Open Space for Mash-ups

Mashups are web applications that combine content from more than one source, one common form is when a data list of some sort is merged with a map. This story from zdnet about the Third Mashup Camp makes no mention of Open Space, but obviously that was the format…

Many popular mashup applications involve plotting information, such as a calendar entry, on a mapping Web site. But Alan Taylor and others at the third Mashup Camp are looking to push far beyond maps. Hype Machine, for example, tracks discussions of music on blogs, aggregates that information and allows people to listen to mentioned songs.

Because Mashup Camp is considered an “unconference,” discussion topics were proposed by attendees and scheduled on the first day of the two-day event. Perhaps as a reflection of their enthusiasm, participants were able to decide on the conference content within 20 minutes.

The semi-structured format is particularly well-suited to mashups, which many attendees likened to a grassroots cultural movement.

via Peter Perera, who’s planning an Open Space Camp of his own, called ThinkCustomerDataCamp.