Democracy’s Challenge

Democracy’s Challenge forums encourage citizens to think about what they can do to strengthen the relationship that a democracy demands between the government and its people. The issue book presents three perspectives on the problem, each of which suggests a somewhat different course of action.

Right now you are invited to take advantage of a limited time offer for free materials to use for convening a Democracy’s Challenge forum. The free materials in each set include 1 copy of the full-length Democracy’s Challenge issue discussion guide, 30 copies of the 8-page issue discussion-guide-in-brief, 1 copy of the moderator’s guide, and 1 video.

If you think you want to get involved in NIF or in the Democracy’s Challenge issue, or you’d like to help us get the word out about this opportunity, we encourage you to:

– Order your free set of Democracy’s Challenge materials by calling 1-800-600-4060, or to download the moderator’s guide or issue brief.

– Connect with the NIF network contacts nearest you. These network hubs, listed at, provide trainings and workshops, organize forums, and connect NIF folks in their region.

– Sign up to receive NIF e-newsletters and stay informed about network activities. Email Patty Dineen with your name, email address, and mailing address (or just city and state) and ask her to add you to the NIF News email list.

– Look up moderator trainings in your area.

Download “For Convenors and Moderators: Organizing for Public Deliberation and Moderating a Forum”

– Tell others about this issue, and share this invitation to join the NIF network.

via Sandy Heierbacher on the OSLIST