topics posted in marysville, posted here as they are typed up and posted on our news wall here...(and one added from before!)

  1. MentoringPeopleGettingStarted in Open Space
  2. AfterTheEcstasyTheLaundry ...after open space?
  3. CostCuttingInOpenSpace
  4. Inviting Practice, BeyondConvergenceBeyondTraining ...and beyond 'open space'?
  5. OpenSpaceConferencesForProfit
  6. FacilitatingOpenSpaceOnline posted by ChrisCorrigan?
  7. Open Space and SelfOrganizingLivingProjects
  8. FortyFivePlus Exploring the Challenge
  9. ItAlwaysWorks
  10. StoryTelling
  11. Risks and Challenges of UsingOpenSpaceInFatiguedOrgs
  12. InformalityInOrganizationalCulture
  13. PositiveExpressionOfRage
  14. OpeningInnerSpace
  15. BeingPresentFeelingPresentTransmittingPresence
  16. The “CircleOfKnowing” – another way of opening space.
  17. Open Space for CommunityMeetings? : How to move from ideas to productive committed groups
  18. In the wider social context, Open Space has become an expression of repressed emotion and violence. How does O/S PromoteTheProcessingOfEmotion? ->-> practice of peace?
  19. What are the ingredients of a good program for TrainingOpenSpaceFacilitators?
  20. CanOpenSpaceBeSabotaged?
  21. The use of O/S as a RoutineProcessInOrganizations – experiences, ideas, etc.
  22. Using O/S in complex PublicWorkAndVoluntaryOrganizations?
  23. The PracticeOfPeaceTraining
  24. How to RaiseTheProfileOfOpenSpaceInCorporateWorld
  25. GlobalWisdomOrganizations
  26. OpenSpaceInstituteUSA/AccessQueenKing? for next year’s OSonOS? : How? Who? What?
  27. OpenSpaceInstituteAnnualMemberMeeting(US)
  28. Open Space for ResearchWithBodyworkAndLearning
  29. ConnectingLeadersAndOrganizationsThroughoutTheWorld through “Learning Programs Using OST” e.g. connecting programs in different parts of the world
  30. OtherProcessesCompatibleWithOpenSpace (connected, congruent, etc.
  31. OpenSpaceLearningProgramsAustraliaNewZealand .... working together to attract the passion.
  32. WaysOfBeing when opening AND participating in O/S
  33. An idea I have : CreatingTheMapOfYourLife and moving through it
  34. WhatIsSpace?? Past, present, future? Square miles? Square kilometers? East, west, north, South?
  35. O/S meeting on the WisdomOfComplexitySelfOrganization? for people/groups : meeting in Sydney, Friday November 15, 2002
  36. RestorativeJusticeAndOpenSpace for peace
  37. WordsOfTransformation (poetry)
  38. How to DesignLearningProgramsForManagers (with O/S)