Evaluation Using Post-Its

Interesting reference to OST from New Zealand 2007:

I also don’t use ‘happy sheet’ evaluations but two post-its – on one they write what was ‘good’ and on the other what they want ‘more of’. One of the ‘goods’ was ‘responsive style, no set agenda – great’ much like the feedback I received from ACES when we used Open Space Technology on their LTA Co-ordinators Retreat.This open, facilitative approach is more risky but has much more meaning for the participants as it addresses their needs rather than our agenda. However, there are still some who just want to be given ‘the answer’ or ‘how to do it’ – a bit like students really!


When I am facilitating a one day Open Space I find that the participants are pretty high and exhausted at the end of the day and I want something quick that will give some feedback for the next part of process, whatever that may be.
I use a three part system – using post-its that are: A heart: What are you feeling? a Bubble: What are you thinking? an Arrow: What action will you take?

Another type of evaluation for here: