Media Fighting Stereotypes

Jost Wagner is a Thailand-based German facilitator and consultant working in the Asian region and beyond primarily working on development issues. He sent this news and video from Bangkok:

Media fighting stereotypes – a short Open Space Session in a unique environment.

In September 2007 the German Friedrich-Ebert Foundation (FES) organised an Open Space Session during the Asia-Pacific and Europe Media Dialogue taking place in Germany and jointly organised by Deutsche Welle and Asia-Broadcasting in order to create a dialogue about the role of media – especially TV and Radio – can play in fighting stereoytpes and discrimination. Participants were senior members of broadcasting authorities and broadcasters from Asia and Europe and many other invited guests from politics, industry and civil society. The Session took place in the former German parliament in Bonn – a very unique and challenging environment. The Open Space was facilitated by Janice Lua from Singapore and Jost Wagner – a Thailand-based German facilitator. FES sponsored also a production of a short and nice video.

The space looks a bit unusual, but clearly the spirit of this event was completely Open Space. That you can hear in the many participant comments in the video. Nice work, Jost and Janice!