WOSonOS Report

Gail West, convener of the group that hosted the 18th annual World Open Space on Open Space practitioners’ gathering, reports from sunny Taiwan:

It was a time of deep, conversation, fun in the sessions and outside, celebration, I-Ching readings, spacial massage, reiki healing for one of the participants who got ill the last day, one child who came with her Mother, drawings, delicious food and more. And so……………. before the closing circle on Day 3, we had a whole-group conversation about “what’s next?” Following an invitation from Michael Jr to a global open space community gathering in Berlin in May 2010, we declared a consensus from this gathered group on behalf of others who were not able to be present in Taiwan, to have the 18th WOSONOS in Berlin in 2010. We hope to see many of you (including those not on this listserve) in Berlin in May 2010!

There were lots of camera folks here, so another round of photos, as well as the group discussions can be found in the included links. Enjoy!

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