From Giving Conference to RecentChangesCamp

How opening space spins out into more and more space opening: “Transforming Philanthropy”’ is an ongoing initiative that began with The Giving Conference in Chicago, a gathering conceived of by Phil Cubeta at GiftHub, Chris Corrigan and Michael Herman, which brought together philanthropists, weblog publishers, financial advisors, and community organizers. A core group then moved to the Omidyar Network and convened an members summit. Some of the people at the first of those summits went on to organize Recent Changes Camp: Building Communities Worth Having!, in Portland, Oregon, which connected software technologists and community leaders and activists.

All of these summits have been 3-day meetings, attended by 40-120 people, and run completely in OpenSpace. At least three new conferences are now being planned for 2006.


How great to see you here, Julie, and thank you for your comment expanding on the magic of these branching communities.

With appreciation for your buoyant and connective energy~

Good to see you here, Julie! I really like Michael Herman’s river metaphor. A few people have been in the main current throughout these 3 events and others have travelled along, eddied in and out, come from tributaries, or whatever.

By the way, the 2nd omidyar members event is July 14-16 in Chicago. All are welcome, even if not (yet) affiliated with o/net.

[…] Following on the recent story of Open Space at the RecentChangesCamp for wiki users, it is clear that OST is filling the need for social networking conference organizers who are looking for “unconferencing” formats whioch mimic the way social networks work online. […]

The dialouges seem to be connected even though the 3 events occured over an 18 month period. With each event, I find the friendships deepening. Ted, Gerry, and Michael whom I met for the first time at the first event in 2004 and so many more that attended the 2005 event, not to mention how many of these folks I’ve met online first. Something very magical about connecting face-to-face with my on-line communities. Its interesting to watch “our” lineage develop. And, to see how the work grows. Especially, since I was instrumental in each event in inviting at least 6 or so folks to each one. It doesn’t take alot when 10 or 20 or 30 do this to have a very interesting mix of folks who are very like minded.

Michael Herman was certainly a constant in all three of these events. I also wanted to point out Julie Caldwell, Gerry Gleason and Laure Dillon, who were also at all 3 events, as was I.

Plus, plenty of other people came into the mix at various stages, such that most of the work getting RecentChangesCamp to happen was done by others.