An Explaination

Too often we adopt agile practices to solve our problems. Agile is the answer to life, the universe, and everything (not 42!). Ok, so if Agile is the answer, what is the problem being solved? Over lunch a group of us discussed why and how we adopt (or help our clients adopt) agile practices. The notes below are disjointed because we had many different understandings of the question.


Here is a list of questions raised that may be the root(s) of Agile adoption:


It DEPENDS! But, in trying to get past it depends! we ask the question "who is asking?" So, before we adopt agile practices, we must understand the problem(s) being solved. The problems that need solving are different from person to person. We must understand who is asking that their problems be solved to correctly identify them. We then can attempt to solve them by appropriate adoption of agile practices.