Circles of Change: Haiti Innovation

John Engle and colleagues have created a program, called Circles of Change, in Haiti which incorporates Open Space and another method they refer to as Reflection Circles. Nice to see their success featured recently at Haiti Innovation, a new Washington DC-based nonprofit which was started by former Haiti Peace Corps volunteers:

In the midst of a national situation that is violent and chaotic, it is indeed refreshing and stimulating to see how Beyond Borders’ small but vibrant alternative to the authoritarian schooling and leadership is taking shape in Haiti.

—Claudette Werleigh, former Prime Minister of Haiti and Director of the Life & Peace Institute

Circles of Change is one of several Open Space Initiatives that invite and encourage your inquiry and support.


Hi Alissa.

Thank you for your interest! Yes, come take a look at what we’re doing: or perhaps in Haitian-Creole at

Again, thank you for your interest and I look forward to learning more about your group and your interests.

Pote ou byen,


I just found your web page while goggling about change in Haiti. I’m a young Haitian woman leaving in Montreal and myself and a few friends are building a group with the young Haitian community leaving abroad studying or otherwise that would like to g back home eventually and help change things.
I was wondering what it is that this circles of change: Haiti Innovation. And if you had any resources or advise you could give us.
Thank you