Recent Changes Camp Continues

This on the OSLIST from Deborah Hartmann…

RecentChangesCamp is the international conference for folks interested in Wikis, Collaboration, Community Building, and Self-Managing Teams. The latest of several incarnations dating back to January 2006 is taking place now in Montreal as RoCoCoCamp.

Here is the link to the slide show (so far 🙂
*if you click on the image you will see the caption of each photo as it
cycles through the slide show.

Session notes are accessible from the home page.

See also “Talking Chair” for (what I think is) an exciting development!

The space has been amazing to work with… unique and with its own
challenges and incredible benefits.

Today we will “converge” to move forward. Exciting!!


UPDATE: RoCoCoCamp in the mainstream media, original in French and translated into English.


[…] Hartmann and Esther Matte worked together to open the RoCoCo camp event recently in Montreal. They did that in French and in English, taking things […]