Okay, just setting this up a bit for those new to wiki webs...

I'm making ChrisCorrigan? our poster child for those not coming to osonos in a body. I'm sure he'll come around here and fix this page more properly in a bit... <grin>

ChrisCorrigan? is not attending the conference in melbourne because he has earned a bye this year, for hosting a fantastic conference last year! I've got him jazzed up about wiki's so he's promised to come 'round and lurk and help tidy this online space for participants and non-participants alike... picking up pixelated cups as it were! --MichaelHerman?

Greetings to all from Tomás Kennedy, Ireland. I want to attend the on-line osonos... Chris, I am also a musician, I play Irish Whistles and pipes, performing and recording.

Tomás (mailto:tomas@kennedy-ireland.com)

Hello to all. This is Jon Husband, from Vancouver, Canada - a neighbour of Chris. I haven't been to an OsOnOs? for a while, tho' I frequented several back in the mid-90's. I've continued to use OS on a semi-regular basis, tho' still find it tricky to get people interested in it.

It's nice to see that the movement continues to have momentum, and that new and exciting ways and means of using it continue to emerge.

Jon (mailto:jon@wirearchy.com)

I'd love to be in Marysville with so many OS practitioners. I will try attending online osonos..I have been practicing OS in Paris, France for a few years as a management and organisational development consutant. Philippe ( mailto:pslioussarenko@groupeaxcess.com )

I will not be making it this time. But I am looking forward to the proceedings here!

-Doug Germann

I'm out as well, but am planning to experiment with OpenSpaceTech? in Ghana as a way to arouse passions about the future of communities while I'm there organizing for the HumanistMovement? in November. http://www.chicagohumanist.org --TedErnst?

MichaelHerman? checking in from Ireland, where MartyGiannini? and I just led a training and practice workshop... on my way to OZ. After Ghana, TedErnst?, you'll have to make sure MichaelPannwitz? fills in Ghana on his OST World Map.

Noel Winterburn checking in from Sydney. Really sorry I'm going to miss the conference and the opportunity to meet some people I've heard lots about. (Mostly good. ~grin~) I'll be facilitating an Open Space event for a community group needing to have input into local government affairs. Very exciting stuff. Hope I can share the process and outcomes with you all.. Cheers


G'day this is Shankar Sankaran from Ballina in Northern NSW from the Southern Cross Institute of Action Research. Learnt about open space earlier this year from Julianne Bell and conducted my first open space a month ago while teaching change management to the Australian Defence Force Personnel doing a management program at Southern Cross University. I am very interested to explore two aspects of Open Space - 1. Relationship between open space and action research.. 2. How open space can be used as a knowledge generation process in a knowledge management initiative in an organisation !...

Cheers Shankar

Stuart Porteous from Yurrwi Island Northern Territory Australia (Traditional Aboriginal Community in Arnhem Land ) would be rapt to hear how events unfold in Marysville. Please keep me informed....Sending you lots of sun and sea breezes..although Marysville has enough wonderful 'vibes' of its own! Blessings for a fantastic gathering. mailto:stu_islandhome@bigpond.com

Hi I am Maarten Thissen from The Netherlands. An independent trainer/consultant. I love OS, for it saves me time as a facilitator and wonderful things happen. As a passionate on line facilitator I am curious about this online OS. For a vis-a-vis: mailto:maarten@djehoty.com


Hi, dear colleagues! That is the second OSonOS? after Berlin and Chicago, where I can´t participate personal :-(! A big, big THANK YOU to all, who organized this virtual OSonOS?!!! Therefore we all can be connected, like last year - thats great! Some month ago our dear colleague Sheila Isakson asked me, if I could support Father Brian and our OST community with our conference software OpenSpace?-OnlineŽ during the OSonOS? in Australia. I answered her, that I would prefere in that case more an asynchron internet space, like we used last year. Our real-time conference system is more good for a single event, or as a pre-conference, or as a follow-up conference. So, I am happy that we have here this opportunity! In my thoughts I am with you in Australia!

I am looking forward to what will happen ... Gabriela Ender, mailto:ender@OpenSpace-Online.com (without the "?")

--- As a OS novice ( and an on -line apprentice) I am delighted to join from the UK. I use my own OS methodolgy for larg groups, so this is an exciting extension. See you all soon on the web Angela Eden of evolve@am-eden.co.uk

Hi there, joining from Utrecht, The Netherlands - very sorry that I'm not there in the flesh. Second year I miss ou - hope to make it in person again next year. Business is getting better again, so chances are looking good. For those who don't know me yet - I am an Open Space practicioner and trainer from Holland. When I don't do Open Space I am a consultant and project manager. But Open Space is my favorite...

Koos de Heer

Hello, this is Anna Gifford in Wales. I work for Theatr Fforwm Cymru and we use Open Space, usually kicking off with a small piece of theatre. It works quite well. We'd be interested in anyone else using this approach and in this whole project. I am slightly scared of this webby way of working but will screw my courage to the sticking point and be back. fforwm@aol.com

Hello All -- I'll be in Houston during the OSonOS? event, and will check in here whenever possible! This is a wonderful way to touch in with everyone. I, too, am an organizational development consultant and trainer and love using OST, also teach and do research using OST! www.ponoconsultants.com Judi Richardson

hello all, from marysville... just posted more topics... sorry for the delays... gabi your OnlineOpenSpace? info is in the center of the circle here and Thomas has a session scheduled for tomorrow to discuss followup from all of this! MichaelHerman?


 Thanks Michael. I open my yahoo once a month. I realise missing the Nov conference. I learnt of OST from my friend Marion Keil in Germany when I visited her in 1996. She was then with EZE as an OD consultant. Marion and I have facilitated such conferences on LSIP mode using the discipline of Marvin Weisbord of USA. OST I participated in Delhi in 1999 when my colleague Rajen Gupts who was then with MDI at Gurgaon facilitated for ISABS- Indian society for applied behaviour science. Oho! I didnot say where I am chating from. Yes guess India and to be specific - Bangalore the silicon city where software solutions are discovered a dozen a day for the worlds complicated business and technology problems. SO I am an OD/HR advisor and practising under the banner of Group for Institution development - GRID - since 1983 from out of Bangalore. The part of India I travel on work is scenic and has many hues of hills,valleys,sandy beaches, forests, river beds and no deserts yet. We have multiplicity of languages ,dialects, religions,castes,creeds, social class, literate and non literate, rich, abnormally rich, poor and below poverty line and a big chunk of the middle class to where I claim to belong. We are th e ones who are concerned about several issues. Others donot seem to beleive in such bothering !
Hello SHankar from NSW... can you send your emailID? I can be reached at: vasudevan_a@vsnl.net and bhanuvasu@yahoo.com Bye and wish to link up soon. Vasu.( now you note my name !)