Share Open Space

The story of Open Space, including this website, is an open invitation to a co-creative adventure, with one simple but important responsibility: to share your story, share your learning, share your experience with others.

Here’s how you can share and contribute to OpenSpaceWorld.ORG and Open Space in the World:

  • Share OpenSpaceWorld.ORG with friends, colleagues, students, readers, site visitors and social media followers.
  • Share what you like about the site, or questions about what you’re looking for and can’t find here. Who are you? What do you want us to keep, drop and/or create here? And what would that help you do?  Contact
  • Share the work of maintaining the site, helping here is a good way to learn about WordPress and also about facilitating Open Space, since that’s the basis for management decisions around here.
  • And maybe even make a small donation to share hosting and other costs?      
  • Share your Open Space stories and questions on the OSlist or at the annual World OSonOS practitioner conference – or at any of the regional versions of OSLIST and OSonOS.
  • Share your Open Space photos at Just mark them “public,” tag them #OpenSpaceTech, and watch for them in our sidebar.
  • Share on Twitter using hashtag #OpenSpace.
  • Share Open Space videos at YouTube using “Open Space Technology” in your title.

Of course, the best way of Sharing Open Space is to Open More Space, with friends and colleagues and neighbors.