Im an consultant running my own business since 3,5 years. My main focus is on opening space in organizations. I have used Open Space Technology for about 70 events ranging from 10 persons to 250. I have attended trainings with Harisson Owen and Birgitt Williams. Since 1,5 years I facilitate OST trainings and also the other trainings offered in the program developed by Birgitt and Ward Williams (Organizational Health and Balance, including the Genuine(TM) Contact Program). My website: - so far only in Swedish.

I have attended OSonOS for the last 3 years and enjoyed it immensely. I am happy to be one of the hosts for OSonOS 11 !

Welcome to "Swenmark"!

I believe all topics should be in SubPages, not where they are. That's why I put the slashes in next to the bullets when the page was blank. I'd recommend that when you add topics from now on, you add them like this


There is also a function on the wiki that allows name changes en masse, but it require someone with an admin password, so I'll ask MichaelHerman. --TedErnst