Kindred Spirits

Looking around the world we live in, we notice that there is no such thing as a closed living system, a non-self-organizing system. More to the point: we live in open space — and Open Space Technology works because it acknowledges this deep reality very clearly and cleanly. In it’s essence, we could say that Open Space Technology is nothing more (and nothing less) than the conscious and intentional practice of invitation, circle, bulletin board, marketplace and breathing in organization.

To be sure, there are a number of other processes and approaches that incorporate some of this essence that makes Open Space Technology so effective. The websites below suggest other ways of working that have significant similarities, alignment and/or affinity with Open Space. The notes in OpenSpaceExplanations make some useful distinctions between working-as-usual and working in Open Space, which help point out the open spaces inherent in the processes and projects listed below. Generally speaking, the more open the spaces, the more healing, vision, speed and power in the results.”’

Most of the following do not call themselves “Open Space Technology,” but do exhibit open, spacious tendancies.

tools and approaches

projects, programs and organizations