this gathering space for California facilitators, learners, hosts
and other appreciators of Open Space Technology.

* Espacio Abierto
Un grupo amplio y hospitalario para conversar en castellano respecto a la
práctica de la Tecnología de Espacio Abierto

* Open Space Nederland
Open Space Nederland has its own group on Je ben
welkom om je ervaringen en…

* Open Space South-East Asia
Open Space Community for South-East Asian Communities

3. Activities
There haven’t been much substantial activities in terms of content
generation. In the moment people pop in and send personal messages to people
they have met sometime. It is currently a kind of great hang out for
spaceniks. Groups are forming and I expect some more activities in the next
days. What is most striking for today is the multi-lingual discussions that
are happening.

4. Worldmap
A worldmap of group members is being generated.

5. Blog Posts
Unleashing leadership in Toronto

Open Space Video

Report from 2009 Wosonos

5. Forum Discussions
Improving the look and feel of this community

Open Space World Community Ning Site

Artur Silva (Portugal), Shufang Tsai (Taiwan) and Lisa Heft (USA) welcome you to join us at the:

Open Space World Community Ning site
A gathering place for sharing, learning, resources and community.

— create and host or join a regional group in your own language
— see the photos of members – including your wonderful OSLIST colleagues
— post links to photos, videos, tweets or blogs
— create calendar listings for your events
— post and share resources
— create or join a theme-based group about whatever you would like!
— engage in live chat.

This co-created Ning web portal for all things Open Space is a compliment to the rich and welcoming dialogue of OSLIST and all our web-based resources.

It is free. Come and co-create. The seedling has sprouted – let us grow this lovely learning tree.
Jump right on – sign in – create your own page and begin.

(It is new…in its Beta stage…we are still trying out design and functions…come visit us there, enjoy using it, share any ideas for improvement you may recommend…there is even a ‘Caring for this Online Community’ Group you can join…and if anything does not work smoothly we will all learn and share how to fix it…)

Do join us in this nutritious and diverse community meeting place.

We will continue our rich and vibrant dialogues here on OSLIST, and we will see you also in the Open Space World Community Ning site…

Artur, Shufang and Lisa

Introduction to Open Space

Pancho sez: “…possibly the best learning I came away with from WikiSym (conference) was being exposed to Open Space.”

A nice write-up about his first experience as a participant in Open Space.

OSonOS in San Francisco, Training in SF and NYC

What are the possibilities of Open Space in our lives, organizations and communities? What capacities and tools do we need, to move to the next level with this work? Let’s gather and learn from one another.

Jeff Aitken, Kaliya Hamlin, Lisa Heft and Heidi Nobantu Saul invite you to several days in and about Open Space — where the newly trained and the longtime practitioners will share our excitement, encouragement, trials and errors — and explore how we use this remarkable organizational and community-building process, on its own or with other tools and methods:

San Francisco, California, USA
January 15 through January 17, 2010

Casual gathering to meet old and new friends and colleagues
Friday, January 15, 2010 – 5:00-7:00 pm
(nibbles, beverages and conversation – dinner on your own)

Open Space on Open Space
Saturday, January 16, 2010
8:30 am arrival, 9:00 am prompt start; Evening News until 5:00, pot-luck dinner to follow

Sunday, January 17, 2010
8:30 am arrival, 9:00 am prompt start; Closing Circle ends at 4:00, Newsroom open until 5:00
(included in the registration fee, Saturday and Sunday breakfast nibbles and lunches – join us to create a ‘pot luck’ dinner on Saturday evening)

To Register

Contact for more information and a registration form. The sooner you register and send payment, the more we can help share resources with others who would like to come – so we encourage you to register now. We would appreciate your registration form no later than January 5.

The Site

The OSonOS will be held at beautiful Fort Mason, a historic military garrison that now houses arts organizations, the world-famous Greens restaurant, reception facilities and more. Walk outside to enjoy the fresh Bay air, wave to sea lions, crabs and shore birds and see the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island. The rest of San Francisco is just a bus or a taxi ride away. If budget is an issue, there is even a hostel nearby with the best view in the world.

Getting Here

Fly into San Francisco International Airport (SFO), which is about 15.5 miles from Fort Mason. Take a rental car, taxi (about $52 dollars US one-way, including tip), BART train to the MUNI bus system ($8.10 US for BART, $2.00 for MUNI), or shuttle into the city ($19.00 one-way including tip). Local city transit is via BART, MUNI, taxi, your car or your own two feet or wheelchair. Oakland International Airport, in the East Bay, is about 23 miles from Fort Mason. We recommend you stay at an accommodation near Fort Mason / Marina District / Fisherman’s Wharf area. Parking at the Fort Mason site is $8 per day or evening if you park inside the gates; free if you park outside the gates but do watch signs for restricted parking areas.


Delegates are responsible for their own accommodation – please ask for a list of local places to stay if you need one. Our list includes a full range of accommodations from the $30/night dormitory-style hostel to large hotels.

Global Village Marketplace and Silent Auction

One of our traditions for an OSonOS is to have a Global Village Marketplace – where we sell folk art, poetry or other lovely items to each other to raise money for our own travel expense or for the Access Queen (scholarship) Project. We will also have a Silent Auction for the Access Queen Project – highest bidder gets to buy the lovely item for this same fund. So pack into your luggage some lovely artisan work, poetry, shawl or other item to sell to other OpenSpaceniks, and bring a little extra money if you like (US dollars please) to buy lovely things from your lovely colleagues.

Suitcase Cuisine

As Saturday is a ‘pot luck’ dinner, feel free to pack into your luggage, buy nearby or bring from home a special food or beverage item to contribute to our buffet.

Open Space Learning Workshop
December 9-11, 2009 in San Francisco

As the OSonOS is not a training but rather an invitation to explore OST on deeper levels, we encourage anyone who has not yet learned the method or facilitated Open Space to attend a workshop or read Harrison’s book and jump right in a few times before attending this conference.

The Open Space Learning Workshops bring together those who are new to the method and those who have experienced it — an opportunity to share your learning and understanding of the method and to prepare yourselves for facilitating your own Open Space. You will experience an Open Space meeting and learn how to design, prepare hosts or clients, coordinate and facilitate the meeting and help organizations or communities support the actions and momentum that come out of the event.

This experiential workshop will include all of the things you may wish to know for holding your own Open Space event – from planning, preparation and design to logistics, talking with sponsors/clients, developing invitations and themes, recording proceedings, event follow-up, ‘what-ifs’ and anything else you personally would like to share or ask about. Registration fees are flexible – money should never get in the way of learning. Participants are encouraged to read Harrison Owen’s book “Open Space Technology: A User’s Guide” prior to this workshop.

For more information about content, schedule and pricing for the December workshop, contact Lisa Heft at

For those of you nearer to the New York region
– our colleagues in New York are hosting a training the same January weekend as this OSonOS – if you have not yet learned about Open Space and are in that region, let Lisa know and she can send you more information.

Paris Réunion

Philippe Slioussarenko reports that four french executives will exchange on their OS practices in Paris on November 5th. If you happen to be in Paris then you are invited and welcome. You will find hereunder the details of the event and how to confirm your participation.

MHG Europe a le plaisir de vous inviter à la réunion sur le thème:


Une démarche de conduite de réunion en petit ou grand groupe ou une nouvelle façon d’organiser conférences, conventions, sessions de planification ou séminaires en passionnant et responsabilisant les participants.

Avec la participation de dirigeants ayant pratiqué l’Open Space :
§ M. Georges AUGUSTE, Exécutive Vice Président, Directeur Qualité, Education et Développement durable, ST MICROELECTRONICS
§ M. Jean-François COLIN, Directeur Général de Multimedia Business Services filiale d’ORANGE BUSINESS SERVICES
§ M. Thierry JAMES, Directeur du Pôle Parcs et Evènementiel, ELIANCE

Cette réunion aura lieu: le 5 novembre 2009 de 18 h 30 à 20 h

45, Boulevard Raspail,
75006 Paris
(Parking Sèvres Babylone)

Nous poursuivrons ensuite nos échanges autour d’un cocktail dînatoire. Dans l’attente de vous recevoir, je vous adresse mes plus sincères salutations.

WOSonOS Report

Gail West, convener of the group that hosted the 18th annual World Open Space on Open Space practitioners’ gathering, reports from sunny Taiwan:

It was a time of deep, conversation, fun in the sessions and outside, celebration, I-Ching readings, spacial massage, reiki healing for one of the participants who got ill the last day, one child who came with her Mother, drawings, delicious food and more. And so……………. before the closing circle on Day 3, we had a whole-group conversation about “what’s next?” Following an invitation from Michael Jr to a global open space community gathering in Berlin in May 2010, we declared a consensus from this gathered group on behalf of others who were not able to be present in Taiwan, to have the 18th WOSONOS in Berlin in 2010. We hope to see many of you (including those not on this listserve) in Berlin in May 2010!

There were lots of camera folks here, so another round of photos, as well as the group discussions can be found in the included links. Enjoy!

Click for WOSONOS 2009 pictures on flicker or WOSONOS 2009 Group Discussion Documents Anyone can just sign-in, add new post, leave some comment, or start a new discussion.

Open Space in Healthcare is “…working to change the ‘old order of things’, the one which rewards the privileged few who have the time and money to attend conferences, pay for journal articles and subscription knowledge by making all healthcare knowledge accessible and available to all healthcare professionals, anytime, anywhere, FREE of charge.”

They recently posted an article on Open Space in Healthcare by Larry Peterson, a long-time leader in Canada’s community of OST practitioners. The case he makes is based on Canadian stories, but the lessons and language would be relevant for ongoing transformation in any healthcare system.

New Videos about OST and Emergence

Jim Rough, creator of Dynamic Facilitation, hosts a weekly TV show for Port Townsend Television. Peggy Holman just recorded two 30 minute shows with him.

One is on Open Space Technology and the other is her current thinking about “Engaging Emergence“.

New Translation Posted

Thanks to the Euskara (Basque) translation of About Open Space offered by Eleder Aurtenetxe Pildainek, we’ve just posted our 20th different language link to open space materials: Espazio Irekiko Teknologia.

New STORIES Newsletter Posted

Joelle Lyons-Everett and Peggy Holman have delivered the latest issue STORIES, the newsletter of the OSI-USA. The purpose of the newsletter is to make our stories available so that we continue to learn and grow. We hope they will serve you for education, examples, connection and pleasure.

This newsletter is intended for the use of friends and members of the Open Space Institute (US). It may be reproduced in any useful way with acknowledgment. When copying, please include the author/contact/ publication information at the end of each story.

In This Issue:
1—Notes from the Editor
2—The Green Forum
3—At the Center of the Journey
4—Virtual Global Communication
5—Inviting Leadership
6—Coming Events
7—Footprints in the Wind: I have no call to be reasonable

Past issues were published in a different format, archived here.

Trainings in San Francisco and Buenos Aires

Lisa Heft (President, Open Space Institute USA, OSLIST Poet Laureate 2006, Fellow, Columbia University Center for International Conflict Resolution and host, WOSonOS 2008) reports that she will be facilitating Open Space Learning Workshops in San Francisco on the following dates: August 5-7 and December 17-19, 2009. She will also facilitate this workshop in Buenos Aires, Argentina in September 2009.

Co-create a theme, experience a several-session Open Space, taste how action planning works in Open Space, learn about all the pre-work (invitation, planning, design, theme, logistics, documentation), variations, ‘what ifs’, ‘when not to’s’ and more. You will also receive a copy of the “Open Space Idea Book”.

For more information, contact Lisa Heft.

Another Successful OSonOS in Haiti

John Engle reports more success from Haiti…

I’m delighted to share photos from 8th Annual Haiti OSonOS, which convened for three days 70 Haitians, many of whom are educators and community leaders from around the country. These photos taken by Haitian pro photographer, Eric Graham:

A special thanks to Open Space Institute, USA for providing scholarships for 16 participants.

With deep gratitude, John

PS Here’s an unprofessionally done video, created by me ; ) I made it especially for folks who were there but I’ll share it here in case some of you want to get a better feel for the meeting.

Open Space Workshop in Curaçao

This just in from the Dutch Antilles:

Stargue organizes in collaboration with the Curaçao Leadership Forum, a High Performance Leadership Workshop on Open Space Technology, Thursday August 27th through Saturday 29th, 2009, in Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles at the Hilton Curaçao.

You are cordially invited to participate by using the Registration Form to register for the workshop. Additional information can be found at, such as the Open Space Technology book by Harrison Owen, which can be bought, delivered, and read by August; or by following these links to specific sections of the information document regarding the event.

Christine Whitney Sanchez and Peggy Holman will facilitate this program.

Open Space Uganda


I noticed open space uganda in the news sidebar this morning. Followed the link to find piles of great pictures in a new Open Space Uganda website. Looks like some training has been happening there. Still only one person listed for Uganda in the OpenSpaceWorldMap, but looks like there should be more coming soon.

Sustainability Summit in Harrisonburg, Virginia

from Bruce Lundeen at Shenandoah Valley Pure Water Forum

May 30th (Saturday) Harrisonburg Mayor Kai Degner convened a Sustainability Summit with an Open Invitation for all to participate. See link to summit website and watch local media WHSV-TV video coverage:

The meeting was run using Open Space Technology as a conference methodology. Latest Reports and Announcements from the Saturday event, already posted at the summit website. See report on water as a sample of one of the many reports from the Summit. Attendees came from all over (including Washington, DC) with a majority from the local Harrisonburg, Rockingham County area –there are 60 partner organizations listed.

Real-Time (Global) Virtual Collaboration

Lucy Garrick reports from The North Shore Group, Seattle WA on a synthesis of Open Space and a number of other change facilitation and virtual collaboration tools…

The Time For Global Collaboration Has Come. In the last month I helped design and facilitated the world’s first real-time global collaboration on the subject of positive change. This work excites me because as technology is providing new ways to connect and work together, RTVC provides an opportunity to reconfigure the way people collaborate in organizations as well as across organizations, communities, institutions and governments.

What is real-time global virtual collaboration (RTVC)?

RTVC is a group of change consultants and facilitators who adapt and integrate traditional collaborative change tools and facilitated techniques, such as inquiry, dialog and other group processes, for positive change.

The concept of the world’s first Real-time Virtual Collaboration Conference was to hatched about four weeks ago. It demonstrates what is possible when integrating facilitative change tools such as Open Space, World Cafe, Three Lens Conversation, etc. with real-time social media, such as VOIP, wikis, online collaborative tools and social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn, or facebook.

Conference participants prepared for the conference through a Mind Map portal created especially for this event.

The 1/2 day conference was designed and organized by the RTVC Team, itself a self-organizing group of consultants and facilitators living in seven countries: Germany, S.Africa, Brazil, United Kingdom, Ontario, USA, and Canada – most of us have not yet met face-to-face.

Conference participants from 30 countries convened on Skype Chat for the opening plenary session, posting topics for break-out sessions on positive change. Break-out sessions were held on the a variety of social media chosen by conveners of the break-out sessions. Think of a sort of virtual, conference hotel. 
Over 50 participants from around the globe signed on to the opening session using Skype Chat. 
Opening and closing sessions were facilitated by members of the RTVC organization.

Reactions To The Conference Taken from the Closing Session Transcript







like riding a roller coaster
technically challenging


falling off the cliff 


crossing boundaries




just starting 

difficult connections


What’s next? 

calls for more 


Click on the RTVC Mind Map to see facts, key learnings, session topics and more. Note instructions on how to navigate the mind map in the lower right corner of the page.

To learn more about RTVC join us at the RTVC Forum on the Change Management Toolbook.
Click to see how countries were represented at the Conference.