Never Stop Telling the Stories

There are no trademarks or certifications in Open Space. There is only the invitation to explore, try it out, and then share your learning with others. Harrison Owen shared his own stories and learning generously. Many of us have followed his lead.

See the links below for all kinds of stories about why, how, when and where Open Space works. Open Space runs on stories and shared learning. Never stop telling the stories!

Flying above the turbulence, but not separate from it. Photo by Harrison Owen, Potomac, Maryland USA

Stories Shared by Harrison Owen

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Stories Shared by Friends Around the World

What is Open Space?

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Talking About Open Space

More Books About or Including Open Space Practice

  • Inviting Leadership – Michael Herman’s “Inviting Guide,” most frequently shared OS training materials, with original articulation of Inviting Organization/Leadership.
  • Open Space Technology: A User’s Non-Guide – Michael Herman and Chris Corrigan edited two months of wide-ranging OSLIST conversations into this valuable companion to Harrison’s User’s Guide, addressing the Non-Doing in Open Space facilitation
  • The Tao of Holding Space – Chris Corrigan’s translation of the Tao Te Ching for Open Space facilitators
  • Living Peace: The Open Space of Our Lives – Raffi Aftandelian edited this collection of Open Space facilitators’ stories about how they practice Open Space in everyday living
  • The New Parish Priest – Fr. Brian Bainbridge chronicled his work to replace top-down management with the spirit and practice of self-organization in a Catholic parish
  • Peggy/Change Handbook
  • Liberating Structures – 30+ micro-structures for running better meetings, well-aligned with (and including) Open Space
  • Initiating and Inviting Generative Change – Tova Averbuch’s guide to entry and contracting for emergent outcomes in results-based organizations
  • BOSSA Nova Business Agility – Jutta Eckstein and John Buck connect Beyond Budgeting, Open Space, Sociocracy and Business Agility
  • Open Space Agility – Daniel Mezick’s serial OS approach to Agile/Other Transformation
  • Inviting Leadership – Daniel Mezick and Mark Sheffield on invitation-based leadership
  • Fluid Adaptive Scaling Technology (forthcoming) – Quinton Quartel continuing work on FAST Agile™ scaling with hyper self-organization (Open Space)
  • The Open XP Solution – Dr. Sandra Walsh on using Open Space to bridge communications gaps between business and technology domains in companies

Facilitation Resources

Other Sites with Significant Stories and Resources

  • – OS-informed platform for online community development
  • – strengthening neighborhoods, workplaces and families with OS-informed model for micro-community formation and development
  • OpenSpace-Online® – Gabriela Ender’s pioneering platform for OS online, since 1999!