Open Space Learning Calendar

There are MANY ways to learn your way into Open Space facilitation and leadership, starting with having a look at Harrison Owen’s Open Space Technology: A User’s Guide (book/html). Formal training is helpful for some, but is not required. No certification can be given. Anyone with a good head and a good heart can facilitate Open Space.

That said, Opening Space is one of those “minutes to learn, a lifetime to master” practices. It helps to have experienced an Open Space meeting or event before you try it yourself. It helps to be able to ask questions and hear the stories of other practitioners. We do this by email (see OSLIST and other email), a growing number of Facebook groups (see Explore), AND in the events listed in the calendar below (OST training, OSonOS practice conferences and other practitioner meetings).

To view event details and register for an event, click on that event and contact the convener. These are offered by many different individuals and groups. Investigate some or all and find what works for you!   Also, see below to add your own event(s).

To add event(s): Email the details to and ask to be added to the list of approved calendar editors. This calendar is for sharing OST trainings, practitioner events, and trainings that include OST trainings, to help more people to learn their way into the practice.  Current editors click here to post.

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