Training Videos and Short Documentaries

Circles of Change: a quiet revolution in Haiti / Círculos de Cambio: una revolución silenciosa en Haití – 20 minute DVD – English OR Español. See the story of a grassroots movement that is transforming notions and practices in education and leadership in Haiti and beyond. Through Open Space and Touchstones Discussions (Reflection Circles), the seeds of change are being planted among a new generation of Haitian leaders. (Haitian Creole with English subtitles)

CONNECTED: Transforming the Conversation at the 2005 Girl Scout National Convention – 16 minute DVD – English. This high energy video tells the story of how a blend of Open Space Technology and World Café were used to bring member voices to the foreground at the 2005 Girl Scout National Convention. Open Space brought self-organization to 1,800 elected delegates and multi-generational Strategy Cafés brought conversations that matter to 3,000 girls and adults.

Understanding Open Space – training talks on CD Hear the thinking behind Open Space from its creator, Harrison Owen. This recording was made during the July, 1999 Open Space Technology Facilitation Workshop in Seattle, Washington. These stories, which Harrison tells when introducing Open Space to new facilitators, take OS out of the realm of better meetings and into a different way of being. This 5 CD set includes:

  1. Preamble, Role of the Facilitator, Opening Space (An actual event) (70:29)
  2. Opening Space for Chaos and Creativity (69:01)
  3. Opening Space for the Journey of Spirit (54:50)
  4. Opening Space for the Forms of Spirit (67:37)
  5. Opening Space for Cultivating Spirit (60:40)

US West Open Space- (available on DVD, VHS and PAL) – 16 minute video. If picturing or describing an Open Space event is difficult for you, this video gives you a feel for the experience. It takes you from the beginning of an event held by US WEST through its completion. It also follows several participants back into the work place. In addition, Harrison Owen, originator of Open Space Technology, describes the basics. Through participant interviews, scenes from the event and explanations by Harrison, you will begin to understand the potential of Open Space Technology. Price: US$40 (now available on YouTube)

Genuine Contact Program Session 1: Working with Open Space Technology – This 2-hour Audio Video CD ROM set includes the training components of the Working with Open Space Technology workshop as facilitated by Birgitt Williams. The Video CD can be viewed in your computer to review the various components of Working with Open Space Technology. You could choose to work through the activities annually to deepen your understanding of OST, or view specific components as you prepare for a meeting. Keep the audio CD in your car to listen to on a long drive, plug it into your computer and listen while you work or transfer the files to your iPod. The package also includes a copy of the accompanying Workbook for deeper reflection. Anyone who has completed Open Space Technology training with any facilitator can purchase a copy of the CD ROM set. Visit to purchase.