Open Space Practitioner Websites

The following English-language websites offer significant OST resources and information that may be of interest. The sites listed here are noted for their generosity, above and beyond simple, professional marketing. Scroll down for Danish, Dutch, French, German, Haitian Creole, Polish, and Swedish. See also Open Space Groups


OSLIST Archive – search the archives – discussions on the OSLIST have been archived since March 1998. The archives are fully searchable and contain countless stories, discussions and musings on Open Space Technology. List membership (free and easy) may be required in order to view the archives.

Michael Herman – – practice variations and resources, collected articles, sample invitations, stories, training and practice workshops, etc.

Chris Corrigan – – practice notes in weblog, stories and resources

Gabriela Ender – – Real-Time Open Space Conference Software, Blended Open Space, Open Change Network, List of Change Facilitators Worldwide.

Peggy Holman – – OST toolbox, papers and other resources

Birgitt Williams – – Birgitt Williams and the team at Dalar offer OST training both in person and online as well as Open Space facilitation. Birgitt and her partner Ward Williams are also the Co-Founders of the Genuine Contact(TM) program.

Lisa Heft – – articles, resources, tools and training on Open Space Technology and Interactive (participatory / experiential / student-centered) Learning

Diane Gibeault – – articles, resources (English and French)


[Open Space Institute Denmark] – GerardMuller?,, caretaker. Contains info on OS, training, examples of events including reports, literature, links.


[Open Space Institute of The Netherlands and Flanders] – managed by Koos de Heer, the institute does not have its own web page yet.

 French – Diane Gibeault & Associé.es-Associates. Praticienne du Forum ouvert (OST) formée par Harrison Owen, Diane offre de la formation en FO depuis 10 ans. Canada, France, Brésil – Philippe Slioussarenko, Open Space facilitator and trainer located in Paris

German – Michael M Pannwitz, open space practitioner and trainer located in Berlin, Germany – Matthias zur Bonsen – Open Space Echtzeit-Konferenz-Software, Open Space Consulting and Facilitation, Open Change Network, List of Change Facilitators Worldwide – Jo Toepfer, open space facilitator and open space trainer located in Berlin, Germany

Hungarian – Hungarian site with some photos

Korean – open space institute korea, convened by stanley park

Polish – Pawel Plawiak, Webmaster & Administrator

Spanish and Portuguese – a separate wiki website hosted right here at

Swedish – ThomasHerrmann?, consultant