This is the SandBox. Welcome!

The Edit link below lets you edit pages.

when you type on the edit page...

capitalization like SandBox makes links.

Dis is cool stuff brudda. Patrick --Oregon

all of this should be bold

if you type three single quotes before and after this line make it bold

four hyphens makes a line like this:

three's company and four hyphen's a crowd

try it now.... below this next line... just click the edit link at the bottom of the page. and please, no throwing sand!

thanks for giving us somewhere to play


Do I need to enter my name somehow or login or logout each time? Actually, is there a way to logout?

Hi there - nice sandpit as we say in the UK

wikis are amazing really. =heading=


some or no spaces with equal before and

Well I see from the above that my name does not appear if I do not add it, huh?


wiki wiki wiki bold wiki

  1. feed the dog
  2. bathe the dog
  3. be the dog

capitalization makes links. hmm. (this tooling in the sand by chris in swannanoa)

G'day friends of the great Wiki in the Ether fsdadf Ros of Oz.
is this bold?


"=" Test "="


Only just discovered wiki - love it! Jim (UK)

hi jim

i think this is my favorite page in the whole site! --MichaelHerman

Another text test

Hi there This is ThomasHerrmann speaking.




Just Discovering AllThereIsToThisSchtuff?
  1. and an employee
I wonder how could I make a little website of my own like this...?

answer:'s a few small files downloaded for free, easy to set up...


test hello one two three




  1. dot

I'm testing Wiki too

Hi just testing Hi - First visit to Wiki - trying to get the hang of it - Peter (UK)

Testing This thing

playing in the sand Christine Whitney Sanchez


et alors ça <b>, ça fait quoi ? et ça <B> ? même chose entre ces signes mystérieux j'ai compris, ça met en gras... Comment aller à la ligne maintenant ?

en sautant 2 lignes ?

yes !