This is an example of how Wiki could be used to make a documentation from an OS-meeting. This conference is the 11th OSonOS in "Swenmark"! See ConferenceHostingQuestions for more about how to host a conference at OpenSpaceWorldNET. See below for the Swenmark proceedings!

Welcome to the 11th Annual International OpenSpaceOnOpenSpace!

This is the place to check in though OSonOS is physically finished for this year. Both those who were physically present and those of you who were (are?) participating online are welcome. Just add your name to the list of participants. This is also the space where proceedings were written during the conference 24-26 of August 2003. Online Comments are welcome on all topics at any time...

You are also invited to pop in to the café. That´s another space to connect online during or after OSonOS. Share whatever you´d like to share...

Are you wondering where we were? Visit and have a look at this beautiful site!

Proceedings from the conference (still growing)- scroll down this page!

ONSITE Participants

All the topics from the wall are written below, by us.

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Issues posted by online participants are further down the page.

ONLINE Participants

We invite you to comment on the reports as soon as they have been written. Just add your comments to the BOTTOM of the ONSITE notes for the topic(s) of your choice. WELCOME!

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Conference Proceedings

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20.00 - 21.30 Isle of Fyn (Swenmark) / 12.00 - 1.30 Isle of Finn (Bowen Island Canada)



Topics Posted for Post-Conference Action and Followup

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