A Global Circle of Friends Learning Together

The Open Space community is a far-flung circle of thousands of friendly, skillful and generous co-learners. There are no trademarks, patents or certifications in Open Space. The price of admission is to share your experience with others.

Fr. Brian Bainbridge opening space and creating the agenda at OSONOS10 in Marysville, Australia in 2001.

Please join us…

The places listed below are where you can find quite a lot of us and join the sharing – online and in person, in local practice groups and global conferences. All issues, organizations, and questions are welcome.

  • OSLIST – global email group, since 1996, and other ways to connect and learn online
  • OSonOS – Open Space on Open Space, world/regional conferences, since 1993
  • World Map – global directory of Open Space facilitators, find a colleague or contractor
  • Practice Groups – a number of local/regional groups for people interested in OS

The 30th Annual World Open Space on Open Space (WOSONOS) international practice conference, will be in Istanbul, Turkey on Oct 31-Nov 2, 2024. Details and Registration

See also the Shared Stories page for more local/regional contacts: people who have written books and papers, created online resources collections, or offer training and coaching.