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Opening Space for Peace and High Performance

Rarely, if ever, have the Peoples of this planet had greater need for Peace and High Performance. Peace so that we may freely pursue the fulfillment of our potential. And High Performance for ourselves and our organizations so that our pursuit may be accomplished with energy and finesse.

The twenty year natural experiment with Open Space Technology has demonstrated that both Peace and High Performance are attainable. Hugely conflicted groups have found ways to respectfully deal with each other as they discovered workable solutions for their issues. Complex projects have been brought to fruition in breathtakingly short times, a clear example of High Performance.

Many people have viewed the results as counterintuitive, unbelievable, even magic. The results continue, however, in thousands of instances and 135 countries. But the “magic” is not Open Space Technology, but rather the force that underlies it — the power of self organization. You are invited to explore that primal power for purposes of peace making and enabling High Performance.

High Performance is the special domain of The Wave Rider. Wave Riders are to be found in all times, places, and stations — manifesting their unique capacity to identify and ride the waves of life amplifying their own creative abilities and enabling their colleagues to do the same. The way of the Wave Rider is open to all who care to travel it.

Peacemaking is too important to be left to the professionals. It is the opportunity and obligation of every human being. The act of peacemaking may be purely intuitive, but it can also rise to the level of intentional act and become in fact The Practice of Peace.

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