Open Space Facilitator Resources

Some Comprehensive Facilitator Guidance

  • [The Harrison Owen Library] – pdf and/or html versions of Harrison’s books and papers, including the original of his A User’s Guide to Open Space Technology.
  • [Michael Herman’s Practice Notes] and [Inviting Leadership Guide] – collection of resources including a checklist, a template for writing invitations, a script for opening space, facilitator contract, and ongoing practice notes on all kinds of applications, variations, and adaptations. –Michael Herman

Some other things that might be helpful

  • [Choosing Open Space Technology] Things to consider if you are contemplating an Open Space Meeting or if you are contemplating transforming your organization to operate as an Ongoing Open Space Organization from Birgitt Williams.
  • [Open Space Checklist] Here is a detailed list of everything from masking tape to microphones that you need before, during and after an Open Space event. Also included are some notes for talking to potential sponsors and writing an invitation from Peggy Holman
  • [Two Page Open Space Primer] The basics of doing an open space in brief. If you’ve attended an open space, this provides a quick reference to help lead one yourself from Anne Stadler.