Report from 1st European Open Space on Open Space, Paris 2009

This report from Christine Koehler in Paris:

Appreciation, common ground, and deep conversation: all appear in Open Space as natural, emergent phenomenon. Best of all the people believe they did it all by themselves. And they did! Further more they know at some deep level that they can do the same thing again – and will. That is true empowerment. It is not the method, the process, or the facilitator. It is the people. And I can go and take a nap knowing that they will do an infinitely better job no matter how hard I might work. –Harrison Owen to OSLIST, July 30, 2009

On October 30, Saturday October 31 and Sunday, November 1rst 2009, was held the first European Learning Exchange , for a 3 days Open Space format, in one of the most beautiful scene in Paris : La Grande Arche de la Defense Facilitators, organizations, sponsors, colleagues who use Open Space Technology as a wonderful way to help groups self-organize and solve their most important problems with passion and responsibility were welcome.

We explored how we can best assist sponsors, organizations and ourselves to expand space and time for self-organization

Thirty-four participants coming from France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, USA, speaking and holding sessions in English or French or in both langages, a facilitator from Germany, a team speaking 3 langages, gathered together at La Grande Arche . There was great ayurvedic food with spicy tastes, great energy, passionate discussions, interesting topics.

Twenty-three topics were posted as well as 18 action plans :

* open space film
* Quelles conditions idéales pour une efficience optimale ?
* Situation of Open Space in France and in Europe
* Follow-up of interventions : experience, practice
* Open Space in the Balkan Countries
* OsT et IT
* prepare participants to prepare to be surprised
* How to measure the ROI of collaborative facilitation designs ?
* How and where can we use OS ‘facilitation methods in France ?
* How do l calculate my fee for OST-facilitation
* WOSonOS 2010 Berlin
* Sustain cross pollination (follow-up)
* Cercles de reconnaissances
* How can we use collaborative approaches to support Eco-responsive initiatives ?
* comment aider les entreprises à créer un environnement favorable à l’épanouissement des salariés, quête de sens et valeurs partagées ?
* Open Space in participatory planning and public deliberation processes
* What is unique about OST ?
* Learning Exchange : reloaded, continued, deepen
* OST as ldentity building process
* What could a community of OSniks do in France ?
* A network of practitioners of collaborative approaches
* Talking alternatives processes into the French organizations
* La décroissance
* Comment créer une culture collaborative en entreprise ?
* Next steps (18 )

To have a better feeling about this event, look at our pictures and videos: Invitation on slides, Photos on are here and here. Watch the Video of closing circle. You can also download the Book of proceedings ( pdf file ).

See you next time in Berlin in may 2010 for World Open Space on Open Space. We expect to have passionnate discussion about the future of Open Space events in Europe. Come and join us there !


You might try contacting Christine directly, Jasmina. Or maybe Michael Pannwitz will also be able to help.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I was wondering if you cold help me find out who posted the topic on Open Space in the Balkan Countries during the 1st European OS on OS in Paris 2009. The next WOSonOS 2014 will be in Serbia, and I think it would be nice to get in touch with the person that posted the topic in 2009. Thanks a lot! Jasmina Nikolic