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Open Space (Technology) is a simple way to run remarkably productive meetings and a powerful approach to living, learning, leadership and transformation – in any kind of organization or community – in everyday practice and turbulent change.

Open Space meetings and organizations run on passion bounded responsibility. Each participant is allowed AND challenged to maximize their own learning and contribution, toward the accomplishment of important shared goals. Groups of any size, and great diversity, can self-organize quickly and easily around the issues and questions they care about. This creates the alignment and momentum needed to get all kinds of complex and urgent work done.

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After more than thirty-five years and literally millions of invitations and actions, small meetings and large events, conversations and publications, organizations and adaptations – in more than 140 countries – the Open Space story can get a bit messy. There is no overarching Open Space organization, no patent or trademark, and no global marketing budget, but a lot of good people, active practice and shared stories.

The Open Space global community of practice is inviting learning, inviting leadership, inviting organizations and communities, and inviting transformation. Wherever you are, whatever you’re working on, we invite you now to pull up a chair, expand our circle, and join the conversation.

This site offers a wealth of Open Space support – overviews, case stories, resources and people to contact. It’s really just the tip of the iceberg, but more than enough to get you started and get you connected. Whatever you can’t find here can be found 24/7 in the OSLIST global email group. Join us there with your issues, opportunities, questions and learnings.

The 30th Annual World Open Space on Open Space (WOSONOS) international practice conference, will be in Istanbul, Turkey on Oct 31-Nov 2, 2024. Details and Registration

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