Open Space with Youth

This in today from Lise Damkjær in Copenhagen:

One of my best OS-experiences was this summer doing an 2-day Open space with thirty 15-17-year-old youngsters from Denmark and Letvia (so they had to do it in english to understand each other).

Their teachers had decided that the theme should be “Democracy and the fairytales of Hans Christian Andersen” (He was danish…)

The first morning we told the youngsters, that we expected them to host an open space with their parents as participantsin the next evening – and that we expected them to work out 4 small plays about democracy and the 4 chosen fairytales to inspire the open space.

And then we introduced open space – and they got to work! Lots of work!

In the evening the day after when the parents arrived the 4 plays were showed and 4 of the youngsters introduced open space and the space were open!

In a chat with one of the young OS-hosts I mentioned that the adults were a bit slow in getting started. This 15-year-old boy reflected: “I think they are having a hard time – being in the same learning as we were yesterday…”

WOW – with these youngsters we don’t need to wory about the future!

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