Il y a un mouvement parmi les Agilistes pour augmenter l'aspect "Espace Ouvert" aux conferences traditionnels. Si vous avez apprecie cette aspect de l'evenement XpDay? Montreal, ajoutez une note ici pour nous donnez de l'evidence pour faire notre cas...

There is a movement among Agilists to increase the visibility of Open Space at traditional conferences. If you enjoyed this aspect of XpDay? please leave your comments on this page to help us make our case...

I liked the way that people wandered through the OpenSpace room. I think it was by accident, but the layout of the room fostered this... tables around the edges, empty in the middle, and two doors so people could wander in and out unobtrusively.

    -- DeborahHartmann

Clearly that was intentional. I planned it that way all along. Have more faith! -- JbRainsberger


    -- YourNameVotreNom?

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