Open Space and complex problems

At How to Save the World, Dave Pollard is looking at using leading edge thinking on social networks wisdom of crowds and Open Space Technology to find ways to address complex problems. He paints a picture of how a summit leveraging theory produced by George Lakoff, James Surowicki and Dave Snowdon can address issues like global warming:

Conceptually, this seems to me to be an ideal melding of the best of social Complexity Theory, Open Space Technology and the Wisdom of Crowds principles, and bringing in learnings from Lakoff’s Frames theories and Freakonomics methodology, to provide a means by which intractable problems could be addressed in a flexible, constructive, and yet highly disciplined way, so that a broad and deep understanding of the issue could emerge, and where resolutions that might never be revealed in more traditional ‘problem-solving’ venues might be identified and pursued by those ‘responsible’, in a self-organizing and very fluid and dynamic setting.

Visit Dave’s site and join in the conversation.