Issue: Personal preparation

Convenor: KoosDeHeer

Participants: Antti-Juhani, Sven, Francis, Gerhard B., Ilse, Rob, Joelle, Jasmina, Florian, Julie, Jan, Merav,

Summary of the meeting:

from Ilse Grant, notetaker:

- Preparation *before* preparation:

Cultivate ‘authenticity’ Outside: don't speak about os-theory with your client but ‘practice os’ (the attitude) = listen well, be with the moment, ask questions accordingly ( -> ­good design!).
   Exchange with colleagues whenever possible

What else to get there?

- hug trees (oaks are great!) what do they care about a little os? Connect to that energy.

- be there very well in time

- have & be a 'good team'-> one in charge, one to just be there - take care of each other in turns. ‘skin communication’ with your co-host(s) – often better than words

- luxury of 'not being in charge of the logistics' -> ask for help (can be learned)

- Laying out the room = welcoming gesture. Setting up the principles, make an inviting centre (flowers from your own garden [if possible] add to the magic). Someone’s secret: touch every chair (just move them a few centimeters only again and again until you’re centered :-); create your own space walking the circle

- use music to tune in according to the action / for a calm atmosphere

- 'accept fussing around’ as part of it - there'll be a time when it's over

- know ‘it works’ – trust the process (‘sei bereit’ vs ‘vor’bereiten)

- ‘don’t stand in the way’ of what is happening

- do what YOU feel comfortable with, not what you think the others expect

- ‘grounding’ –> a couple of practical exercises were done like:

    - just ‘jump on your feet’ vigorously (if possible with a shout) = physical aspect of ‘now’
    - just ‘breathe’ – if someone comes up with something to react about…
    - ‘walking meditation’: breathe in at one step, breathe out at the other and so on. Do it slowly.

- if people feel uncomfortable with your gadgets - like Tibetan bells – have alternatives on offer, e.g. a whistle instead or/ and good explanations (sound carries far; old traditions…. etc).

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