Russian Student Worker Brigades: Issues and Opportunities

Galina Tsarkova and Mikhail Pronin shared this story of a short 5 hours OST meeting that took place in oil-rich Kazan, Tatarstan, about 12 hours by train from Moscow.

There were 385 participants from 69 regions (!) of Russia (Russia has some 88 or 89 provinces). The participants included regional directors of Student Work Brigade organizations, university level directors, and students themselves, and others.

The OST meeting was sponsored by the Russian Ministry of Education and the Tatarstan Ministry for Youth Affairs. For us it is significant that a federal-level ministry sponsored an OST meeting.

So, the more we can refer to a (positive) body of experience in working with government in using OST, the better.

The OST meeting was on the topic of: The Development of Student Work Brigades: Issues and Opportunities. Read more about what happened here.