August 22

Friday morning here at Bramstrup. Brian Bainbridge, Eiwor, Gerard and me have just had breakfast in my borrowed caravan. Now it´s time to start working... ThomasHerrmann

I think I may be WIKI'd out -- but here goes. It is breakfast time here in Maine, the geese and making a lof of noise, loons are calling, and I am sitting all by myself thinking of you guys. I know OSONOS will be its usual perfection, and I look forward to see what pops up here. Meanwhile, it is back to the geese and the loons. And a little real breakfast will help . . . Harrison Owen

Hi Thomas, Brian, Harrison and all. It is 12am in Lisbon, Portugal, and I look forward to profit from Wiki to be as much in contact as I can to OSonOSinSwenMark and make some online connections. (I also saved Harrison message as he forgot to do so ;-) Have a nice meeting in Bramstrup and please keep us informed... And, Thomas, could you please be so kind to give my contact to Latin speaking participants? Thanks...ArturSilva

Hi Harrison and Artur, great to meet you here! I'm just now writing the first ever message from the computor station in the Barn at Bramstrup. We have three tables put up in a triangle, looks nice. It's up and working which is a relief. Artur, if I bump into any Latin speaking participant I will forward your contact info. No estoy seguro pero voy a mantener mis orejas abiertas (hope I made my self understood) Regards ThomasHerrmann

Waving to many old and new friends. I'm thinking about y'all in Denmark (remembering my wonderful time there last summer - non OS!) and recalling my first OSONOS in Vancouver -- which was simply magical. Sending beams and looking forward to following online and hopefully seeing some of you at the OS on Peace here in Washington State in November!... NancyWhite

Hiya folks...ChrisCorrigan here on Bowen Island, off the west coast of continental Canada, along with MichaelHerman and PennyScott? and other OST-niks. We are enjoying the first cloudy day in weeks, which is a blessing because much of our province is on fire at the moment. Thanks for describing OSonOS IX as magical Nancy! Hopefully Laurel will show up here to take her share of the credit. Best wishes to all on Fyn (my son's name is Finn) and we'll see you in the wiki. -- ChrisCorrigan

Yep, I'm here too. Getting ready. Just back from a week of travels and digging out of e-stuff, but have made a few additions and adjustments here that seemed helpful. Was great to come home (to my temp home on Bowen) and see so much activity and preparing underway here. Community space opening online. Thanks to all who are gathering there and here, and especially to all those working there and here to make these things easy for everyone else. --MichaelHerman

This Friday night I hear beautiful classical music playing in the background. I hear Paul, Neils and others clicking computer keys, and I am astounded my the energy and beauty of this barn. AudreyCoward

Hello,dears...just arrived from Berkeley, California and now sitting here in Niels' barn, wearing the pashmina shawl that Janet Pinto chose in Nepal that Larry Peterson gave to me in Melbourne - wrapped in love, I am. I'm going to set up tables for our Global Village Marketplace, and for our Silent Auction, and yep, I *did* sneak my eggs in...(artwork, that is). I so look forward to learning with and from you both here in Swenmark and online -- since it's a cafe I lift a glass of, aquavit! to you all and ready myself for some delicious conversation...LisaHeft

It's 10 past 10 p.m. local time here in Bramstrup now and this barn is reminding me a bit of a cathedral. A rather sacred atmosphere somehow and yet very solid too with the steel contruction that makes it look like a long boat turned upside down. Nils (the owner) just told that it was blown away a few years ago in a tempest when it was all wood still (so you can just about imagine the powerful storms here) but that certainly won't happen again. If we get the technical side sorted out we'll show you a picture of it. Meanwhile those folks with tents are set up too. It was quite a job to put them up for it was VERY windy and Inge's dome-tent just blew away some 15 meters... =:-/ Denmark's full of wind craft towers for producing ecological energy. Suppose if every country would make use of it's natural sources the world would have less problems and the places with the most sun wouldn't need to have golden watertaps out of boredom of what to do with the oil-money... and produce solar energy instead of digging up the fossil fuels... (oops I'm getting carried away here). Anyway - it's 10.30 p.m. now and the barn has to be locked soon. Hope we won't fly away tonite. night night ... Ilse Debler-Grant

Close but far away - sitting in my B&B in Odense just a few km from Bramstrup - see you all in the morning again. Sleep well. EvaPSvensson

August 23

G'day to everyone at Bramstrup and elsewhere from Melbourne (well Bells Beach actually - but you get my drift).It's early Saturday afternoon and the kangaroos are lying about in the sun while some parrots explore nesting sites for Spring which is just around the corner. I'm looking forward to connecting with you all during OSonOS...VivMcWaters?

It's almost noon in Bramstrup. I just arrived by flight/train/taxi, having yesterday a wonderful OS in a small village Palasi in East Estonia. It's great to come from countryside to countryside. Yesterday our topic was Cohesion in village communities, with 40 people around Estonia and Europe we built in three hours 15 discussion groups and got over hundred proposals/thoughts for our village movement's coming two years. OS fits perfectly with the local community practice and the ways of conduct, yesterday made me to get convinced in it another time. Palasi village community sent to OSonOS community for taste a rye bread, forest flowers honey and two bottles of cranberry wine. What a pity, that it cannot be shared virtually! MikkSarv

Almost 3pm in Lisbon (TMG) and, as far as I can see, no one is in the café :-( So, for those of you, onsite and online, that feel WIKI'd out, maybe the best way to see "what is new here" is by clicking RecentChanges. Also to inform that I have iniciated a reflexion on our onsite and online colaboration and will propose an online session on /OnsiteAndOnlineColaborationAtOSonOS -- ArturSilva

Hello there. It's 6.30 pm over here at Bramstrup. Most people have arrived and a lot of hugs have been exchanged. After having a welcomedring and a few words of welcome they are now doing a tour of the facilities. Lots and lots of lovely people!! Although missing you all (a bit:) its so good to meet all these collegues! See You! ThomasHerrmann

It's 10 am of an amazing sparkling morning over the ocean and the dunes here on the Oregon Coast. I remember the area from my previous travels, Fyn is a friendly place. Thanks everyone who made this possible, set up the wiki etc etc. MaxSchupbach

Hi all, RobChappell? from england, checking in. Saturday 23rd almost 6 o'clock... just arrived at Bramstrup with a real feeling of anticipation as we enter the space where IT whatever IT is) is going to happen... can't wait.

Greetings from a peripheral participant. I'm interested in the wiki facilitation and the combination of Wiki and OS. For some years now I have been hosting an OS wiki on knowledge management with a focus on link collection and collaborative writing Take a peek if you feel so moved. DenhamGrey

Thanks, Denham. Have added to the list of other wikis on OpenSpaceWorldNET. --MichaelHerman

August 24

Good morning to everyone just waking to Sunday morning over there on the other side of the world. It's late Sunday arvo here - a cold and wet day - ideal to sit down at my computer with a cup of coffee and wish you well with the opening - less than two hours from now. Can't wait to hear what topics are posted...Viv McWaters?

Good Morning to all. There was a beautiful sunset. The strong winds of the past days have gone, the sun is here to warm us and we'll be able to take our beautiful balloons with us and sit wherever we feel like it outside ! GerardMuller

Good morning out there! TOPICS ARE POSTED ON THE WALL. We'll get them to you in a minute. Believe it or not but this morning our internet provider all of a sudden had some kind of problem. We were not connected. Ooooo. Now it works!! ThomasHerrmann

Good! And this was the first time I was able to "print the wall" ;-) But there are other informations available in the Wall that could be provided in the Wiki and increase the way online "participants" stay connected to the event, namelly for what timeframe each session is scheduled and maybe the convener. Also, online participants can't be in the marketplace, so I will put here a question. The session "OSonOSinSwenMark/OSTandOSOnline - the synergies and experiences to date" is intended to discuss manly the OSonOS experiences, or other types of sessions and or pruducts? (Please see also the online session I am proposing on OnsiteAndOnlineColaborationAtOSonOS?). Finally, I assume the list of onsite participants available online is not complete. Couldn't someone from staff complete that list? Thanks -- ArturSilva

Thanks to whoever it was who added the timeslots to the Monday posting of topics. I saw the OSonOSinSwenMark/SecondOpening in the PrograM? and have invited comments about that. Looking forward to those. Personally, I'm fine with waiting until the notes come out to see who is convening and discussing. --MichaelHerman

Great suggestions Artur. We will work on it as soon as we have the chance. The list of issues for tomorrow will be organized so you see when they will take place. I don't dare to move the current issues while people are writing. ThomasHerrmann

Hey, Elena - I posted a printout of one of the photos I took at our Russian OSonOS together - now the 'Agenda Wall' also says 'Agenda Wall' in Russian, in honor of youooooooo....Koos is giving massages and raising money for the Access Queen fund that way; Janet Pinto's photo is on the wall as I'm once again selling shawls to raise money for her; Florian is standing right now by the News wall and singing as he reads; Gerard, who held space today, is sitting in a chair outside in the sunset looking off across the Danish fields...and Niels' little wire-haired daschound keeps running all around happy as can be a thousand miles an hour with a big smile on her face, loving all the people (and all the people who rub her belly...).... LisaHeft

Just checking in here. Was out too late last night after ChrisCorrigan played his flute with his band at Bowfest last night, here on Bowen Island. So getting here a bit later than expected. Have cleaned up the SubPages bit on the /ProceedingS page and will have a look at the glitch about /PersonalPreparation topic. Then looking forward to peeking at some of the notes. Beautiful sunny day here on Bowen, a tempting alternative to working online! (the other side of the temptation to talk with gathered participants instead of working onine at the conference itself!) --MichaelHerman

Hi everyone. Just came to have a look, because I am terribly curious about what is going on; great there is an online possiblity. As far as I can tell now, I am sure I will come to Goa next year. Are there any topics posted: "After Open Space?" I will pop in to check on that. For now, love and sunshine for everyone of you and especially for Martin, Maya, Gerard M and of course Lisa. CarlaVliex

After a very intensive day as "online participant" and "wiki facilitator", it's time to go to sleep. Maybe tomorrow, after the hugs of the first day, more onsite participantes will be so kind to come to the café and share their experiences with the online people. Have a nice night and a nice day tomorrow -- ArturSilva

I've been hanging around much of the day with Artur here online. It's certainly inspired me to try to get to Goa next year. Here's to today and tonight and tomorrow! --TedErnst

August 25

Good Morning! A bright new day in Bramstrup, Danmark. The sun was out early today, as were the cars and trucks on the nearby road. It is Monday morning and the Danes from the hills are going to work again. Bramstrup is also coming alive, with sleepy people making their way to the showers, squinting against the bright sun and looking up at the many swallows flying and dancing through the air around the big barn in the morning sunlight. Thomas is preparing the room and testing the sound system for his opening. Yesterday was a great day and today promises to be just as great. I'm off to have some breakfast now so I can pick up some of our hotel guests and take them over here on time. Talk to you later... KoosDeHeer

The balloons are up, great coloured circles but dwarfed by the dimensions of this hall & the paper version of the report ready to be read before Thomas opens space. Some are still asleep, but a cloud of birds isnät, and the old cowstables that now have found a new meaning in life as a breakfast place is slowlilz filling up.Have a great Monday! GerardMuller

Been reading topics after picking up cups here online today. Getting ready for bed soon. Will look forward to reading more tomorrow. Could someone post a bit of description for the event there? How many right people showed up? how many countries represented? who did the opening yesterday and who will do tomorrow? in previous years, marketing seemed a major theme. last year there were many training topics. this year seems a bit more implementation and practice-focused. thoughts from others who've seen some of these past conferences? --MichaelHerman

Hello Michael, we're about 70 from 19 different countries, we should now have a list of participants on this site that you can look at. I opened space yesterday, Thomas did today. And as I am participating in discussions today, and there's many many topics I have lost the overview - and as you know, a fish is the last to know that she's in the ocean - GerardMuller

G'day from Alan in Adelaide, wishing you well and looking forward to seeing what emerges. I was at the Monterey and Marysville gatherings. Am crafting a career as a facilitator of conversing, using mainly OST and World Cafe approaches, sometimes separately and sometimes in combination. My 'being' is deeply informed by the principles and practices of both. Among my current 'concerns' are 'What's in it?'for bureaucrats who know that consulting communities is vital and yet who are not part of a culture which actually does this. And for CEOs and senior managers who are confronted continuously with 'single bottom line' imperatives. -- AlanStewart

Morning everybody, and an excellent morning too. The sun is shining out of a clear blue sky, it seems we're looking at yet another perfect danish summer day. I want to share with you my sensation of the buzz that we have going here. People are meeting and greeting. Proceedings are being written and read. Transportation and other practical details are being self-organizing. In short: Buzzzzzzz. And another thing: To me, these perfect surroundings we have here constitute a challenge. We've got a beautiful barn to meet in, fields and nature all around, a wonderful host, music to start the day, excellent food and much more. In short there is absolutely no excuse not to have a fabulous meeting. So my challenge to myself and to everybody else who care for a challenge, is to ask myself (or yourself): "How can I go a little bit further than I normally would have?" or "What would be a good way for me to challenge myself to give and take a little bit more at this meeting?" -- AlexanderKjerulf

Hi All, This is Anne from wintery New Zealand. From the reading I have done on this site you are having a fully engaging experience. I am in the middle of writing assignments at present and it has been great to bathe in your energy. I am wondering what place social justice has in a self-organising world and also what can be done to transcend the archaic education systems that stiffle the dreams of creativity of individuals and communities. I trust you community in concert with the energy of self-organisers around the world will move us a step closer of the next insight. Regards Anne A Hiha

2:00am here on Bowen Island. Just added my two cents worth to the stuff going on from yesterday. LisaHeft...did you get my email about adding one of my Irish music CD's to the silent auction? -- ChrisCorrigan

Dear all, now it's 12.15 here in Bramstrup. We just met in a session with Michael Pannwitz sharing stories about the 2108 OS in Wuerzburg. I was there too and we talked about what it takes to prepare such a big OS. One thing that struck me: You cannot plan all of it and you have also some things to solutions you have to find at the right time. Omn the other hand it is also important to try to plan as good as it gets. One of the details: there were balloons used, and they tested what markers to use to write on the balloons to prevent the balloons would collapse! And mmp told us that toilet ladies can tell you great stories about whn many peaople go to the toilets! Greetings form the other Michael here -- MichaëlMolenaar

Greetings to everyone at OSonOS in Bramstrup and everyone from the OS community who are tuned in here. Darkness has descended upon us here in NZ, and right now we are able to see Mars very clearly for the "star" is as close to earth as it has been for 60,000 years or so. What do you see from your view? I enjoy the immediate energy of being able to read about happenings at Bramstrup. Thankyou for pinging out the cafe and session reports to us via wiki -- HelenPatterson (added later to the Cafe by a WikiGnome)

Great to have so many lovely friends checking in from everywhere. Welcome to all of you. Right now we have had lunch in the stable next by the barn. Lovely food! People are working in groups, mainly outside. We have such lovely weather. The days before it rained a bit and was very windy. Now it's almost no wind and blue sky! A few details about OSonOS 11 as you asked: We have about 70 participants from 19 coutries. Half of them live on site, 7 in a house the rest in tents and caravans. Our other friends live in nearby hotels. The first day Gerard opened the space and now I'm the facilitator. Not taking a nap but doing some other stuff (also useful stuff). I just sent some pictures to Michael, Chris and Artur, in hope that any of them can help us to get them on this site. That way you could see a bit more how it looks over here. We're so happy you are here both onsite and online! Regards ThomasHerrmann

Hi everyone, nice to see you Helen. According to your question, last night I looked up at the black velvet curtain that is the sky and saw all the golden stars, both the large one and the really tiny ones that were so many that the sky looked as if dusted with golden powder. I have just been to a session with Tova and have written the report. Tova sends her love to you. Regards EiworBackelund

It is great to be able to check in (and out) and envision the community gathered there and even participate a bit through wiki. It also has been necessary to work with my kids in preparation to pack the truck and take them off of University. As well, I'll be going to the first planning committee meeting for a 400 person OS this afternoon. I still miss being there. -- LarryPeterson

Just to inform online and onsite participants that it is now prepared the "room" to receive the online session on OSonOSinSwenMark/OnsiteAndOnlineColaborationAtOSonOS. Participants and visitors are welcome... -- ArturSilva

Have just stopped in here before breakfast. Will go get a bowl of crunchies and come back. While the line was booting up here, I was wondering about posting photos and here I see it's already done. Will have a go at making them fit on the page a bit easier. That should be done in a short while. It great to see everyone connected here. Hope that the connections reinforce for those present there that they are very much at the center of a much much bigger circle. Looking forward to seeing what we all can do together in this way over the next year. --MichaelHerman

Hello, dears -- LisaHeft here again. I tried to post my photos but I didn't really know how to prepare for this - I don't have Canon software to put on the machine here so I cannot download the photos to wiki - maybe when I get home next week... Chris Corrigan I never got your message about donating a CD to the silent auction alas alas as it closes in 45 minutes and there's nobody to tell of this new addition before then. Sigh. It's our very first time for silent auction so we'll get better at this soon, I promise. Here's a thought for everyone - Access Queen (I think it's posted on wiki as AccessQueenKing? ?) fund is really going to have to be strong for the number of folks who might need help to get to Goa next year - so thanks in advance to all of you who start raising money wherever you are to donate to that fund. Carla Carla !!! I miiissssss youuuuuu, my Dutch sister... What else? Artur there are several sesions and many conversations about quality of Open Space, doing it well with good design and a good heart, how we know it works, and all those stretchy questions - I really feel your presence here. Who else is here? There is a fabulous daschund here - I think I mentioned her in an earlier cafe note -- anyway, when Thomas opened today and mentioned Law of 2 Feet she ran right then all around into the circle and we changed it to Law of 4 Feet and then she ran out to play outside...thanks, Ms. Dog, for that reminder... Tonight at closing circle we were serenaded with Swedish songs, Tova from Israel sang us a song, Mikk sang us a song he learned from an old cedar tree...Gabriela Ender taught us how to create the sound of rain in an activity with movement and hand sounds... Jessica offered salsa dance lessons tonight to raise money for the Access Queen fund, Alexander Schilling offered a lesson in capoeira (movement-martial arts-dance from Brazil, which originated out of slave communities there)to raise money for Access Queen fund, Koos is offering massages for the same...Okay that's the full extent of my rambling thoughts for now as I'm sure someone else is wandering into this cafe to sit with a cup of something for a chat with you all. We really feel you out there in the rest of the world - you are very present with us. Warmly, -- LisaHeft

G'day folks from the wild west of Australia - great to see that you are having such a great time in the beautiful barn in sunny Svenmark - the topics look rich and juicy - I must settle for the written reports and will try to feel the atmosphere across the miles of oceans and landscapes - its only space after all! Blessings Brendan - see you in Goa

Cheers friends. Right now the OSonOS-disco is going on. Lots of folks have learnt to dance salsa and now they are shaking loose with Bob Marley (I think). We're having such a great time... and todays reports are being printed, which feels great. Lots of online comments on them which is a great feeling. See you ThomasHerrmann

Hallo again wonderful people. Now I am safely home and although I was a little bit tired when I drove back to Sweden, it felt like my car had wings. It was the energy from all of you back there at Bramstrup. Miss you already. Biiiig hug EvaPSvensson

This is great, being there with you and reading the proceedings, chats ans seeing the photo's. Trying to catch up with it all. I actually drag my laptop everywhere I go and spend my coffeebreaks reading ans enyoing. I am working with a group of managers these days and some of them are getting real interested, so I invited them to come to Goa! I wish you all a good night (it is late here in Holland) and sending you love and sunshine. See you in Goa! Carla Vliex

Being now midnight in Fyn it's time to set the clock for tomorrow. Before that, let me make some sad refletions about the participants' list(s): in the onsite participants list there are no members from Latin Europe (Spain, Portugal, France and Italy), no members from Latin America, no one from Latin speaking countries and regions in Africa and Asia and also no one at all from Africa. In what concerns online participants there are only three participants from those regions (also members of the OSlist) and another that made a comment but didn't sign on (Hopefully Alexander practices capoeira and got a Brasilian touch to Fyn...). Something for OSI's, the gracefull Acess Queen, the organizers of the next OSonOs? and ALL OF US to think about! Have a nice night (or day). Goodbye and see you all tomorrow. - ArturSilva

August 26

Good Moning from Svenmark !! I slept four hours, so I am totally rested. Bramstrup is slowlily waking up, and the clouds that arrived during the night are once more retreating for a summer sun. The Weather report ß sunny and warm this morning, louds and rain will come back right after we have closed. GerardMuller

Another stunning Denmark Day! A little cooler than Altantic Canada this time of year -- and fresh and clear! The barn is waking up... slowly .... out of every door of the barn is a beautiful country sight. Even the late night dancing did not put a dent in the energy of the morning energy -- hugs, conversation, reading of proceedings going on all around. We have been treated like royalty here, inviting us to go dig deep, be even braver, embrace vulnerability. I am grateful for the timing of this OSonOS as Michelle and I travel to Siberia the end of the week to facilitate OST, offer training in OST, and play in emergent leadership. The freshness of this experience and the conversations here will touch and inform our experience in Siberia. As the energy mounts, the beautiful sound of a flute weaving through the conversations, a cool breeze, the many cups of coffee beginning, balloons beginning to sag a bit .... wherever we are, welcome to our new day! JudiRichardson?

Good Morning Sis! Chris and I had a fine session here on Bowen this morn, guess that's last night to you. Anyway, glad to hear you're there and having such fun. Looks like there is a lot happening. Thanks to Thomas and Koos and Ted for getting the photos up and running here. Helps us see just how that dancing could have unfolded in the big barn. The place looks great. Lots of Open Space! Looking forward to another morning of reports when I wake up tomorrow. Good luck in Siberia Judi! ...and hello to Michelle. --MichaelHerman

Good mornig, everybody - online and live in Swenmark, we enjouyd and shared yesterday an extraordinary day - had a lot of discussions and later on differnt kind of music - dancing, playing flute, harmonica and guitar at the fireplace. I can't unfortunally describe what I felt - but I shared a great time with the Open Space Family. ThomasFBerger?

Hello everyone, It feels like you are having a really great time, salsa..(I can just picture Brian B doing that one) flutes, fire, all sounds gorgeous. Love to you Tova .....I am wondering how Peter Pan and Wendy are enjoying the OSonOS, being at the source of fairytale land. Greetings to Michelle and Judi.....have a wonderful journey to Siberia and love to Maria.....and please take a picture of a rainbow at Bramstrup for Maria. Eiwor, Thomas, Gerard and friends...thankyou for being the most gracious hosts, setting up the program and holding space with so much love, fun and dedication and thankyou all for attending and sending out the session info and's nearly "a bit" like being there!!! Love to all HelenPatterson

Can someone onsite make a comment about the closing circle and about what was the onsite impact (if any) from the online participation, after you finish lunch and goodbyes, please. And for those of you that will stay there for the afternoon, please add your commnts also at /OnsiteAndOnlineColaborationAtOSonOS. Have a nice trip back. -- ArturSilva (12 o'clock, GMT)

Dear online friends. Closing circle is over, we left each a helium-balloon with a thought, up in the air. Now there are many good byes. See U I have to fix a few things, and start packing Regards ThomasHerrmann

Bravo Thomas and Gerard and the team there! Many thanks. And may the online circle go on and on. See you all in Goa! And then I guess we're on to Halifax in 2005! --MichaelHerman

Thanks to all who made this happen (and continue to happen). I think the online component blossomed in a way that has been unprecedented at previous OSonOS meetings. I have enjoyed it. -- ChrisCorrigan

August 27 - Post Conference Dialogue

Can someone please inform what has been decided about place and dates for next OSonOS. Thanks. -- ArturSilva

Hello Artur, September 26th-29th, Goa India. GerardMuller

Thanks, Gerard. Now that the event is over and even the online activities are more calm, may I remind everybody that the online "session" on /OnsiteAndOnlineColaborationAtOSonOS is still open. I would like to have your opinions of what worked well, what worked not so well and create some suggestions to be sent to the organizers of the Goa OSonOS as soon as possible. Time to have a dialogue on that is NOW, as memories are fresh. All opinions are welcome but especially from (1) the OSonOS organizing team; (2) other onsite participants; (3) other members of the online help team; (4) other online participants and viewers. Thanks -- ArturSilva