28th Annual Open Space on Open Space

Complex times? Open space and celebrate life!

We happily invite you to re-connect and go deep into open space in

Bilbao, Basque Country / Zabalgune Eraikina
Wednesday, September 28 to Friday, September 30, 2022

We are Gune Irekiaren Lagunak (Open Space Friends from the Basque Country), a dedicated group of professionals and people interested in Open Space. We have been meeting and working with Open Space since 2010, convening local OSonOS and hosting an open space e-mail group with about 300 participants. We are happy to reconnect and celebrate Open Space – and Life – after two years of uncertainty and disconnection!

This is the annual “gathering of the tribe.” All who are in touch with Open Space Technology – sponsors, facilitators, participants, clients, scientists – are invited, with extra space for the unexpected guests! Come share your stories, Sing and dance, laugh and cry, or float silently as a butterfly, taking it all in.

Join us early, just before the WOSonOS, on Monday and Tuesday, September 26-27, for an Open Space conversation on Complex times: how do we go ahead in collaborative ways?” Register for WOSonOS for details on this early gathering.


Click here for our very short registration form and for details on how to pay. Then invite your friends and colleagues. You can download some posters in several languages! You can also find the updated invitation text in Euskera/Basque,  English and Spanish. Email questions to WilbaOS@protonmail.com

How to get to Bilbao?

Look here for complete information on planes, train, bus or car. Some are already planning to come through the Pyrenees by motorbike!

Let us know if you want to share your travel to Bilbao with other participants so that we can try to connect you.

Do you need help with getting a Visa? Let us know well in advance, please!

Where to stay in Bilbao?

We are asking different hostels and hotels (Iturrienea; LaTroupe Bilbao,… ) for special offers. We will also ask our friends in Bilbao to host at home for free (ask us or fill in this sheet soon, please, and we’ll find you a place). Other possibilities include: CouchSurfingHome Exchange and Airbnb.

What are the costs?

It takes 190 € per participant to cover all costs. If you can contribute more,to help us help colleagues with less income attend, we welcome it.If you can contribute less or anything over zero, register anyway and pay what you can.That’s ok. Open Space is about bringing together those who want to contribute, learn and share.

How to make your contribution and/or learn more?

Please send your contribution to this account at the Triodos Bank:

Eleder Aurtenetxe Pildain
IBAN: ES97 1491 0001 2930 0014 7148

We’ll soon add other ways (PayPal, Stripe,…) to contribute. You can also hand deliver your contribution at the event.

If you have dietary, mobility or any other needs, contact us by email: WilbaOS@protonmail.com

Join us in Bilbao and thank you for spreading the word! Aur​​rera GiGi Mundiala ;-)!

Peru Calabaza Sabán; Idoia Azkorra; Iñigo Retolaza; Unai Gaztelu; Diego Aldasoro; Gentza Eleder Aurtenetxe on behalf of Gune Irekiaren Lagunak WilbaOS@protonmail.com (+0034) 638.733.223

We are grateful to

Lisa Heft (http://www.openingspace.net); Juan Luis Walker (https://www.espacioabierto.net); Harold Shinsato (https://shinsato.com); Open Space Institute – U.S. (https://osius.org); Karolina Iwa (http://karolinaiwa.com);Thomas Herrmann (https://openspaceconsulting.com); Jo Töpfer (https://www.boscop.org/en/boscop/jo-toepfer); André Baken; Mark Carmel; Tonnie Van der Zouwen (www.tonnievanderzouwen.com); Gerardo de Lutzemberger (https://www.loci.it/genius-loci/deluz); Michael M Pannwitz (mmp; https://www.openspaceworldmap.org/worker/michael-m-pannwitz); Cecilia Soriano; Peggy Holman (https://peggyholman.com); Allie Middleton (https://alliemiddleton.com) ;  Carol Daniel Kasbari; April Jefferson (https://openspacemindset.substack.com/); Christine Koehler (http://christine-koehler.fr): Raffi Aftandelian; Eugenio Moliní (https://molini.eu); André Baken; Tova Averbuch (www.tovaaverbuch.com) and many more colleagues forhelping us designing Wosonos 2022 and spreading the word all over the world!

“The company as an organism” image by dgray_xplane is licensed under Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-ND 2.0)